CBSE Class 9 Science Animal Tissues MCQs Set A

Animal Tissues
1. A tissue is a :
(A) group of separate organs that are coordinated in their activities
(B) group of similar cells that function together in a specialised activity
(C) layer of cells surrounding an organ
(D) sheet of cells, one layer thick
2. Endothelium of the inner surface of blood vessels in vertebrates is formed of
(A) simple squamous epithelium
(B) columnar epithelium
(C) cuboidal epithelium
(D) ciliated cells
3. Cells of squamous epithelium are
(A) columnar
(B) tall with elongated nuclei
(C) flat plate-like
(D) cube like
4. The protein deposited in the dead superficial cells that make the skin epithelium impervious to water is
(A) keratin
(B) elastin
(C) collagen
(D) mucus
5. Horns of most mammals are composed of
(A) bones
(B) cartilage
(C) keratin
(D) chitin
6. Mammary glands are modified
(A) sebaceous gland
(B) sweat gland
(C) oil gland
(D) lymph gland
7. Which of the following tissue has matrix, which is the source of its structural and functional performances?
(A) connective tissue (B) muscular tissue
(C) nervous tissue (D) epithelial tissue
8. Wrinkling in old age is due to
(A) collagen (B) myosin
(C) keratin (D) actin
9. Dermis of mammalian skin is mainly composed of
(A) muscular tissue (B) epithelial tissue
(C) connective tissue (D) all of the above
10. Fat is abundant in
(A) liver cells (B) alveolar tissue
(C) lymph glands (D) adipose tissue
11. Tendon connects
(A) cartilage with muscles (B) bone with muscles
(C) ligament with muscles (D) bone with bone
12. Cartilage is produced by
(A) osteoblasts (B) epithelium
(C) fibroblasts (D) chondroblasts
13. Bone forming cells are
(A) osteoblasts (B) osteoclasts
(C) chondroblasts (D) chondroclasts
14. Bone marrow is important for
(A) breakdown of WBC (B) production of RBC
(C) breakdown of RBC (D) production of WBC
15. Haversian system is typically found in bones of
(A) fishes (B) aves
(C) reptiles (D) mammals
16. Blood is
(A) acidic (B) alkaline
(C) variable (D) neutral
17. Mammalian erythrocytes are
(A) circular (B) biconcave
(C) non-nucleated (D) all the above
18. Life span of RBC is
(A) 50 days (B) 75 days
(C) 120 days (D) 100 days
19. Red blood cell count is carried out by
(A) haemocytometer (B) haemoglobinometer
(C) sphygmomanometer (D) electrocardiogram
20. Striated muscles are found in
(A) gall bladder (B) wall of bronchi
(C) leg muscles (D) lungs


CBSE Class 9 Science Animal Tissues MCQs Set A



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