CBSE Class 12 Psychology Question Paper 2012 (5)

CBSE Class 12 Psychology Question Paper 2012 (5). Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.

1. The mental age (MA) of an 8 year old child with an IQ of 110 is ____________ years.

2. An individual is rejected in a job interview, he claims that his present job is better. He is using ___________.

(a) Projection (b) Regression (c) Reaction formation (d) Rationalization

3. A student who believes that he has the ability to excel in sports demonstrates high _________________.

(a) Self regulation

(b) Self efficacy

(c ) Self esteem

(d) Self confidence

4. Frustration results from_______________ .

(a) Incompatibility between two or more needs or motives.

(b) Blocking of needs and motives.

(c) Expectations from oneself and others.

(d) Excessive demands.

5.‘ I can control the weather according to my moods’. This is a statement made by a person suffering from delusion of ___________.

(a) Persecution

(b) Reference

(c) Grandeur

(d) Control

6. Acceptance of the feelings of the client in therapy is known as

(a) Empathy

(b) Sympathy

(c) Authenticity

(d) Positive regard for others

7. Fundamental attribution error means explaining the actions of others on the basis of internal causes.

(a) True (b) false

8. Shortage of resources necessary for living refers to

(a) Deprivation

(b) Disadvantage

(c) Poverty

(d) Discrimination

9. “Sports do not contribute towards holistic development of an individual “

(a) True (b) False

10. A collection of people around a roadside performer is an example of a __________________.

(a) Group

(b) Crowd

(c) Mob

(d) Audience

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