NEET UG Biology Human Health and Diseases MCQs

NEET UG Biology Human Health and Diseases MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for NEET Biology with answers have been prepared as per the latest NEET Biology syllabus, books and examination pattern. Multiple Choice Questions form important part of competitive exams and NEET exam and if practiced properly can help you to get higher rank. Refer to more topic wise NEET Biology Questions and also download more latest study material for all subjects and do free NEET Biology Mock Test

Human Health and Diseases NEET Biology MCQ

NEET Biology students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for Human Health and Diseases in NEET. These MCQ questions with answers for NEET Biology will come in exams and help you to score good marks

Human Health and Diseases MCQ Questions with Answers


Health means absence of disease It also can be defined as "Expression of physical,mental,social and psychological wellbeing".
"Human disease like typhoid,cholera, pneumonia,disease of skin,malaria are included in the prepartion of NEET exam". These kind of diseases give stress to human. Malaria caused by plasmodium falciparum may prove lethal for human. Cleanliness proper discharge of waste,water cleanliness,control of mosquito and vaccination are required for controlling these kind of diseases You study here disease causing organisms, Antigen, Antibody, Immunesystem, Vaccination, Aids, Cancer, Malaria, Filariasis, Typhoid, Pneumonia, Common cold, Ringworm, Adolescence and others.In Adolescene the Drug and alchohol abuse is done by youth and adolescent mostly.Drug and alchohol are intoxicant in nature and their perceived benifits like relief from stress, a person may try taking this in face of peer pressure,examination-related and competition-related stresses by doing so, he/she get addcted,To get protected from this effecteducation about the harmful effects,counselling and seeking immediate professional and medical help would relieve the individual from these completely.
By securing required kind of vaccination to prevent disease,fearless situations may be produced.
The different types questions formed by considering all these point will be very useful to the students for their future.
1. Which person is suffering from disease according to given sentences ?
(a) Mahesh walks slowly & become tired.
(b) There is appearance of scaly lesions on skin of naresh.
(c) Paresh is suffering from vomiting.
(d) All of them suffer from disease.
2. What is the location of Salmonella typhi during diseased condition ?
(a) Stomach (b) Kidney (c) Liver (d) Intestine
3. Which test is carried out if disease is occured by salmonella typhi ?
(a) Widal test (b) Lisman test (c) Blood test (d) Barium test
4. Generally streptococcus pneumoniae causes pneumonia but which bacteria is responsible for this diseare ?
(a) Pneumococcus (b) Tuberculosis.
(c) Haemophilus influenzae (d) Salmonella typhi
5. Chhaganbhai is suffering from fever, then which kind of organism responsible for it ?
(a) Plasmodium vivex (b) Plasmodium malarie.
(c) Plasmodium falciparum (d) All of hte given.
6. Duration of fever occured by plasmodium malarie is _______
(a) Every 24 hours. (b) Every 48 hours.
(c) Every 36 hours. (d) Every 72 hours.
7. From which kind of host life cycle of plasmodium passes ?
(a) Male of Human & of Anopheles mosquito.
(b) Male of Human & Male of Anopheles mosquito.
(c) Human & Female Anopheles mosquito.
(d) Human & Male Anopheles mosquito.
8. What is responsible for malaria___?
(a) All Anopheles mosquitoes.
(b) All Culex mosquitoes.
(c) Only male Anopheles mosquitoes
(d) Only female Anopheles mosquitoes
9. The spherical from of metacryptomezoites is called _____
(a) Sporozoites (b) Cryptoschizont (c) Trophozoite (d) Gamato cyte
10. What is improper for ringworm disease.
(a) It is done by Trichophyton fungi.
(b) By constant itching the lesions get expanded
(c) It is done by using infected persons comb.
(d) It is done by secretion of serotonin chemical.
11. In figure what is indicated by "P" ? 
(a) Hydrogen bond
(b) Ionic bond
(c) Disuphlide bond
(d) Hydrophobic bond
12. Give the name of scientist who are concern with interferon word.
(a) Watson & Crick
(b) Khorana
(c) Luis pasteur & Stemberg
(d) Ellic isaks & jan lindenmen
13. At Which time interferon is secreted ?
(a) When antibody reacts with antigen in our body.
(b) When serotonin become active
(c) When lymphocytes become active
(d) When our body cell's are infected by virus then that cell's secret this chemical.
14. Which is the process of biological control,which is for controlling to spread the diseare caused by mosquitoes.?
(a) Masquito net (b) Spreading & chemicals
(c) Fish like Gambusia (d) Net in doors & windows
15. Give the location of Ig-G ?
(a) Nucleus (b) Cytoplasm (c) Blood (d) Mitochondria
16. Give the correct sequence from pre erythrocytic cycle ?
(a) Saliva - Sporozoites-Blood-liver-Cryptoschizont-Cryptomerozoites.
(b) Sporozoites-Saliva-Blood-Liver-Cryptoschizont-Cryptomerozoites.
(c) Saliva-Cryptoschizont-Blood-Liver-Sporozoites-Cryptomerozoites.
(d) Saliva-Sporozaites-Liver-Blood-Cryptoschizont-Cryptomerozoites.
17. Give the correct Sequence for endo erythrocytic cycle ?
(a) Metacry ptomerozoites-Trophozoite-Schizont-in RBC-Gametocyte-Merozoites.
(b) Metacry ptomerozoiter-in RBC-Trophozaite-Schizant-Merozoites-Gametocyte
(c) Metacry ptomerozoites-in RBS -Trophozoite-Merozoites-Schizont-Gametocyte
(d) Cryptomerozoite-in RBC-Trophozoite-Schizont-Merozoites-Gametocyte
18. Which one is odd ?
(a) Opium popy -gives pleasant feeling
(b) Claviceps Purpurea-Hallucinogenic
(c) Erythrolum Coca-Potent stimulating action
(d) Cannabis Sativa-give pain
19. Which one is odd ?
(a) Malaria (b) Pneumenia (c) HIV (d) Typhoid.
20. Which one is odd ?
(a) Malaria (b) Pneumonia (c) AIDS (d) Typhoid.
21. Which one is odd ?
(a) Cannabinoids (b) Ganj'a (c) Charas (d) Smack
22. Which one is odd ?
(a) Cannabinoids (b) Marjuana (c) Ganja (d) Morphin
23. According to their production which one is odd ?
(a) Cannabinoids (b) Marjuana (c) Ganja (d) Charas
24. Mark odd one ?
(a) Cancer of breast (b) Cancer of lung
(c) Cancer of stomach (d) Cancer of muscle
25. Mark odd one ?
(a) Cancer of Bone (b) Cancer of cartilage
(c) Cancer of Blood (d) Cancer of Muscle 
26. Mark odd one ?
(a) Mucus (b) Saliva (c) Tears (d) Acid
27. Mark odd one ?
(a) Burning sensation in intestine
(b) Burning sensation in Alveoli
(c) Headache
(d) Increase in size of liver & spleen
28. Mark odd one ?
(a) Lips & nail turns to blue or grey in color
(b) Burning is let in alveolar wall
(c) Headache
(d) Increase in size of liver & spleen
29. Mark odd one ?
(a) Chicken gunia (b) Elephantiasis (c) Diphtheria (d) Malaria
30. Mark odd one ?
(a) Retro virus
(b) Oncogenic virus
(c) Rhino virus
(d) Haemophilis inflrenza
31. Give the location for storage of erythrocytes
(a) Pancreas (b) Spleen (c) Liver (d) Stomach
32. What is called disease according to Oxford english dictionary ?
(a) The bad performance of body or body parts with some particular symptom.
(b) Body or body's parts that obstructs the functioning of them
(c) Any physical or actional change from normal condition
(d) Disease spread from one person to another
33. From the following sentences which one is appropriate for pneumoia ?
p- Burning is felt in alveloar wall
q- There is obstuction of wind pipe
r- Pain in inhalation,cough & headache are seen
s- Incubation period is of 1 to 3 days.
(a) P,Q,R,S all are improper
(b) P,Q,R,S proper & S is improper
(c) P,Q are proper & R & S are improper
(d) P,Q,R,S all are proper
34. Which is the hereditary material in retro virus ?
(a) DNA (b) RNA (c) Lipoprotein (d) Vitamin
35. _________ is an unclear byproduct of heroine ?
(a) Smack (b) Delta-9-THC (c) LSD (d) Cannabinoids
36. Which one is matched with LSD ?
(a) Fungi (b) Bacteria (c) Virus (d) Protozon
37. What is formed during Innate immunity ?
(a) Body prepare Antibodies against antigen
(b) Antibodies are present in body from birth
(c) Prepare antibodies are introduced into body.
(d) All of the given.
38. In which disease prepared antibodies are entered ?
(a) Chicken pox (b) T.B (c) Cold (d) Rabies
39. What is reason for causing AIDS.
(a) Cereto immunity (b) Interferon
(c) Destroying & Helper Tcells (d) Destroying of killer T cells
40. From what Neoplastic is generated ?
(a) X rays (b) γ rays (c) U.V rays (d) DNA



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