CBSE Class 7 English The Boy The Dog And The Spaceship Worksheet

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Choose the correct answer / State “ True or False”

1) The author of “ The Boy, The Dog and The Spaceship “ is ------------

2) The captain came to know that the engineer had died because [a] He didn’t speak [b] His light had died [c] He couldn’t move

3) “Seconds later the ship checked so violently ……” . Here ‘checked’ means [a] Examined [b] Inspected [c] Stopped

4) When the space ship was about to crash land on a strange planet,there were____members in it. [a] One [b] Two [c] More than two

5)The captain was stabbed by a needle that administrated pain killers and other life givers because

   [a] He had a very serious disease [b] He wanted to protect himself from crash landing    [c] He wanted to get a good sleep

6) ----------------went on staring at the dark corner of the trees [a] Billy [b] Scamp [c] Captain

7) “The green column that supported him was bending and swaying” here green column is actually [a] a green tree [b] a blade of grass [c] Bush

8) The source of the supreme stench was ------------------- [a] The space ship [b] The captain [c] Scamp

9) The captain described Scamp as [a] a creature [b] Monster [c] Dog

10) “ It was cold and dewy and hard “. ‘It” here is ------------------------ [a] The dog [b] Space ship [c] Helmet

11) “The pointed sharp white mountains “ are ------------------ [a] Scamp’s teeth [b] The hills [c] Scamp’s face

12) At first he was glad to find him , but soon he was puzzled. Who is he ? [a] Scamp [b] Billy [c] Captain

13) “The ship entered the Earth’s atmosphere, screaming as it drove into air” .The participle in the given sentence is…………..[a] Entered [b] Screaming [c]Drove

14) Scamp’s black nostrils could smell the new stench ( True / False ).

15) A division of animals or plants of the same kind is known as [a] species [b] groups [c] race

16) “The big voice” in the dog’s ear is the voice of [a] Captain [b] Billy [c] Scamp

17) The ball like padding that covers the body completely as a protection during a crash is [a] crash ball cocoon [b] socket [c] tubular snake

18) A vast green trunk sprang ----------------- the soil very near him [a] in [b] on [c] from

19) “An amazing planet so rich with life “ – the amazing planet is [a] Earth [b] Alien’s Planet [c] Jupiter

20 ) The colour inside Scamp’s mouth is . [a] Rose [b] Pink [c] White

21) The captain decided to invade the monster’s -------------------- [a] Body [b] Brain [c] Ears

22) Billy sensed that Scamp was behaving peculiarly because he was [a] running in peculiar patterns [b] running fast [c] not listening to him

23) “The captain describes a blade of grass as vast green columns”it shows that he is size [a] Small [b] Big [c] Tall

24) Billy thought that Scamp probably had ------------- [a] An itch in his ear [b] a fever [c] Pain

25) “He came to the entrance of a tunnel leading to the monster’s head”. Tunnel here is --------- [a] the hole [b] the ears [c] the mouth

26) Controlling the brain of the dog was easy for the captain .’ Controlling ‘ here is ------------ [a] Gerund [b] Present participle [c] Past participle

27) The antonym of “hurtling” is [a] Rushing [b] Dragging [c] running

28) The captain died because of Billy’s hitting ( True / False )

29) “The vast green trunk sprang from the soil . The present participle

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