CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Sample Paper 2014 Set D

Q1. Read the following passage carefully: 

I may never have become a cricketer and this book would certainly not have been written, if an eagle-eyed relation, Mr. Narayan Masurekar, had not come into my life the day I was born (July 10, 1949). It seems that Nan-Kaka (as I call him) who had come to see me in hospital on my first day in this world, noticed a little hole near the top of my left ear lobe. The next day he came again and picked up the baby lying on the crib next to my mother. To his utter horror, he discovered that the baby did not have the hole on the left ear lobe. A frantic search of all the cribs in the hospital followed and I was eventually located sleeping blissfully beside a fisherwoman, totally oblivious of the commotion I had caused! The mix-up, it appears followed after the babies had been given their bath.

Providence had helped me to retain my true identity and in the process, charted the course of my life. I have often wondered what would have happened if nature had not „marked‟ me out and given me my „guard‟ by giving me that small hole on my left ear lobe and if Nan-Kaka had not noticed this abnormality. Perhaps, I would have grown up to be an obscure fisherman, toiling somewhere along the west coast, And what about the baby who, for a spell, took my place ? I do not know if he is interested in cricket or whether he will ever read this book . I can only hope that, if he does, he will start taking a little more interest in Sunil Gavaskar.

(a) "Eagle-eyed‟ means a __________

(i) person with big eyes                  (ii) person having blue eyes

(iii) keen observant                         (iv) person with small eyes

(b) On the second day of his birth Sunil Gavaskar was located sleeping blissfully beside a fisherwoman because :

(i) she was his caretaker.

(ii) she was his mother.

(iii) the babies were mixed-up after they had been given their bath at the hospital.

(iv) she had stolen him.

(c) The baby who for a spell took the place of Sunil Gavaskar on July 11, 1949 was :

(i) an orphan

(ii) son of a fisherwoman

(iii) Nan-Kaka‟s son

(iv) a girl

(d) The man because of whom the narrator escaped the fate of being an obscure fisherman was :

(i) his Mother

(ii) his Father

(iii) his Doctor

(iv) his uncle Mr. Narayan Masurekar

(e) The nature‟s mark and the abnormality of Sunil Gavaskar that helped him to come back to his parents on the second day of his birth was :

(i) his complexion

(ii) his crippled hand

(iii) a small hole on his left ear lobe

(iv) the colour of his hair

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