CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Sample Paper 2015 Set D

1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the question by writing the option that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet. 

Food can maintain or save life, it can destroy life as well. Proper food serves the purpose of medicine while improper food works as poison and causes diseases. We may take pride in calling ourselves civilised : but we have started to flout all the norms about the quantity and quanitity of food. Attracted to material pleasures we have become slaves to our tongues. We mostly eat processed foods and refined sugar. In start, we have drifted away from mother nature, thereby giving rise to the incidence of diabetes. According to a survey diabetes was rare in the native of canada a few years ago. With the advent of processed and junk foods, the incidence of diabetes shot up within a very short time. By offering chocolates, cakes and icecreams fact invite obesity and diabetes.

a. Refined sugar, chocolates, cakes and icecreams are called ......

     i) improper food             ii) proper food

     iii) balance diet              iv) civilised food

b. The improper food affects the human body directly because it works as .....

     i) medicine                    ii) herb

     iii) poison                      iv) none of these

c. A civilised way of life has modernised our food habits so we eat more _____ than ever before.

     i) healthy food              ii) proper food

     iii) junk food                  iv) nonveg

d. obesity and diabetes are caused by ______ of improper foods.

     i) normal eating           ii) minimum eating

     iii) noneating               iv) excessive eating

e. Trace a word from the passage which means ‘being fat’.

     i) Dehydration             ii) cholera

     iii) Obesity                  iv) Diabetes

2. Read the following passage carefully and complete the following sentences given below. 

     To the land of mighty heroes

     To the land where people have learnt

     to over come sorrows

     To the land where people accept

     Challenge with courage

     To such a land I pay my tribute.

     To the man on whom the success of our freedom lies

     In front of his calmness and truth violence dies

     To this man the world give a salute

     To Gandhiji I pay my tribute.

     To a lady whose voice is a charm

     Medicines are ineffective

     Her voice is a balm

     She is the nightingale of India

     Famous in and beyond Asia

     Whose voice removes solitude

     To Lata Mangeshkar I pay my tribute.

a. In the first passage, the poet wants to pay his tribute .....................

b. The poet appreciates the people who accept .....................

c. The world gives a salute to Gandhiji due to .....................

d. The poet has called Lata Mangeshkar the nightingale of India because ..................

e. Trace a word from the passage which mean “Something that makes you feel calm”.

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