CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2017 Set K



1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow : 

There is only one natural satellite - the Moon. But there are many man-made or artificial satellites revolving around the Earth. Aryabhatta, IRS-IB and INSAT-2A are some Indian artificial satellites. They are more than 300 Km away from the earth. At this height, the Earth’s gravity and atmosphere do not affect them.

Artificial satellites are of many kinds. Of them weather satellites send information and pictures of clouds, storms and ocean currents. They are used to predict the weather. This information is also used to warn people about storms, floods, forest fires etc. Communication satellites are used to transmit telephone conversation and TV programmes across the earth. They are helpful in sending messages through fax machines, using mobile phones and the internet. Science satellites send information about outer space. Astronomers study this data and get to know more about things in is pace. These satellites are launched into space by rockets. Once beyond the earth’s gravity and atmosphere, they are sent circling around the earth by the force of another rocket. There is nothing in space to obstruct the path or speed of those satellites. So they continue to keep going around the earth, just like the moon.

1.1Answer the following questions briefly: 

(a) The only natural satellite is ___________. 

(b) Name any two of the Indian artificial satellites. 

(c) Why are artificial satellites kept at a distance of more than 300 km away from the Earth? 

(d) Mention any two kinds of man-made satellites. 

(e) What is the use of communication satellites? 

(f) Which satellites give us information about outer space? 

(g) How are satellites launched into the space? 

(h) What do weather satellites do?

2. Read the following passage carefully.

The Colaba area of Bombay

1. Mumbai is a city of dreams and shocking realities. It is both the home of Bollywood bling and bumperto bumper traffic. The city started out as a dowry item given to King Charles II in 1662, and rose to become the darling of the British Empire.

2. At the southernmost tip of this city lies Colaba, the old British quarter of the city. Long regarded as Mumbai’s unofficial tourist headquarter, today Colaba is undergoing a grand renaissance, Indian style. The advantage of this locality is that it lends itself to renovation and facelifts. Colaba is compact, walk able and packed with stuff to see and do. Every week new cafes, restaurants, boutiques open in this place.

3. The best time to explore the area is early morning when the city wakes. You will see masala tea being brewed on a thousand pavement stalls, great urns of fresh milk delivered from the countryside, the tops of the cans covered with straw. Children with freshly washed faces and hair plastered back hurry to school. And best of all, the frantic chirping of the birds in the banyan trees.

4. Head to the Sassoon Dock around 7 am. It is a hive of commotion as 1shermen rush to get their haul to the market along the quay, elbows jabbing, mouths yelling, bare feet scurrying through 1sh guts and slime.

5. On the other side, there is fairytale solitude at the Afghan Church. A vast stone statement of colonial might, it is dedicated to the British soldiers who fell in the 19th-century Afghan wars. Crumbling into dust, the battle standards still hang in glass cases.

6. Shopping in Colaba caters to every budget, style and taste. At one end of the scale there are fashionable boutiques, which have are housed in centuries-old buildings of the Raj. Some of them like bungalow and are hard to 1nd. But the rewards are ample and exquisite kaftans, home furnishings, and gifts are tucked into these shops. The other Colaba landmark is Bombay Electric which is a mix of fashion, music, home wares and entertainment.

7. At the other end of the scale are the pavement stalls a stone’s throw away on Colaba Causeway. A rumpus of hawkers and street vendors, it is the place to pick up hippy chic. The dyed sweat pants and bead necklaces, incense, dubious antiques and silk scarves with prices as low as your bargaining skills can take you.

2.1 Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words.

a) What is the origin of the city of Bombay?

b) Give a short sketch of Colaba in Bombay.

c) What are the early morning sights of the city?

d) What is the contrast between Sassoon Docks and the Afghan Church?

2.2 Choose the appropriate answer:

a) The term ‘facelift’ refers to ____

(i) Decorating the visible part of a building.

(ii) Lifting up one’s face skywards.

(iii) A lift with see-through walls.

(iv) To lift something up to one’s face.

b) The term solitude refers to ___

(i) Precious diamond

(ii) Silence

(iii) Noise

(iv) Lonely

c) The term frantic means to be in a state of ___

(i) Fear

(ii) Confusion

(iii) Excited

(iv) Calm

d) When some place is a stone’s throw away it means ___

(i) It is a cheap place.

(ii) It is very far.

(iii) It is a derision.

(iv) Very near.

SECTION B (Writing) 

3.Your school is celebrating science week in which various p[rogrammes related to science are being organized at the school level. In the same series you have been asked to write an article on th topic IS SCIENCE A BOON OR A BANE in 120 words. (5 marks)

4.There were pre-monsoon rain showers on Tuesday morning. You found school going children enjoying the rain. Some of them got late for the school. Rohit of class 7 missed his bus and was afraid to go back to home. Write a story how he handled the situation.

[Massive water logging - roads pools of water - traffic jam - breakdown of cars, scooters and other vehicles - great chaos on road - children got stranded…………….continue]

5. Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words given in brackets.

Correctly number and write the answer in your answersheet. 

An injured jackal (a)________ (save) in South Delhi late on Thursday evening. It (b) ________

(wander) into the city from the nearby jungle. In fact the animal (c)________ (chase) by the dogs.)

6. In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined as shown. 


7. Look at the words and phrases given below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example. Write the correct sentences in your answer sheet. Remember to number the answers correctly. 

Example :

me/always/have/the thoughts/mother/of/inspired/my

The thoughts of my mother have always inspired me.

a. breathe in/the/fresh/i/morning air/always

b. angry/foolish/him/that/made/remark

c. great/childhood days/i/my/remember/with/pleasure



8. Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions that follow. 

(A) I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions I

Whatever I see I swallow immediately

Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.

I am not cruel only truthful-

(i) Why does the mirror say ‘I am silver and exact’?

(ii) What is meant by ‘preconceptions’?

(iii) Why does the mirror say ‘I am not cruel’?


(B) “And when we’d finished dinner I thought I’d take up a bit of something on a tray. He was lying there for the entire world as if he was asleep, so I put the tray down on the bureau – (correcting her) on the chest of drawers –

and went to waken him. (A Pause) He was quite cold.”

(i) Who is the speaker and who is the listener here?

(ii) Who does ‘he’ refer to and where was he?

(iii) Why does the speaker have to correct herself?

9. Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words each.

a) How can you say that the two boys were willing to do any kind of work?

b) Why did Mrs. Packletide want to kill a tiger?

c) How did the creatures of Binglebog react to the nightingale’s singing?

d) What message does the poem ‘ Not marble, Nor the Gilded Monuments’ convey ?

10. “For now the postmaster understood Ali’s heart and his very soul. After spending but a single night in suspense, anxiously waiting for news of his daughter, his heart was brimming with sympathy for the poorold man who had spent his nights in the same suspense for the last five years.’ Do you also agree that a person is able to feel others’ agony and pain when he himself has to pass through painful times as only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches? Explain. (The Letter)


Bring out the irony of the play ‘ The Dear Departed’ ?

11. Helen Keller says, “Happy days did not last long.” Why does she say this? What had happened to her? 


‘She has opened the door of knowledge to Helen’ with reference to the statement throw light upon the character of Miss Sullivan.

Answer key 


a. moon


c. At this height, the Earth’s gravity and atmosphere do not affect them.

d.Weather satellites,communication satte. , science satte.

e.Transmission of telephonic conversation and TV Programmes across the earth.

f. science satellite

g. by rockets

h. send info and pictures of clouds ,storms and ocean currents.


a. The city started out as a dowry item given to king Charles-II in 1662 & become the darling of the British Empire.

b. Long regarded as Mumbai’s unofficial tourist headquarter, Colaba is compact, walk able and packed with stuff to see and do.

c. masala tea being brewed on a thousand pavement stalls, great urns of fresh milk delivered from the countryside,And best of all, the frantic chirping of the birds in the banyan trees.

d. Sasson Dock is a hive of commotion due to the fishermen selling their fish.




(c ) ii

(d) iv

3. Format – 1 marks

Content – 2marks

Accuracy -2 marks

Total = 5 marks

4. Format – 1 marks

Imagination – 3 marks

Content – 3marks

Accuracy -3 marks

Total = 10 marks

5. a) was saved

b) had wandered

c) was chased 

6. a) covers an area.

b)attracts a large

c) famous for its 

7. a) I always breathe in the fresh morning air

b) that foolish remark made him angry.

c) I remember my great childhood days with pleasure.

8. A) (i) because mirror is painted silver and is objective.

(ii) prejudice or previously formed concepts

(iii) because mirror doesn’t want to hurt, it only tells truth.


(i) The speaker is Elizabeth and she was talking to Mr. & Mrs .Jordan.

(ii) He is the grandfather , Mr Abel Merryweather, he was sleeping upstairs.

(iii) The speaker has to correct herself because she was telling a lie so she wanted to mention chest of drawers instead of bureau.

9. a) selling strawberries –polishing shoes-selling newspaper –doing errands.

b) To outshine Loona Bimberten – has enough money to fulfill her wish- for publicity.

c) They started gather from far flung areas under sumac tree - admired the melodious voice of nightingale.

d) Everything in this world is perishable except the content of a poet – Time can destroy great masonry works but literature remains forever.

10. The postman was full of remorse when he too suffered from the similar pangs of pain – waiting

desperately to get some news – now he could feel the sufferings of father’s soul – repentance.


The departed Abel Merryweather is not one bit dear- sisters only interested in money- not even care to call a doctor- he is better departed because of the premium- his drama of death turned out to be dear or rather expensive for the family members.

11. answer as per the comprehension ability of the student.


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