CBSE Class 7 English Unsung Hero Worksheet

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Choose the correct answer/fill in the blanks/true or false:

1. What was Miep Gies’s birth place? [a] Austria [b] India [c] Australia

2. Who was Otto Frank? [a] Jew [b] Christian [c] Hindu

3. Miep worked in a company called _________________ [a] Trivial and Company  b] Travies and Company [c] Trove and Company

4. Franks went into hiding during the _______________ [a] I World War [b] II World War [c] III World War

5. The book “Anne Frank Remembered” was written by _______________________ [a] Anne Frank [b] Otto Frank [c] Miep Gies

6. Miep was adopted by a ______________ [a] Dutch Family [b] German Family [c] Austrian Family

7. Frank’s hiding place was a part of their ___________________ [a] home [b] work place [c] hotel

8. “I could foresee many sleepless nights and unhappy life if I refused.” Who said this? [a] Anne [b] Anne’s mother [c] Miep

9. From where did Miep buy grocery for the Franks? [a] Black market [b] Super market [c] City market

10. The word attic means ___________________. [a] aplace outside the house [b] aspace at the top of a building under the roof [c] an underground store room

11. The Nazi police officer was from ________________ [a] Vienna [b] Amsterdam [c] London

12. What type of a girl was Anne? [a] Cheerful [b] Silent [c] Introvert

13. On which date did the Nazis come to arrest the Frank Family? [a] August 6 [b] August 4 [c] August 14

14. Otto Frank died in the year ___________________ [a]1908 [b] 1880 [c] 1980

15. The word racism mean _________________ [a] discrimination against races [b] equality for all races [c] study of religion

16. We do not eat out very often; we only go ___________________ [a] occasionally [b] regularly [c] daily

17. “What remains after you have eaten?” means _______________. [a]left out [b] left over [c] remainder

18. This well-written assignment is an example of a fine ________________ [a] piece of work [b] piece of paper [c] piece of advice

19. Who was Miep’s husband? [a] Jan [b] John [c] Jim

20. The Second World War was between the combined forces of Allies and _____________ [a] Axes [b] Axis [c] Asia

21. Nazis controlled Germany from ____________to ____________ [a] 1938 to 1942 [b] 1929 to 1945 [c] 1933 to 1945

22. “Hello, Miep what is the news today?” Who said this? [a] Otto Frank [b] Edith Frank [c] Anne Frank

23. The message to take from Anne’s story is to stop ____________ [a] wars [b] prejudice [c] death and destruction

24. “Are you from Vienna? I am from Vienna too”. Here you and I refers to [a] Policeman and Miep [b] Hitler and Nazi [c] Miep and

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