CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2018 with Answers Set K

Section - A

1. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow :

The Sun, while going on his daily rounds saw a princess and fell in love with her..Whenever he could slip away from the heavens he would take human form and go down to the princess to spend some time with her. The princess too became quite fond of him and would wait for him to come.

One day the Sun decided to send her a blood-red ruby as a token of his love for her. He put the gem in a silk bag, and calling a crow that was flying past, asked the bird to deliver the gem to his beloved. Crow had milky white feathers in those days and it was considered auspicious if a crow came anywhere near you. So, the Sun was pleased that he had found a crow to deliver the gem. As the crow sped through the sky with the silken bag, the aroma of food lured him. Looking down, the crow saw that a wedding feast was in progress, and immediately it was distracted from its mission. Food was one thing it could never resist.

Alighting on a tree nearby, it hung the bag on a twig and went off to find some food. While the crow was feasting, a merchant passing by saw the bag on the tree, and knocked it down with a pole. When he opened the bag and saw its contents he almost swooned in joy. Quickly pocketing the ruby, he filled the bag with dry cow dung that was lying there, and then deftly returned the bag to the branch. It was all done so quickly that the crow missed all the action. After having its fill, it flew up to the tree, and picking up the bag took it to the person it was intended for. The princess was in the garden. When the crow gave her the bag, she took it eagerly, knowing that it was from the Sun. But when she saw its contents she reeled back in shock and anger. Believing that it was the Sun’s way of telling her that he did not care for her, she flung the bag away, rushed to her palace, and never came out again.

Answer the following questions.

1. Describe the crow in the olden days.

2. How did the Sun sent the gift to his beloved?

3. How did the crow got distracted on his way/

4. What came to the princess’s mind when she opened the bag?

5. What did the crow do to have the wedding feast?

6. Who filled the bag with dry cow dung?

7. Where was the princess when crow brought silk bag for?

8. What did the princess think after opening the silk bag?

2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow. 

At what age should a child be introduced to books? This is a question many parents ask. Recent studies have shown that reading stories to the very small babies have beneficial effects. One might dismiss the story of Abhimanyu learning the secret of entering the ‘chakravyuh’in his mother’s womb as an incredible legend. But it has been demonstrated that reading, reciting nursery rhymes or just talking to the unborn foetus helps to develop its mental faculties to a considerable extent.

Telling stories is an important part of the parenting process. And the best way to introduce children to books is to hold a child in your lap and read aloud from a book to retell the story in your own words (if the language is not simple enough) while it examines the pictures.

This turns reading into a warm, pleasurable experience and the child will continue to regard it as such all her or his life. Preschoolers respond well to stories and often feel encouraged to make up their own. Thus, storytelling also helps to develop the creativity that all children possess from birth and stimulates them to think.

Where actually handling books is concerned, a one year-old or even a younger baby can get quite engrossed in turning the pages of book which has lots of colorful pictures. The solution to this problem is to buy study books made of reinforced, laminated paper, or those in which the pages were made of thin cardboard, produced specially for preschoolers. If you can locate books made of cloth, they turn out to be the most durable. Children of this age love stories about talking animals and animated objects as their tendency to make believe is very strong. Books with lots of brightly coloured illustrations, appeal to them. A simple story line with a child’s eye view will always hold their interest. Illustrations provide an important visual aid and highlight and reinforce that story.

A.Answer the following questions.

i. How can the mental faculties of a child be developed?

ii.What is the best way to introduce children to books?

iii.What attracts children to books?

iv.What kind of stories do children love?

B.Tick the correct option.

i. Who heard the story of entering the ‘chakravyuh’in his mother’s womb?

a.Abhimanyu b.Yudhishthira c.Arjun d.Duryodhana

ii.Children like

a.coloured pictures b.books

iii.Children love stories about

a.lions b.talking animals c.human beings d.pirates

iv.Illustrations provide

a.colours b.intelligence c.visual aid aid

Section B

3. Write a letter to the editor of a local daily urging the schools to the ban on junk food in their canteens. The letter should not exceed 100-120 words. 

4. Write a short story in about 150-200 words based on the outline below :

There lived a turtle in a pond…..friendly with two swans…………..The three would meet on the edge of the pond………………..discuss the legends…………… sunset, they all go home…………no rains………….pond began to dry. The swans worried for tortoise……………tortoise asked to find a way……………….plan made ………….swans hold the two ends of the stick……………tortoise hang on…………….ferry to safety………….warned the tortoise to keep mouth shut and not to talk………..the turtle agreed….The swans brought a stick ………….asked the turtle to hold on………..the swans flew off with the turtle hanging from the stick………….people wondered and appreciated…………..The turtle was excited…………wanted to respond to the people……….opened his mouth………..fell to the ground ………….died at once.

5. Complete the following passage.

It is a hand-made cycle…….(a) together………..(b)bamboo and functional parts of a discarded bicycle. It is light-weight…………(c) can be made……………(d) a very low cost. It …………..(e)last about seven to eight years longer(f)…………….compared to a normal cycle.

6. The following is a magazine article about sport. It needs to be edited. Each line contains an error. Underline each error and write your correction in the space provided.

The great National Sports Talent Search consists of workshops eg.consist-consists

And tournaments arranged by any different parts of the (a)…..

Country. The talent scouts’ aim are to look out for (b)……

Local talent on the age group of eight to eighteen years. (c)……

They felt that, it would be far wiser if younger (d)….

Sports women and men were helped, they would have

Plenty of time to develop their talent.

7.Rearrange the following words and phrases into meaningful sentences. The first one has been done for you as an example.

Is one/summer visitors/the/of the /swallow/best known.

The swallow is one of the best known summer visitors.

(a)a sheen/and wings/forked tail/on/it has/the back/a long.

(b)beneath it/at/with/dark red/its throat/a/it has/blue band.

(c)often/open space/swallows/over/seen skimming/a pond/or/are/an.

Section C

8.Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow.

That’s not much to boast about’,

Said the heartless frog.’Without

Proper training such as I

-And few others can supply.

You’ll remain a mere beginner.

But with me you’ll be a winner.’

i)Give the antonym of the word’boast’.

ii)How does the frog claims to improve the nighingale’s song?

iii)What does the nightingale call the frog out of humility?

9.Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words each.

i)What is the moral of the poem’ Not Marble, Nor the Gilded Monuments’?

ii)Do you think the tiger shooting organized by the villagers was a serious affair?Give reasons for your answer.

iii)Appearances are deceptive.Discuss with reference to the two boys.

iv)How does Ali react when the postmaster behaves with him badly and calls him a pest?

10.Answer the following questions in about 80-100 words.

The nightingale could not see through the game plan of the frog. What traits is highlighted in the poem which you need to follow to live a comfortable life?


The young generation has lost its regard towards the older generations in the light of growing materialism as highlighted in the ‘The Dear Departed’.Which moral value is imparted to you to follow in this story?

11.Answer the following questions in about 150-200 words.

What breakthrough occurred in the life of Helen on 5th April,1887?


Draw a character sketch of Arthur H Helen.


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