CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2021 Set C Solved


1. Read the following passage carefully:
1. The international craze for shawls made of Shahtoosh, “the wool of kings, will make the Chiru (Tibetan Antelope) extinct in a few years. The Supreme Court‟s directive to the J&K government to ban the manufacture and trade of Shahtoosh products has thus come not a day too soon. In effect, a ban already exists – it is a question of enforcement. The J&K government in 2002 had amended its wildlife act to include the Chiru in Schedule I, thus
prohibiting hunting of the animal and trade of its parts. The Wildlife (Protection) Act of India (1972) also protects the Chiru under Schedule I.
2. The Chiru is mostly found in the Tibetan Plateau, often straying into Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim. Its gossamer wool, extremely fine and warm at the same time, is far superior even to the famed Pashmina. The shawls are sold at rates ranging from $ 1000 to 15,000. The Chiru‟s wool cannot be shorn like in sheep. The animal has to be killed, and three to five animals are slaughtered to make enough wool for one shawl. The wool is smuggled into J&K and the master weavers of Kashmir then turn it into highly desirable objects that adorn the shoulders of film stars and fashion celebrities around the world. Before becoming an international fashion craze, it was evidently a prized dowry item in Northern India, available to a privileged few.
3. The Wildlife Trust of India, which moved the PIL in 2003 resulting in the Supreme Court directive earlier this week, has estimated that 1000 to 2000 shawls are available for sale in New Delhi on any given day. A worldwide campaign has been started to educate people about the source of the Shahtoosh shawl, on the lines of the anti-ivory and anti-fur campaigns, so that the demand is reduced. The trade has flourished even when the Chiru is protected not only by national laws in India, China and Nepal, but by international treaties. The J&K government should act now to cut a key link in the trade. For weavers and buyers, there is always Pashmina.
1.1 On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, answer any eight of the questions that follow:
a) Where is the Chiru mostly found?
b) What is the International craze for?
c) Why are the Chiru killed so recklessly?
d) What do the wild life lovers apprehend about the Chiru?
e) Why are the Chiru objects available to a very few privileged persons?
f) What was the Supreme Court‟s directive to the J &K government?
g) What campaign has been started and why?
h) What should the J&K government now act upon?
i) Under which laws is the trade of the parts of the Chiru banned?

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