CBSE Class 9 Science Chemistry MCQs

1. Name the solute in common salt solution :

a) H2O b) NH4Cl c) NaOH d) NaCl

2 Pick out a colloid from the following :

3. Which of the following is property of true solution ?

a) Homogeneous b) Heterogeneous c) Translucent d) None of these

4.The process of separation of insoluble solids from a liquid is called :

a) Filtration b) Decantation c) Sedimentation d) Evaporation

5. Which of the following mixtures is stable?

a) Milk in water b) Sugar in water c) Sand in water d) Wheat flour in cold water 

6. Egg albumin in water forms :

a) True solution b) Colloidal solution c) Suspension d) None of these

7. Which of the following represents a correct set of observations for a mixture of common salt and water?

Transparency           Stability            Filtration

a) Transparent            Unstable           No residue

b) Transparent            Stable               No residue

c) Translucent             Stable               No residue

d) Opaque                  Unstable            Residue 


1.The color of Sulphur is :

a) White b) Colorless c) Green d) Yellow

2. Fees is not attracted by magnet because :

a) It has lost properties of its components. b) It is not made up of iron. c) It is a mixture d) It is black in color.

3. Sulphur is soluble in :

a) Water b) Carbon disulphide c) Both (a) and (b) d) Neither (a) not (b)



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