CBSE Class 10 English Julius Caesar Assignment

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Caesar’s wife Calpurnia dreams of somebody killing Caesar. She is restless throughout the night and keeps shouting in her sleep.

Calpurnia believes that such bad omens are a premonition of evil and some harm would befall Caesar.

Calpurnia wants Caesar to stay at home. She tells Caesar that she does not believe in omens and forecast but what she had seen in her dream had made her believe that there was a threat to his life.

Caesar rebuffs her, refusing to give in to fear. Caesar says these signs apply to the world in general and refuses to believe that they bore ill for him personally.

He feels that valiant people like him should not exhibit cowardice and succumb to dreams.

Calpurnia says it is Caesar’s overconfidence which has consumed his wisdom. Finally, Calpurnia prevails upon Caesar to stay at home.

Decius Brutus arrives and jeopardizes Calpurnia’s plan. He tells that Calpurnia has misinterpreted her dream.

He appeals to the ambitious side of Caesar and forces Caesar to go to the Senate, where the senators are waiting to offer a crown to him.

The conspirators put before Caesar the petition of the banished PubliusCimber,the brother of MetellusCimber Caesar rejects the petition of MetellusCimber to revoke the orders for his brother’s banishment. He believes that if somebody has done wrong he/she deserves to be punished He rejects MetellusCimber’s mercy plea. This proves to be the last nail in his coffin. Immediately afterwards, Casca and other senators along with Brutus stab Caesar.

Caesar’s last words are, “Et tu Brute?”

The conspirators proclaim that they have got liberty and freedom. They call Caesar a tyrant. The conspirators turn to the plebians and start shouting slogans of “Liberty, Freedom and Enfranchisement” as if they were safeguarding the rights of all the Romans.

Mark Antony is too dumbstruck to see Caesar’s dead body in a pool of blood, but tactfully restrains himself from making any statements.

Antony calls Brutus and other conspirators who have murdered Caesar as ‘the choice and master spirits of this age.’ He wants them to even kill him and lay him beside Caesar.

Both Brutus and Cassius tell Antony that he must not think of them as murderers.

Their hands may be smeared with blood but their hearts are full of brotherly love for him. They try to justify their action. Antony requests Brutus for allowing him to make a funeral speech. Cassius does not want Antony to speak at funeral ceremony because he feels that people may be moved by his speech.

Dismissing Cassius’ objection, Brutus allows him but only after he has himself addressed the public. He tells Antony that he could take Caesar’s dead body for the funeral and he also tells him that he will speak only about the good aspects of Caesar and not blame them (conspirators).

Antony calls Brutus and others as butchers. He feels miserable that he has shaken hands with them. He foresees war, strife and destruction in Rome. He says that a curse will befall Rome and civil war will take place. Killings will be common and there will be fire, destruction and death all around.

Brutus asks people of Rome to listen him with patience. He tells them he too loved Caesar and was his friend but he loved Rome more than he loved Caesar. He says Caesar was honourable, valiant and fortunate but he was very ambitious too. It was this reason because of which he killed him.

The public hails Brutus and agrees with him.


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