CBSE Class 7 English Bucks Trail Of Strength Worksheet

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Class 7 [GS] Worksheet—Ls. 4 Buck’s Trail of Strength

Choose the correct answer / State “ True or False”

1. Buck was a sled dog in ----------- [a] America. [b] Eldorado Saloon. [c]Alaska.

2. Buck’s new master is ----------- [a] Matthewson. [b] John Thornton. [c] O’s Brien.

3. In Eldorado saloon, men were boasting about their ----------- [a] Favourite dogs. [b] Sled. [c] Vehicles.

4. Matthewson’s Sled contains ------- pounds of sacs of flour. [a] Twenty pounds. [b] Fifty Pounds. [c] Thousands Pounds.

5. “The enormity of it appalled him” here “it” means [a] What he had done. [b] What he had heard. [c] What he had said.

6. The ropes by which an animal is attached to a vehicle is called ------ [a] Traces [b] chains [c] Leash

7. “The eyes of so many men fixed upon him”. ‘Him’ here is ---- [a] Buck. [b] Matthewson. C).Thornton.

8. The thin metal blades which support the sled and slide over the snow are ----- [a] Harness. [b] runners. [c] Traces.

9. A debate arose about the phrase ----------------- [a] Break up. [b] Break Down. [c] Break out.

10. Buck was a magnificent animal in --------------- condition [a] Perfect [b] Bad [c] Un healthy

11. Buck’s weight is ---------- Pounds [a] 100 . [b] 1000 . [c] 150 .

12. Thornton knelt down by Buck’s side. Present tense of Knelt is --------- [a] Kneel. [b] Knelted. [c] Kneeling .

13. Matthewson was disappointed when Buck reached the end of hundred Yards. (True / False )

14. The bet took place at A). Eldoradosaloon. [b] The street. [c] Alaska.

15. “You must stand off from him” who said this? [a] Thornton. [b] Matthewson. [c] The Crowd.

16. “Buck was a magnificent animal” under line the adjective.

17. Buck seized Thornton’s hands between his jaws, pressing it with his teeth… ,shows his----- towards him. [a] Love. [b] Anger. [c] Hatred.

18. Buck’s whole body was gathered tightly together in -----. [a] Pain. [b] tremendous effort [c] Anger.

19. “Every man was tearing himself loose” it means ------------ . [a] Helping to loose the chain [b] Forcing themselves out of the crowd. [c] Trying hard to tear the cloth.

20. The end of hundred yards is near the ----------.

[a] Pile of fire wood. [b] Crowd. [c] Saloon.

21. Matthewson felt he was sure to win his wager. So he appeared ---------. [a] Jubilant. [b] Sad. [c] Appalled.

22. Buck appeared to be very ------- for the competition . [a] Strong. [b] Weak. [c] Sad.

23. Thornton loved Buck as much as Buck loved Thornton ( True / False ) 

24. At the end of the feat, Thornton -------- [a] ran to Buck [b] Fell on his Knees beside Buck [c] Threw his hat in the air.

25. “Tears were streaming frankly down his cheeks” it shows his [a] happiness. [b] Sadness. [c] love for Buck.

26. Buck proved his affection as well as -------- towards his master . [a] Love. [b] Loyalty. [c] honesty.

27. At the end of the story the onlookers drew back to respectful distance because they

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