CBSE Class 10 English Fiction A Shady Plot Assignment

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CBSE Class 10 English Fiction A Shady Plot Assignment. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practice them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


John Hallock, a ghost story writer, is given the task of writing another one of the same ‘genre’ by Mr Jenkins, the only publisher of his stories.

An over-confident John starts thinking about the ‘plot’ of his new story but to his amazement he finds ideas missing his imagination, at this very juncture he sees an abnormal, ghostly ‘she’ figure in his room.

The ghost claims that she has been the reason behind him writing his ghostly stories that easily by providing him ideas and plots.

She informs John that she has no further intention to help him as she, along with other members of Writer’s Inspiration Bureau, is going on strike to protest against the misuse of ‘Ghost Calling Board’, i.e., Ouija Board by human beings.

She also proposes a way out that if he uses his status and authority as a writer in convincing people of not misusing the Board, she would again be the same helping ‘spirit’ for him.

Even as John ponders of helping himself by following the line of suggestion by the ‘she ghost’, his ‘shopping savvy’ wife shares with him the horrible ‘breaking news’ that she has ‘picked up’ an Ouija Board for both of them.

To John’s greater shock his wife Lavinia arranges an ‘Ouija Board party’ for her friends on the next day.

John is forced to become a part of the party in the capacity of ‘pair mate’ to ‘flirtatious’ Laura Hinkle.

During the course of the party, all the Ouija Boards are attended by the same ‘she ghost’ who accuses John to be a ‘traitor’, John leaves the party in embarrassment.

On account of the happening in the party, Lavinia concludes that John is her ‘betrayer’.

On the next morning of the party Lavinia informs John (through a paper slip) about her decision of leaving him for her grandmother’s place immediately and serving him legal divorce papers later on.

John feels miserable as he believes that without Lavinia life is going to end for him forever.

The ghost ‘Helen’ re appears before John to know that when his wife is going to get rid of the ‘Board’ Lavinia enters in John’s room and suspects that John is hiding someone from her.

At this very moment Gladolia, their maid enters to whom Lavinia instructs to burn the Ouija Board.

Finally, Lavinia is able to glimpse up Helen and suddenly she bursts into laughter as she finds ‘Helen’ to be an ugly one.

The ghost disappears and John yells that he has got a plot for his story which he has been trying for the past two days.


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