NEET Biology Biological Classification MCQs Set A

Q.1 Two kingdom system classification was given by
(1) Linnaeus (2) John Ray (3) Copeland (4) Whittaker
Q.2 Which kingdom was introduced in 4 kingdom classification and who proposed it?
(1) Protista and Copeland (2) Plantae and linnaeus
(3) Monera and Whittaker (4) Monera and Copeland
Q.3 Which of the following is the major group in Monera?
(1) Eubacteria (2) Cyanobacteria (3) Archaebacteria (4) All of these
Q.4 Term bacteria was given by
(1) Koch (2) Pasteur (3) Ehrenberg (4) Stanley
Q.5: 70S ribosomes, chromatophores, circular DNA, mesosomes are found in
(1) All eukaryotes (2) All prokaryotes
(3) Some prokaryotes (4) Some eukaryotes and some prokaryotes
Q.6 A bacterium that bears flagella all over the surface is called
(1) Lophotrichous (2) Cephalotrichous (3) Peritrichous (4) Amphitrichous
Q.7 A distinct lipo-polysaccharide layer is found in
(1) Gram (+) bacteria (2) Gram (-) bacteria (3) All bacteria (4) Mycoplasma
Q.8 In bacteria, the respiratory enzymes are situated in the
(1) Cytoplasm (2) Cell membrane (3) Ribosomes (4) Mitochondria
Q.9 Cell wall in Gram positive bacteria is composed of
(1) Lipid and protein (2) Murein (3) Proteins only (4) Cellulose and pectin
Q.10 One of the following is a filamentous bacteria
(1) Pseudomonas (2) Clostridium (3) Actinomyces (4) Azotobacter

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