CBSE Class 7 English Everest Reactions Worksheet

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CLASS VII [GS] WORK SHEET: Ls..7 Everest Reactions

Choose the correct answer/ Fill in the blanks:

1. Thambi was ___________ years old. [a]11 [b] 12 [c] 14

2. Thambi was generally an __________________ reporter. [a] occasional [b] accurate [c] effective

3. The word ‘flagging’ means__________________ [a] flying away [b] sagging [c] becoming weak

4. ‘That he had succeeded in stirring his elders from their torpor’, means he ___________ [a] made them feel energized [b] reduced their interest [c] made them feel lazy

5. ‘A cock and bull story’ is __________________ [a] a phrase [b] an idioms [c] a proverb

6. The height of Everest was ___________ more than what was believed then. [a] 1000 feet [b] 10,000 feet [c] 1000 cms

7. The elders accepted the news reluctantly about the conquest of Everest because ________ 

  [a] they expected it to arrive in a spectacular manner

  [b] they didn’t want to believe it [c] it was false

8. The definition of ‘col’ is [a] coloum [b] collection [c] lowest point between two mountain summits

9. The word ‘unassailable’ means _______________ [a] untouched [b] spectacular [c] unconquerable

10. The men felt that the Everest should have been left ____________ [a] untouched [b] out of reach [c] unassailable

11. An ‘enthusiast’ is a person who ___________(para 21) [a] achieves something [b] is full of admiration [c] is proud

12. According to the enthusiast __________________ was the most difficult thing to achieve. [a] packing for the climb [b] clear-headed planning [c] climbing

13. ‘____________________ have done it’, said Thambi. Who had done it? [a] his parents [b] the elders in his village [c] Tenzing and Hillary

14. What had they done? [a] went on a picnic [b] climbed Everest [c] told the story

15. A man said that ‘success depends on starting anything at the right moment and fixing the hour according to the horoscopes’, which science is being referred to here? [a] astrophysics [b] astronomy [c] astrology

16. The expression in para 19 ‘cwm’ refers to _____________  [a]the steep side [b] half-open hollow on the side of a mountain [c] a cliff of a mountain

17. The expression ‘cwm’ is pronounced as _________________ [a] quoom [b] koom [c] kwoom

18. ‘Fanfare of trumpets’ means ________________

19. Hillary and Tenzing conquered Mt. Everest on _____________________

20. Colonel Hunt was ________________

21. “There are more things in heaven and earth……….” are the famous words from the Shakespeare’s play ________________

22. Triumphantly mean _________________

23. An enthusiast said that the ___________________ is the difficult thing to achieve .

24. The author of this lesson is ___________________

25. Write the appropriate meanings for the phrasal verbs given in the lesson.

[a] Get through

[b] Give up

[c] Come across

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