CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Sample Paper 2014 Set B



Q1. Read the following passage carefully: 


There is no gravity in space. That means that even very simple jobs are complicated. Shuttle astronaut Mike Mullane says that a simple job like changing the batteries in a Walkman can take five times longer in space! The astronaut floats, the old and new batteries and the machine float, all in different directions!

Inside the Space Shuttle, there are controls on all the surfaces, and astronauts use Velcro to attach themselves to other objects. There are special cupboards for sleeping, or astronauts can use sleeping bags they attach to the wall, ceiling or floor!

Astronauts have individual menus of dehydrated foods and normal foods like biscuits or chocolate. Eating is quite easy, but astronauts can only drink with straws. Drinks are in bags. People always ask astronauts how they go to the toilet. The answer is “with difficulty”! There is one toilet for the seven or eight astronauts and it resembles a vacuum cleaner.

Complete the following sentences by choosing most suitable option from the ones given :

(a) This text is about __________

(i) everyday life in space

(ii) Mike Mullane‟s life

(iii) the technical aspects of a space shuttle

(iv) traffic congestion in space.

(b) The astronauts sleep __________

(i) on beds

(ii) in sleeping bags/special cupboards

(iii) in the air

(iv) in vacuum cleaners

(c) They eat __________

(i) straws

(ii) dehydrated food, biscuits etc.

(iii) they can‟t eat; they can only drink

(iv) only fruits.

(d) __________resembles a vacuum cleaner in the Space Shuttle.

(i) The cockpit.

(ii) The sleeping cupboards

(iii) The toilet

(iv) The Walkman

(e) __________ is used to attach themselves to other objects

(i) Velcro

(ii) Fevistic

(iii) Iron Chains

(iv) Interlocking system

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