CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Sample Paper 2015 Set A



1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the question by writing the option that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet. 

Jupiter is a huge ball of gas and does not have a solid surface. It is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium, which is liquidified in the interior due to the great pressure. Scientists now believe that the core of Jupiter is most probably made of rock as large as the earth. Jupitor’s visible surface consists of clouds of ammonia crystals. At the lower levels there are dark orange or brown clouds which may contain sulphur as well as simple organic compounds. Still further down the temperatures are warm, possibly the result of the heat left over from the formation of the planet.

a. Jupiter has not any solid serface because it is a large sphere of .......

     i) water     ii) gas

     iii) ice       iv) dust

b. According to the scientist. Jupiter is composed of .........

     i) hydrogen and oxygen     ii) Nitrogen and helium

     iii) Hydrogen and helium    iv) helium and oxygen

c. The scientists believe that the central part of the Jupiter is made up of ......

     i) gas                  ii) water

     iii) vapour           iv) rock

d. The brown clouds of sulphur are found at the ....................

     i) upper level     ii) lower level

     iii) central level  iv) surface

e. Find out a word from the passage which means ‘structure’

     i) surface         ii) pressure

     iii) formation     iv) clouds

2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions by writing the option that you consider the most oppropriate in your answer sheet. 

      Now we will count upto twelve

      and we will all keep still.

      For once on the face of the Earth

      Let’s not speak in any language

      Let’s stop for one second,

      and not move our arms so much.

      It would be an exotic moment

      without rush, without engines,

      We would all be together

      Fisherman in the cold sea would not harm whales

      and the man gathering salt

      Would look at his hurt hands.

a) The poet wants to count to twelve for .................

    i) making a noise         ii) doing the work

    iii) keeping quite          iv) Keeping warm

b) The poet advises to all the human beings to stop the work for ..........

    i) one second           ii) one minute

    iii) one hour              iv) one day

c) When there is neither rush nor the ........................., there will be peace

    i) sound of dancing      ii) working of machines

    iii) chirping of birds      iv) roaring of lions

d. The poet expects the fisherman not to ................. 

    i) go in cold sea       ii) look hurt hands

    iii) gather salt          iv) harm whales

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