NEET Biology The Living World MCQs Set A

Q.1 At present scientific names have been given to
(1) 10 million species (2) 1.7 million species
(3) 3.9 million species (4) 1 million species
Q.2 Study of principles and procedures of classification of organisms is
(1) Systematics (2) Classification (3) Taxonomy (4) Nomenclature
Q.3 First step of taxonomy is
(1) Characterisation (2) Identification (3) Nomenclature (4) All of these
Q.4 Taxonomy comprises
(1) Classification (3) Identification (4) Classification (2) Nomenclature
Q.5 Who among the following is called as the father of taxonomy?
(1) Lamarck (2) Linnaeus (3) A. P. de Candolle (4) Casper Bauhin
Q.6 The father of Indian systematic botany is
(1) R.Mishra (3) Theophrastus (2) Santapau (4) Linnaeus
Q.7 'Historia Generalis Plantarum' was published by
(1) Engler and Prantl (2) Hutchinson
(3) Bentham & Hooker (4) John Ray
Q.8 The book' Philosophic Zoologique' published in 1809 was written by
(1) C. Darwin (2) Huxley (3) A.I. Oparin (4) Lamarck
Q.9 'Species Plantarum' and 'Systema Naturae' were written by
(1) Engler (2) Linnaeus (3) Hooker (4) Wallace
Q.10 Carolus Linnaeus is the father of taxonomy because of one of his contribution
(1) Genera Plantarum (2) Binomial nomenclature
(3) Described nearly ten thousand plants and animal species
(4) Die Naturlichen Pflanzen Familien
Q.11 According to binomial nomenclature, two words used for naming a plant or animal are
(1) Species and genus (2) Genus and species
(3) Species and family (4) Genus and family
Q.12 Corvus splendens splendens is the scientific name of Indian crow, it represents
(1) Binomial nomenclature (2) Autonyms
(3) Tautonyms (4) Synonyms


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