CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2017 with Answers Set A



Q1. Every one that flatters thee,

Is no friend in misery.

Words are easy, like the wind,

Faithful friends are hard to find.

Every man will be thy friend,

Whilst thou hast wherewith to spent;

But if store of crowns be scant,

No man shall supply thy want.

If that one be prodigal,

Bountiful they will him call,

And with such like flattering;

‘Pity but he were a king.’

But if fortune once do frown

Then farewell his great renown,

They that fawn’d on him before

Use his company no more. –William Shakespeare

Answer the following questions with appropriate option from those given below:

A. In this poem, William Shakespeare highlights the difference between ………………………. .

B. Flatterers may not stand by you in ….…….. .

C. Everyone will be your friend ……………..

D. The word fawn’d in the last stanza indicates those who …………… .

E. Complete the statements below:

i) A friend in need is a ……………………………

ii) True friends are very …………………………

F. The words from the poem which means the same as

(i) generous ………………

(ii) Luck ……..….. .

Q2. Read the passage :


1. If you look around, you will find that our dependence on IT has increased manifold in the last few years. Internet-enabled computers in homes, mobile phones are just a few facets of how IT use has grown over the years.

2. It is becoming difficult to think of life without IT. Today, this sector touches almost all the key sectors of economy-agriculture to manufacturing, banking to media, medicine to defence and private sector to government. the use of Electronic Voting Machines in the recent Lok Sabha polls is an example of the increasing use of IT in governance, i.e., e-Governance.

3. The Indian IT industry has grown manifold in the first few years of this new millennium. personal computers have doubled to over 10 million in just three years. Internet users have grown 20 million. Software exports have doubled to 60,000 crores. All these points to the IT industry being rated as the fastest growing industry over the years.

4. Indian software professionals have built strong brand equity for themselves worldwide. Indian has emerged as the destination of choice for software services and outsourcing.

Answer the following questions with appropriate option from those given below: 

A. 1) In the last few years dependence on IT has ………….. .

2) The use of Electronic Voting Machines in the recent Lok Sabha polls in an example of ……………….. .

3) The industry which has recorded the fastest growth rate is the ………. .

4) Today, India is recognized for ………………. .

B. 1) Indian software professionals have built 

a) brand equity                      b) welfare

c) reputation                         d) goodwill

2) Indian internet had grown

a) 60,000 million                b) 60 million

c) 20 million                       d) 16 million

3) The words from the passage which means the same as ‘of many different types’ (para 3) and came out (para 4) are ………….. . 

a) threefold                                   b) millennium

c) emerged                                    d) manifold



Q3. Write an article on the topic “ Laughter Yoga is a Good Exercise To Combat Stress” in 100- 120 words. You can take idea from the unit “Health and Medicine” and following points 

Laughter-lowers blood pressure

reduces stress hormones

cleanses lungs and body tissues

increases blood circulation

boosts immune function

produces a general sense of well being

Q4.Write a story in in about 150 words. The story begins with the words _Raju is expert

in opening locks, You may use the verbal input given below : 

Raju ---expert in opening locks-------helped dacoits and policemen both for a pittance----- did no thievery--- his wife forced him to do something to become rich----------entered the bank----arrested---his friend was S.H.O.—released him saying he himself sent him to the bank------never opened a lock again

Q5.Choose the best word from the following options to complete the passage.

In the (i) _____________ two decades Television has become the most powerful means of entertainment. (ii) _____________ the introduction of many of the satellite channels (iii) _____________ reach is increasing many folds.

(i)        (a) late        (b) last           (c) latest           (d) later

(ii)       (a) by          (b) from          (c) with            (d) since

(iii)      (a) our         (b) your          (c) its               (d) their

Q6. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and correction in your answer sheet in correct blank number. .

e.g. incorrect correct

Folk tales offer lots of advice. Lots lot

Much of them deliver the message [a] -------------------- ..……………

Quite clear. There is a story about [b] --------------------- ………………..

Birbal not being allowed to attending[c] -------------------- ……………………

The king’s free lunch. The reasons was [d] ------------------ ……………………

That he was not dressed properly

Q6. Look at the word and phrases given below. Rearrange them to from meaningful sentences. Write the correct sentences in your answer sheet. 

I. Is filled/ during the monsoon/ the Bhadra river/ to the brim/ and the reservoir/ swells

II. Copious inflow/ many islands/ by the/ of water/ are submerged

III. Of this region/ frequent cloud bursts/ the rich flora/ of blessings for/ and fauna/ are showers



Q7.Read the extract and answer the following questions: 

A)Said the frog:” I tried to teach her,

but she was a stupid creature-

Far too nervous, far too tense,

far too prone to influence.

(a) What did the frog try to reach and to whom?

(b) Whose influence did she come under?

(c) What was the effect of the influence?


B). Read the extract and answer the following questions:

“….. Only a successfully procured tiger skin and heavy harvest of press photographs could counter that sort of thing.”

a) How could the tiger skin be procured?

b) What was the ‘thing’ that Mrs. Packletide wanted to counter?

c) What character trait of Mrs. Packletide does this highlight?

Q8. Answer the following questions in 40 words:

Attempt all the questions 

a) Why did Luigi not like the boys?

b) What qualities of Nicola and Jacopo made the narrator called them two gentleman?

c) How did Saki portray Louisa Mebbin in the story Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger?

d) What kind of life was led by Ali when he was young man?

Q9. Imagine you are Lucia. write a diary entry about how concerned your brothers are about you. 

Q10. Describe th theme of Helen Keller’s The Story of My Life


Write a character sketch of Helen Keller as it emerges out of autobiography. 




Q1) Answers 5Marks

A) (b) friends and flatterers

B) (c) in times sorrow and pain

C) (a) in prosperity

D) (b)flattered

E) (i) friend indeed

(ii) rare

F) (a) bountiful , luck

Q2) Answers 5marks

A) b) grown considerably

B) d) e-Governance

C) c) IT industry

D) (d) software services and outsourcing

(ii) brand equity, 16 million

E) d) manifold , emerged



Q3. Objective: Writing an article using appropriate style and language.






Let me tell you about healing power of ‘Laughter –Yoga’. First of all laughter lowers blood pressure – the main cause of stress and anxiety. It reduces stress – hormones. It cleanses lungs and body tissues. It helps to increase your blood circulation in the body. spontaneous laughter boots your immune system. Laughter has a definite positive impact on mind. It creates a healthy link between Body and Mind. Above all, it produces a general sense of well being. Join a Laughter Club soon and realise the healing power of ‘Laughter Yoga’ yourself. I am sure it will help to make you free from stress, anxiety and false fears.

Q4. To judge the writing skill based on the imagination of the child and creativity in presenting ideas.

• Presentation    

2. Fluency          


Ans 4. Rakesh was expert in opening locks. the world’s most safe was not safe before him. he was in great demand Docoits, policemen – all would ask for his services for apittance.

He had never gone on but for an unusual happening in Rakesh’s life. Rakesh fell in love with a girl. soon both of them married. to his dismay, the girl was crazy about all the expensive things of life. No amount of money satiated her.

One day she, too, came to know the art of her husband. “why don’t you do something to become a really rich man. Do something big, just once, just for my sake” she pleaded again and again.

Rakesh was reluctant, but then fell into the trap. for the first time he thought of looting a bank by opening its vaults.

Everything went well. He entered the strong room and fill his bag with wads of notes. But then all of a sudden he found himself surrounded by some policeman.

He was taken to the police station. His old friend Vikas for whom he had opened many locks was the station house officer.

Vikas was stunned to see Rakesh and said, “Oh you too !”Then taking U-turn, he ordered his men to release Rakesh. “I sent him to test if the banks were safe.”

Rakesh was in tears as he came out. Henceforth, he never opened locks for others.


i) b) last

ii) c) with

iii) a) our

Q 6. 





Q7. make sentences         

1 During the monsoon season the Bhadra river is filled to the brim and the reservoir swells.

2. Many island are submersed by the copious inflow of water.

3. The rich flora and fauna of this region are showers of blessing for frequent cloud bursts.

Q8. A)                   

a) The frog tried to teach the nightingale the art of singing.

b) She came under the frog’s influence.

c) She lost her spontaneous melody self-esteem and ultimately she lost her life too.


a) A tiger skin could be procured by hunting a tiger.

b) The ‘thing’ refers to the honour and importance that Loona Bimberton got for being flown down by an Algerian aviator.

c) It highlights Mrs. Packletide’s jealousy that over Loona Bimberton.


a) He had a low opinion of the boys. He didn’t trust them as they were Shabbily dressed.

b) The boys had lost their home and their father was killed in the war as well. The war had led them to them to the streets. Their sister was suffering from tuberculosis of the spine. They worked very hard to pay for her treatment. It did not break their spirit. They remained dedicated and selfless. They would rather work hard and earn money than have anybody feel sorry for them and help them.

c) Louisa Mebbin is portrayed as a crafty, vile woman who takes advantage of Mrs. Packletide’s weaknesses. She blackmails Mrs. Packletide and enjoys her nervousness and fear at the revelation of the truth as very funny.

d) When he was a young man, Ali was a clever hunter. As his skill in hunting increased so did his love for the hunt. At last he became almost addicted to hunting. He enjoyed the sportsman’s pleasure in hunting. He laughed at the bewildered terror of the young birds separated from their parents.

Q10.28th july, 2016. Verona

The war came as a disaster to thousands of families. It brought death and disaster to to our family too. My mother had died much earlier. Our father died during the early part of the war., German bombing destroyed our house. We were homeless orphans.My younger brothers Nicola And Jacpo were separated from me. The war was over.My two little brothers came to see me.I remember how much shocked they were when they came to know that I was suffering from the tuberculosis of the spine.They aare always ready to doany kind of work to earn money. they spent very littli on them and save every pwenny so that they can pay the hospital bills e very week. I am proud of my self respecting brothers.. 

Q11. Mark according to the creativity and the content of the text


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