CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Sample Paper 2013 Set D

Section -A


Q 1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions by writing the options that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet.

Fifty years ago people ate ice cream only in summer .Now it is eaten all the year round. It originated in the Orient, centuries before English schoolboys first tasted it. Marco Polo saw people eating ice cream there and brought back the idea to Italy. From Italy the idea was carried to France, It became very popular in France with the rich, and an effort was even made to keep the recipes a secret from the common people. But, of course, they soon learned about this delicious new food and ice cream became popular with everyone. Soon it spread all over the world. The first factory to manufacture ice cream was started in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1851. However, the real development of ice cream and the ice cream business didn’t take place until after 1900 with new developments in refrigeration. The basis of all ice cream is cream, milk or milk solids, sugar, and sometimes eggs. Vanilla, chocolate, berries, fruit ingredients, and nuts are added as flavors. This is the usual proportion of ingredients in ice cream: about 80 to 85 percent cream and milk products, 15 percent sugar, half to four and a half per cent flavoring, and three-tenths of one per cent stabilizer. A small amount of gelatin is used in order to retain the smoothness of the ice cream by preventing the formation of ice crystals. When you eat a third of a pint of vanilla ice cream, you are getting about as much calcium, protein, and vitamin B as are in half a cup of whole milk, and as much vitamin A and calories as are in one cup of milk.

A. The major change towards Ice cream is that

     i. it is eaten throughout the year

     ii. it is eaten as a desert

     iii. it is eaten in summer

     iv. it is eaten in winter

B. Ice cream became popular with everyone

    i. when the idea was carried from Italy to France

    ii. when English school boys tasted it

    iii. when the rich in France started eating it

    iv. when the common people learned about its recipe

C. The introduction of refrigeration led to the

    i. increased consumption of ice cream

    ii. development of the ice cream business

    iii. increase in the production of ice cream

    iv. improvement in the quality of ice cream

D. The smoothness of ice cream is retained by

     i. forming ice crystals

     ii. using a small amount of gelatin

     iii. using eggs

     iv. using cream and milk

E. Find a word from the passage that means the same as “tasty”

    i. recipes

    ii. gelatin

    iii. delicious

    iv. flavouring

Q 2. Read the given poem carefully and answer the questions by writing options you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet against the correct question number. 

         PETE AT THE ZOO

         I wonder if the elephant

         Is lonely in his stall

        When all the boys and girls are gone

        And there is no shout at all,

         And there is not one to stamp before,

         No one to note his might.

         Does he hunch up as I do,

         Against the dark of night?

         Gwendolyn Brooks

A. From these lines we understand that the speaker:

    i. is fond of the dark

    ii. is scared of being alone

    iii. enjoys being alone

    iv. hates being left alone in the dark

B. The speaker wonders if the elephant is lonely because:

     i. all the boys and girls have gone

     ii. the boys and girls are no longer playing with the elephant

     iii. the speaker has not visited the elephant

     iv. the speaker herself is lonely

C. The elephant hunches up because

    i. he is tired and lonely

    ii. his back is aching

    iii. he is frightened of the dark

    iv. he is frightened of the other animals

D. With reference to the poem, what does ‘might’ mean?

    i. Uncertainty

    ii. Doubt

    iii. Strength

    iv. Ability

E. The last two lines suggest that the poet

     i. enjoys being alone as she finds the children too noisy

     ii. likes night because she is not very social

     iii. does not like night because it makes her feel lonely

     iv. does not like night because the elephant is not with her

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