CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Sample Paper 2015 Set B



1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions by writing the option that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet. 

The ‘Universe’ means the whole of space and its contents. It means everything that exists. From the Earth, the sun, the solar system, the stars, the Milky way and all other galaxies. Years ago, people believed that the Earth was the centre of the Universe. This, we know now, is far from true. The Earth is a small planet orbiting the sun. The sun is just one star among millions in our Galaxy, which we have named the Milky Way. There are millions of galaxies in the Universe. The size of the Universe seems beyond our grasp. Scientists are now studying the Universe and trying to unravel its secrets. The study of the Universe is known as cosmology.

a. The Whole of space and its contents is called _____

    i) the sun         ii) the universe

    iii) the moon     iv) the earth

b. Which belief in the past is untrue according to the passage ?

    i) The Earth is the centre of the Universe.

    ii) The Earth was the centre of the Universe.

    iii) The Sun is one star among millions in Galaxy.

    iv) The Earth is a small planet.

c. Who is trying to unravel the secrets of the ‘Universe’

    i) Mechanics       ii) Scientists

    iii) Politicians      iv) None of these

d. The study of the Universe is known as ...........

    i) Biology               ii) Zoology

    iii) Chromology      iv) Cosmology

e. Which word in the passage in the passage mean ‘to explain’.

    i) to start            ii) to unravel

    iii) to believe       iv) to study

2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions by writing the option that you consider the most oppropriate in your answer sheet. 

Eggs should be considered a ‘Superfood’ because they can boost health and tackle obesity, researchers claimed on Tuesday. Nutritionists say eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods and are recommending one per day for the maximum benefit. They say despite being low in calories, eggs are a rich source of protein and are packed with nutrients thought essential for good health, particularly vitamin D, Vitamin B 12, Selenium and choline. The high levels of antioxidants found in eggs mean they could even help prevent agerelated muscular degeneration a leading cause of blindness.

a. Egg is considered a superfood because it is used .....

    i) to repair the cells      ii) to tackle obesity

    iii) to increase fat         iv) none of these

b. Nutritionists recommend the egg for the maximum benefit .....

    i) one per day         ii) two per day

    iii) three per day      iv) four per day

c. Eggs are the rich source of ......

    i) Vitamin A

    ii) Vitamin C

    iii) Vitamin E

    iv) Protein

d. Eggs contain the high levels of antioxidants which may be helpful to prevent....

    i) obesity     ii) paralysis

    iii) cholera   iv) blindness

e. Trace a word from the passage which means ‘extremly important’.

    i) tackle      ii) essential

    iii) crucial   iv) beneficial

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