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Unit -I

Chapter 2. Classification Aids


A number of taxonomical aids have been developing for identification naming and classification of organisms. Actual specimens are collected from the field and preserved in the form of herbaria and museum. Line specimen of plants and animals are found in botanical garden and Zoological park respectively. In museum there are specific methods to store plant specimens.

1. The most famous botanical garden of the world is…….

(A) Lloyd botanical Garden,Darjelling

(B) New York Botanical Garden,U.S.A

(C) Royal Botanical Garden,Kew,England

(D) Royal Botanical Garden, Sydeny, Australia

2. A place of collection of dried plant specimens is————

(A) Arbarium   (B) Herbarium   (C) Botanical Garden   (D) All above

3. One of the largest herbarium is located in——————

(A) Kew   (B) Geneva   (C) Berlin   (D) Sweden

4. One of the most important functions of botanical garden is that—————

(A) One can observe tropical plants here   (B) They allow ex-situ conservation of germ plasm

(C) They provide the natural habitat for wild life   (D) They provide a beautiful area for recreation

5. In your opinion, which is the most effective way to conserve the plant diversity of an area?

(A) By creating biosphere reserve   (B) By creating botanical garden

(C) By developing seed bank   (D) By tissue culture method

6. Kew, London is famous for————

(A) Being largest biological reserve   (B) Being largest national park

(C) Being one of the largest herbarium   (D) Diverse flora and fauna

7. Where the botanical name of plants is labeled?

(A) Sanctuary   (B) National park

(C) Botanical garden   (D) All above

8. Botanical garden provide———

(A) Provide natural habitat for wild life   (B) In-situ conservation

(C) Ex-situ conservation   (D) All above

9. Where Rajaji national park is located?

(A) Karnataka   (B) Uttarakhand   (C) Tamilnadu   (D) Assam

10. Who prepare red list for endangered species?

(A) Botanical survey of India   (B) Zoological survey of India

(C) Geological survey of India   (D) A-ll above

11. Where endangered animal species are kept for reproduction?

(A) Laboratory   (B) Zoological park   (C) National park   (D) Sanctury

12. Where the Arignar Anna Zoological park is located?

(A) New Delhi   (B) Mumbai   (C) Gangtok   (D) Chennai 

 13. Which of the following is a correct sequence?

(A) Labeling-pressing-collection-drying-poisoning-mounting
(B) collection-pressing-drying-poisoning-labeling-mounting
(C) collection-pressing-drying-poisoning-mounting-labeling
(D) collection-pressing-poisoning-drying-mounting-labeling

14. Snake house: Zoological park: Orchidium: —————

(A) Museum (B) Herbarium (C) Botanical garden (D) Animal museum

15. Cactus house: Botanical garden: Reptile house: —————

(A) Museum (B) Herbarium (C) Botanical garden (D) Zoological park

16. Greenhouse: Botanical garden: Ethonogallary: ———

(A) Museum (B) Herbarium (C) Botanical garden (D) Zoological park

17. Skeleton gallery: Museum: Fernary: ————

(A) Museum (B) Herbarium (C) Botanical garden (D) Zoological park

18. At which places museum are more rich and informative?

(A) Schools (B) Colleges (C) Universities (D) Above all

19. Ex-situ conservation and inbreeding between animals whose aim is this?

(A) Zoological park (B) Zoo’s (C) Botanical garden (D) Museum

20. What can be developed for conservation of rare genes?

(A) Seed bank (B) Gene bank (C) Gene complex (D) genetic code

21. Staff of Botanical garden gives understanding of————

(A) Landscape gardening (B) Horticulture operations
(C) Germ plasm bank (D) A and B both

22. Where the British museum of Royal Botanical Garden is located?

(A) Paris (B) Kew (C) Kolkata (D) Dehradon 

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