CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2017 Set H



1 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :

(1) Man always sees tigers as the symbol of pride, deepest fears, desires and aspirations. Tiger is typically sighted as the most fear-some predator which is admired for its lithe muscles, courage and beauty. The tiger's body has a hundred different uses, such asn the fat is believed to be the tonic of rheumatism and the flesh offers considerable strength to those who eat it.

(2) Tigers are powerful animals that are capable of taking down their prey single- . handedly and subduing a large prey. They have forelimbs and broad shoulders with the help of which tigers grapple their prey while holding onto it with the retractable, long claws of the broad forepaws.

(3) Tigers have muscular bodies bearing strong and powerful forelimbs and large heads. The colour of the coat varies, depending entirely on the subspecies. These big cats also display prominent black stripes that run across their body. No tiger has stripes that resemble other counterparts i.e.each one has its own unique stripes. The black stripes of tigers serve as a natural camouflage by hiding them amongst the dappled shadows and the long grasses of their· Surroundings.

(4) The tigers once inhabited all of Asia ranging from Eastern Turkey to the Caspian Sea, including south of the Tibetan plateau and the Sea of. Okhotsk. Sadly speaking, the tige!''s range has been limited to a few major habitats. Currently, tigers have become extinct in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and the Indus Valley of Pakistan. They were once widespread all through India including the foothills of the Himalayas, through Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Myanmar, and Assam, and the population has dramatically reduced in the Indian Subcontinent. Unfortunately, extreme hunting together with poaching makes tigers an endangered species.

(5) It is sad to contemplate the extinction of an animal species due to the inexorable forces of nature. But, it is infinitely more depressing when the extinction is caused by supposedly responsible human beings.

(a) What does man perceive the tiger as ?

(b) What is the tiger admired for?

(c) Which part of the tiger's body cures rheumatism?

(d) How do tigers take down their prey?

(e) What is unique about the tiger's stripes?

(f) How do the black stripes help tigers ?

(g) .Which are the countries where tigers have become extinct ?

(h) How are humans responsible for making them an endangered species ?


2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow : 

Walls and wall building have played a very important role in Chinese culture. These people, from the dim mists of prehistory have been wall-conscious; from the Neolithic period when · ramparts of pounded earth were used - to the Communist Revolution, walls were an essential part of any village. Not only towns and villages; the houses and the temples within them were somehow walled, and the houses also had no windows overlooking the street, thus giving the feeling of wandering around a huge maze. The name for "city" in Chinese (ch'eng) means wall, and over these walled cities, villages, houses and temples presides the god of walls and -. mounts, whose duties were, and still are, to protected be responsible for the welfare of the ,· inhabitants. Thus a great and extremely laborious task such as constructing a wall, which was supposed to run throughout the country, must not have seemed such an absurdity.

However, it is indeed a common mistake to perceive the Great Wall as a single architectureal  structure, and it would also be erroneous to assume that it was built during a single dynasty. For the building of the wall spanned the various dynasties! and each of these dynasties somehow contributed to the refurbishing and the construction of a wall, whose foundation had been laid many centuries ago. It was during the fourth and third century B.C. that each warring state started building walls to protect their kingdoms, both against one another and against the northern nomads.

The role that the Great Wall played in the growth of Chinese economy was an important one. Throughout the centuries many settlements were established along the new border. The , garrison troops were instructed to reclaim wasteland and to plant crops on it, roads and canals were built, to mention just a few of the works carried out. All these undertakings greatly helped to increase the country's trade and cultural exchanges with many remote areas and also with the southern, central and western parts of Asia.- the formation of the Silk Route. Builders, garrisons, artisans, farmers and peasants left behind a trail of objects, including inscribed tablets, household articles, and written work, which have become extremely valuable archaeological evidence to the study of defense institutions of the Great Wall and everyday life of these people who lived and died along the wall.

(a) What example is given to show that walls were an essential part of Chinese culture?

(b) What interesting historical facts about the Great Wall are mentioned in the first paragraph?

(c) Describe the role played by the Great wall in the growth of Chinese economy.

(d) In what sense is the archeological evidence left behind by the people, valuable ?

(e) What is meant by the word, 'wondering' ? (Para 1)

   (i) searching           (ii) going

   (ill) running            (iv} roaming

(f) What is meant by the word ,'welfare'? (Para 1)

    (i) enjoyment          (ii) wellbeing

   (iii) convenience       (iv) pleasure

(g) What is meant by the word, 'reclaim' ? (Par::3)

     (i) recover              (ii) find

     (iii) search              (iv) save

(h) What is meant by the word, 'remote' ? (Para 3)

      (i) rich                     (ii) backward

      (iii) orthodox            (iv) distant



3 What are the various ways in which we can control noise pollution ? Write an article in about 100-120 words on the same. 

4 It was a hot day. A blind man was crossing the road. Suddenly a car came..... Complete the story in about 150-200words. 

5 Complete the following paragraph by choosing the appropriate options from the ones given below. Write your answers in the answer sheet against the correct blank numbers.Do not copy the entire paragraph. Water is an integral part of life (a) this planet. Most of the water on earth (b) salt water. Wecan remove salt from ocean water (c) the process is very expensive.


6 In the following paragraph one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along  with the words that come before and after it. The first one has been done as an example. 

  Chinese author, Mo Yan awarded the .            e.g.                             MoYanwas                     awarded

2012 Nobel Prize for literature He is first            (a)

Chinese citizen to win prize. He is a                   (b)

novelist and short story writer who known          (c)

for depicting rural life China.                              (d)

7 Rearrange the followingwords/phrases to make meaningful sentences. 

(a) force/inculcated/byI of reading/ cannot be/the habit

(b) students/need/world/to be given/of books/to the/ an exposure

(c) by keeping/ do this/attractive/parents/books/can/at home



Read one of the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow:

8 How amused everyone would be if they knew what really happened. 

(a) Who is the speaker ?

(b) What had 'really happened'?

(c) What does the word, 'amused' mean?


Well, he must have gone round to the 'Ring-0-Bells' afterwards, for he came in 'as merry as a sandbotj'.

(a) What is 'Ring-0- Bells' ?

(b) Why did the old man come in as merry as a sandboy after going round to the 'Ring-0- Bells'? ·

(c) What does the phrase,'as merry as a sandboy mean?

Answer the following questions in about 30 - 40 words.

9(i) How did Ali reflect on life without Miriam ? What was its effect on him? 

9(ii) Whose influence did the nightingale come under ? What was its effect? 

9(iii) Mrs.Slater's father was 'merry' that morning. What do you think was the reason? 

9(iv) How does the writer create humor in the story, ' Mrs. Packletide's Tiger' ? Give any two examples. 

Answer one of the following questions in about 80-100 words.

10 The story Mrs. Packletide's Tiger revolves around big time shooting. Though hunting is banned now-a-days, animals are still being

hunted. Write an article for 'Earth Today' magazine voicing your concern over the killing of animals and its impact on the environment.


The mirror says; "I am important to her". This line shows the dependency of the woman on the mirror. Keeping in mind the above thought, write an article on how even men need reassurance that they are young and handsome. Answer one of the following questions in about 150-200 words. 

11 Why was it important for Anne and her sister to challenge their minds during the trying time of their confinements ?


Anne had more than 30 school friends. Describe a few of them.


Helen's intelligence and talent served her well. In what ways then did Helen's intelligence and  talent cause her frustration and rage ?


Who was Mr. An gnos ?Why did Helen regret losing his friendship ?


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