CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2021 Set B Solved


1. Read the following passage carefully:
1. We live in an era where it is difficult to miss fast and junk food and the rise in teenage obesity and related health issues due to it.
2. During teenage, weight gain is normal but when it goes beyond control, the person becomes obese. Our body requires energy to function, which is derived from the food we eat but when the intake of food becomes more than the amount that the body requires, the excess energy is stored as body fat.
3. Contemporary lifestyle sees an increasing consumption of junk food, and spending time watching television and playing computer games. Overeating along with lack of physical exercise are the major causes leading to teenage obesity. Large intake of high calorie food and low nutrient food leads to unnecessary weight gain. Besides these, obesity can also be genetically inherited where some people have the genetic tendency to burn calories more
slowly compared to others. Stress is also a reason for obesity where people resort to overeating to alleviate their stress.
4. Teenage obesity is growing immensely and has been named an „obesity epidemic‟. A number of health issues arise out of it like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, sleeping disorders, hormonal imbalance, and asthma. Along with these, obesity can also result in psychological problems like low self-esteem due to the constant jeering of peers. Obese teens are more prone to being teased and physically bullied compared to others of their same age.
5. Therefore, it is necessary to control excessive weight gain. Inactivity is the major cause of obesity and regular exercise is the best way to control it. Physical exercise like jogging, swimming and playing outdoor games can help to keep fit. A balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fruit and whole grains is also essential. Junk food and soft drinks should be substituted with lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains in the diet. Drinking around 8-10 glasses of water also helps to reduce the calorie intake.
6. Parents have an important role in controlling teenage obesity as they should try to set examples by following a healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle. A combined effort of the parents and kids can help to control this eating disorder.
1.1 On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, answer any eight of the questions that follow:
a) When does a teen become obese?
b) What has teenage obesity been termed as?
c) Why do teens become obese?
d) What are the major causes of obesity?
e) What are the health issues related to obesity?
f) How does it affect teens psychologically?
g) What are the other causes of obesity?
h) Mention some simple ways to prevent obesity?
i) In what way can parents help their kids?

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