CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2017 Set J

SECTION A- Reading 

Q 1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow. 

1. Overweight and obesity are affecting many countries in the world: More than 300 million people are overweight or obese. In India, some people tend to be overweight because of their high calorie diet and lack of physical activities. In the United States, obesity is more prevalent in lower economic groups. Obesity is now well recognized as a disease in its own right. Though obesity commonly means overweight, it is defined as an excess amount of body weight that includes muscles, bone, fat and water. “ Obesity” specially refers to an excess amount of body fat. Some people, such as body builders or other athletes with a lot of muscle, can be overweight without being obese.

2. Woman have more body fat than men. Usually men with more than 25% body fat and women more than 30% body fat are regarded as obese. Obesity occurs when a person consumes more calories than he or she burns.

3. Obesity tends to run in families, suggesting a genetic cause. Environmental factors mean lifestyle behaviors such as what a person eats and his or her level of physical activity. Although you cannot change your genetic makeup, you can change your eating habits and levels of activity. You can learn how to choose more nutritional meals which are low in fat and become more active.

4. Then there are the physical factors. Negative emotions such as boredom, sadness, anger respond to people who overeat. There is also “ binge eating” when people eat large amount of food thinking that they cannot control how much they are eating. Those with the most severe binge eating problems are also likely to have symptoms of depression and low self-esteem.

5. Obesity is a health hazard. Several serious medical conditions have been linked to obesity, including type-2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Obesity is linked to higher rates of certain types of cancer. Other diseases and health problems linked to obesity include gall bladder disease and gallstones, liver disease and deterioration of joints.

6. The benefits of exercise are much more than any other way of losing weight. Not only does exercise help you lose weight but it also improves your fitness and flexibility and improves skin texture. Exercises also free one from the harmful side effects of crash dieting, slimming capsules and the heat treatment used by slimming centers.

1.1 On the basis of your reading of above text, answer the following questions in your answer sheet: 

a) What is obesity ?

b) When can women be described as being obese ?

c) What are the environmental factors which cause obesity ?

d) what are the consequences of binge eating ?

e) Mention any four diseases linked to obesity.

f) What are the benefits of exercise ?

1.2 Find words in the passage which mean the same as the following. Write your answers in the answer sheet against the correct blank numbers:

    a) eats/uses ( para 2)

    b) signs ( para 4)


Q 2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow. 

1. The quality of fruits and vegetables that feed most of Delhi‟s population is being affected by the river‟s pollution. It is not pesticides, but a toxic mix of industrial effluents that are contaminating the fruits and vegetables that are being grown on the river bed. This is risking the lives of those people specially who eat greens grown on this soil. The National Green Tribunal has been asking for a ban on artificial colours applied to fruits and vegetables and on the waxing of certain fruits such as apples.

2. That the government is conscious of this grave danger looming large over the city‟s population is evident from the fact that they recently issued an advertisement asking consumers to clean their vegetables in various solutions, to do away with the chemical residue. They have advised consumers to discard the outer layers of leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage. In the case of melons, carrots and turnips, consumers are advised to rub the surface first with a dry brush or towel and then rinse it. Others advise that vegetables be kept in boiling water before being rinsed and an even more ingenuous solution to the problem is to soak the vegetables in diluted vinegar before rinsing them. Another advice given is to dip the vegetables in ozonized water to help reduce pesticide residues. A more sober approach given by some is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to avoid excessive consumption of the same kind of pesticides.

3. The Energy and Resources Institute in its study has found that the level of toxic metals like nickel, lead , manganese chromium, and zinc are high in many water samples. Sometimes it is as high as ten times the accepted limits and water in the vicinity of thermal plants the mercury concentration is as high as 200 times more than the required level. Even the polished food grains are not free from this menace for these items, contaminated with hazardous substances are being sold in wholesale and retail markets.Farmers growing vegetables and fruits for a livelihood have thus no choice but to use the polluted water as the pollution and industrial agencies have failed in their task of controlling the flow of effluents into the river.

2.1 Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words.

a) What is the type of contamination of greens taking place in Delhi?

b) How should leafy vegetables be consumed?

c) What were the findings of The Energy and Resources Institute?

d) What was the condition of farmers in such precarious condition?

2) Which word in the passage substitutes the meaning for the above statement 

a) the sewage being thrown into the water

b) something is threatening the present situation

c) the object which is found just within that locality

d) Poisonous and dangerous substances

SECTION B- Writing and Grammar 

3. The following lines are constant reminders for the present day youth

When you wish upon a star,

Makes no difference who you are,

Anything your heart desires,

Will come to you?

Dr. A.P.J Kalam‟slife is a classic testimony for true patriotism. He lived like legend and died like a martyr. His life is an inspiration to millions of Indians especially the youth. Can the present day youth pay befitting tribute to Dr.Kalam the exemplary leader by sweating hard to make India Super Power Nation by 2020 ?

Prepare a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly. 

4. Try to sketch a plot for an adventure story. Some clues and ideas are given below that may give you a start.

Adventure : You meet a man somewhere who talks of a ruined temple in a jungle. Shows you a magnificent jewel - talks on inscriptions on temple walls- you are an expert in interpreting ancient languages and scriptures – you interpret it in a logical way- helps government to unearth the treasure - you are greatly rewarded in the mission of treasure hunt-


5. Fill in the blanks with suitable word

James was a) honest boy who lived in a European countryside. He was very hard working and excelled b) academics. When he grew up he went to a university and finally took up a job in an advertising firm. As anfficer he was kind and considerate. He was known c) his commitment and dedication.. 

6. Correct the errors in the following sentences and rewrite them in the blanks mentioned against. 

1. The nurse enquired how I am

2. They asked when I have arrived

3. The taxi driver asked me where I want to go.

4. The student told the teacher that he did not brought his note book.


7. Re arrange the following to form meaningful sentences. 

1. Oliver Twist/ workhouse/ a / was/ in/ born

2. Knew/ father/his/was /who / nobody

3. Died/ his birth/mother/his/ soon/ after




I am not cruel only truthful

The eye of a little god, four cornered

Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall.

         a. How is the mirror not cruel but truthful?

         b. Explain “ the eye of a little god, four cornered”.

         c. What is meant by meditate?


“Are we pinching it before aunt Elizabeth comes”

         a. What does “it” refer to here?

         b. How does Victoria conclude that her parents “are pinching it”?

         c. What is meant by pinching?

9. Answer any four of the following words in about 30 to 40 words each. 

         a. When did the postmaster realise his mistake?

         b. What is the message conveyed in the poem “Not marble nor gilded monuments”

         c. How did the creatures in the Bingle Bog react to the nightingale‟s singing?

         d. Why were the boys in the deserted square at night? What quality do they exhibit?

         e. What was the contribution of the villagers for shooting the tiger planned by Mrs. Packletide?


War had not broken their spirit. Their selfless action brought a new nobility to human life, gave promise of a greater hope for human society. What values are highlighted through the actions of the two young boys


The poem” The Frog and the Nightingale” is a replica or a reflection of the different shades of the human society. Justify with reference to the characters portrayed in the poem.



A teacher can play a very significant role in the life of her pupils. Anne Sullivan is an embodiment of a true teacher who strives relentlessly for the empowerment of Helen her student who is differently abled. Elaborate.


Helen has given a vivid description of “the Ivy green”. Create a pen-picture of the house.


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