CBSE Class 10 English Two Gentlemen of Verona Assignment

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The story is of two young boys- their determination to challenge the challenges of life

with spirit and human ways.

The narrator of the story comes across two young boys- Nicola & Jacopo during

the course of one of his visits to the city of Verona. Their first appearance, as wild

straw berry sellers, impresses the narrator a lot.

During his stay in the city hotel he comes to know so many things about these

boys or rather the brothers who have become a great asset for him and his

friends by facilitating them in many ways- arranging Opera tickets, guiding them

to different places and making arrangements for their daily requirements.

The brothers work tirelessly day and night and this makes the narrator very

curious about them- Why they do multiple work for earning and that too


The narrator finds the answer of all his questions when he gets the opportunity

of returning some favour of the two gentlemen just one day before his return

journey in form of driving them to a country side on a particular Sunday.

The narrator comes to know that the two brothers have been working so hard to

meet the expenses for the treatment of their tuberculosis suffering elder sister.

He also comes to know about their past which had been very challenging.

The nurse who attends their sister tells the narrator that the brothers lost their

parents in their early childhood, faced a war against the Germans, faced

homelessness and loneliness but they never gave up. Amidst all the crises they

have kept their goodness intact.



Nicola & Jacopo have endured immense suffering at the young age. They are homeless,

parent-less and lonely. They face serious adversities in their life but nothing dampens

their spirit to live life lively. They are hardworking, responsible, purposeful, serious,

self- respecting and full of sense of pride. They both are honest and truthful. They

dedicate themselves for the purpose and never think of following wrong path. They

both carry the spirit of patriotism. Nicola is more mature than Jacopo but they are

perfect foil for each other. They carry family values of love, care and sacrifice and in

their characters we see hope for human society.


[A] “Gazing at the two little figures, with their brown skins, tangled hair and dark

earnest eyes, we felt ourselves strangely attracted.”

(a) Why is the narrator so attracted by the boys?

(b) How does he help these boys?

(c) What is the meaning of the word ‘earnest’?

Answers. (a) The narrator is attracted by the honesty and sincerity of the boys which he

feels in their eyes.

(b) He helps the boys by buying their biggest basket of wild straw berries.

(c) serious or sincere

[B] “As we made the rounds, my interest was again provoked by their remarkable


(a) What is the narrator very curious to know about?

(b) What does the narrator notice about the boys?

(c) What is the meaning of the word- demeanour?


(a) The narrator is very curious to know about the reason of the boys’ serious

approach towards life at this tender age.

(b) The narrator notices the seriousness or sense of purpose in the boys.

(c) way of behavior/attitude

[C] “You must be saving up to emigrate to America, I suggested. He looked at me

sideways, spoke with an effort.”

(a) Why does the narrator make this comment?

(b) How does Nicola react at this statement?

(c) What is the meaning of the word- emigrate?


(a) The narrator makes this comment as he fails to reason out that why the boys

work hard and try to save money.

(b) Nicola doesn’t find the remark very tasteful.

(c) to settle in another country


Q. The story emphasises on the significance on family system and relationship.

Comment upon the statement.

Answer. The boys reflect some remarkable family values even at that tender age. They

are an epitome of selflessness, devotion, determination, sacrifice, diligence, love and

care which are basic family values.

The war destroys everything they had-parents, home, family, childhood, schooling,

joy and mirth. Their sister is suffering from tuberculosis of spine and is hospitalised;

even then they are not despaired. They resolve to build a new life for themselves and

their sister. They not only get their sister admitted but also they work very hard to

meet the expenses of her treatment. All this they must well have learnt from their

family. Thus, they signify the importance of family values.


Q.1. What led the boys to dislike the Germans?

Q.2. The narrator preferred to keep the secret which the boys did not want to reveal.

What was the secret and why did the boys want to keep it?

Q.3. How does the narrator find both the brothers helpful for him?

Q.4.Compare and contrast the characters of the two brothers.

Q.5.Describe the miserable life condition of the brothers after the war?

Q.6. Give examples of hard work and determination of the two brothers.

Q.7.What similarity do you find in the characters of both the brothers and the Grandmother

of the story How I taught my grand-mother to read?

Q.8.What are the multiple works done by both the brothers to serve their purpose?

Q.9. Faced with a very serious crisis of their life the two brothers decide to fight it out.

What were the other options before them?

Q.10. Why don’t the two brothers share the problems of their life to others?

Q.11. How does the writer try to return the favour of the two brothers?

Q.12.What was the reason of the relentless working of the brothers?

Q.13.The Nurse feels proud and surprised about the two brothers. Why?

Q.14.Why doesn’t the narrator ask anything from the brothers about their sister and

their difficulty?

Q.15.What does Nicola mean by when he says- ‘We are not complaining’?

Q.16. Detail about the family life of the brothers before they became homeless?

Q.17.Is it proper to call both the brothers ‘gentle-men’. Why?


Q.1. ‘Appearances are deceptive’. Discuss with reference to Nicola and Jacopo. What

values do you learn from them?

Q.2. ‘Tough days don’t last long but tough people do’. Explain with reference to the two


Q.3. How does the story ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’ promise hope for society? How can

you promise hope for society?

Q.4.What can one learn from the story and the life of the two brothers?

Q.5. The attitude and the characters of the two brothers convey great message for us.

What is the message and how do they convey it?

Q.6.The story reflects upon the disastrous impact of war on humanity. Reflect upon the

statement in the context of the story.

Q.7. Wars also reflect upon the man’s ability to overcome stiff ordeals. In the context of

the story comment on this.

Q.8. Family upbringing has a lot to do with the formation of an individual’s character.

Comment upon the statement.

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