CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2018 with Answers Set J



Q.1. Read the passage given below and answer briefly the questions that follow: 

Heartbeats get abnormal after exercising, running, or after doing some strenuous work. There is nothing to worry about. But if your heart beats at irregular pace often, it is important to take note of it rather than ignore it as it can be a warning sign for a heart ailment called arrhythmia;

A normal heart beats 60-100 times per minute while resting, but if it starts beating too slowly or too fast or if the heartbeat is irregular or premature, then that condition is known as arrhythmia. People tend to avoid it as a minor issue little knowing that it can lead to a stroke, fall due to drop in BP, loss of consciousness or even result in heart failure.

In a country where people take time to press the panic button when it comes to illnesses and medical problems, it is no surprise that a number of cases of irregular heartbeats go unnoticed for a long time. Some dismiss it as just a recurring symptom of body weakness; others may ignore it as a side-effect of blood pressure issues. The lack of awareness about arrhythmia means not many people even take note of the symptoms.

When heartbeat is too fast, it is called tachycardia. When the beats are slow, it" known as bradycardia. An irregular heartbeat may be due to atrial fibrillation.

The problem is that the symptoms are quite vague and can be associated with other minor medical problems. In India, not many people are aware that there: is a heart's electricity related disorder called arrhythmia. Often it is diagnosed when doctors are checking a patient for something else. More often, by the-time it is diagnosed, major damage has already been caused.

It is important to take seriously, any abnormality in, the, rhythm of our heart. There are many symptoms that can help. predict arrhythmia like shortness' of breath, weakness, early fatigue, palpitations, thumping in the chest, dizziness, chest pain, fainting, and, of course, too fast or slow heartbeats. Ignoring these symptoms is inviting a major health trouble.

While some type of arrhythmias can be harmless, others can, be life threatening as it may disrupt the normal functioning of the heart. In some cases, it can lead to heart failure too. The condition is treatable with the help' of implantation of a pacemaker, devices or through burning the points from where irregular beats originate though radiofrequency heat waves. There are a few things in medicine where a permanent cure is possible.-For certain arrhythmias this stands true with radiofrequency ablation.

Now answer the following questions briefly: 

(i) What is normal heartbeat?

(ii) What do you call it if the heartbeat is too slow or fast?

(iii) What happens when there is drop in BP?

(iv) What results due to artrial fibrillation ?

(v) When is arrhythmia detected?

(vi)What danger is there when dizziness or chest pain is ignored? (vii) When does heart beat abnormally?

(viii), What is bradycardia?

Q2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the given questions: 

1. Just a few days ago, my daughter's friend committed suicide. This girl was bright, creative and different. Nobody knows what was going on in her mind when she took the drastic step but from what I understood it was her sense of failure. She was slightly short of attendance and was being taken to task for that and she could not cope. As the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan spreads, the authorities that be are trying to get children to come to school, luring them with mid-day meals and other sops; perfectly understandable. The target is to get the children and parents used to the idea of a school. But, I haven't been able to understand the need not to trust our young adults with the decision of attending or bunking a class, when we can entrust them with voting the people they want into Parliament. Doesn't it reflect poorly on the quality of our teaching when a student prefers to spend time away from class rather than inside it?

2. For an 18-year-old, the university is itself a teacher, whether inside or outside class. Why then this mindless insistence on attendance as a criterion? There was a teacher of economics in our college at Delhi University for whose class students would be spilling over into the corridor. Friends who lived nearby were asked to reserve seats. Each seat meant for two had four people and the window sills were also used as seats. Such was the power of his words and his lecture. Not only people from other sections, but students from other colleges would also plead to be allowed to attend his lecture. The same subject taught by another teacher in the next classroom had the meager attendance of only two or four students who could not make it to the other crowded class.. To put the blame on the student for missing classes reflects poorly on the ability of our teachers to make their subjects interesting enough for students to come running to their classes rather than bunking them. Holding the attendance criteria as a necessary prerequisite is like holding a gun to a child's temple, figuratively and literally as my daughter's friend proved.

A. Answer the following questions in about two lines each: 

(i) Why did the daughter of writer's friend commit suicide?

(ii) What is the target of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan?,

(iii) How did the teacher of Delhi University attract so many students?

(iv) What does it reflect when students bunk a class?

B. Choose the most appropriate option in each of the following: 

(v) The word 'drastic' means ....................

(a) sudden (b) normal

(c) extreme (d) extraordinary

(vi)The word 'entrust' means......................

(a) belief (b) care

(c) make responsible (d) ensure

(vii) The word 'criteria' has the same meaning as ....................

(a) system (ii) method

(c) standard of measurement (d) means

(viii) The word 'meager' has the same meaning as......................

(a) great (b) vial

(c) small (d) advanced


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