CBSE Class 10 English Assignment - Mrs Packletides Tiger (1)

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CBSE Class 10 English Assignment - Mrs Packletides Tiger (1). Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practice them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.



The story is a sarcastic remark on the artificiality prevailing in modern ‘civilized’

society with the depiction of the event of tiger ‘hunting’ undertaken by ‘Nimrod’

like Mrs. Packletide.

Mrs. Packletide wishes to kill a tiger out of her jealousy for her bete noire, Miss

LoonaBimberton’s recently achieved popularity.

She has the intention of killing two birds with the same stone by killing a tigergaining

fame and humiliating Loona.

A manipulated tiger hunting expedition is arranged by the ‘commercial instinct’

villagers of a nearby village at the outskirt of which a tired, old, weak, domestic

animal’s dependent tiger lives.

The artificial hunting exercise is given a natural look by involving over-anxious,

money minded ‘paid companion’ Miss Louisa Mebbin.

On the destined day of hunting, Mrs. Packletide misfires the bullet which hits the

bait (a high pitched bleating goat) which dies then and there; the targeted tiger

also dies because of heart failure as it could not bear the sound of the bullet.

Villagers celebrate the killing of the tiger, but Miss Mebbin draws the attention of

Mrs. Packletide towards the fact that the wrong animal is killed.

Mrs. Packletide believes that she can manage everyone by using his money

power but she doesn’t know that she will have to pay heavily to her ‘paid

companion’ to keep mum.

Miss Mebbin blackmails her and gets financial gains and is ultimately able to

manage a week-end-cottage from her money.

Mrs. Packletide now avoids indulging herself in any new sports as she realises

that ‘incidental’ expenses of such misadventures are very hard to bear.



She is competitive by nature and

that is why she decides to go on a

hunt to counter LoonaBimberton’s

achievements. She is shrewd and

manipulative in her approach. She

manipulates the entire hunting saga

shrewdly by involving the villagers

by offering them thousand rupees.

She makes sure that there is no risk

involved in the hunting and thus she

chooses an old tiger. She has this

belief that everything and everyone

can be manipulated. She is jealous in

nature and can go to any extent to

achieve her objectives.

She is very stingy and always

fascinated by the thought of saving

money. She is shrewd and practical.

Just like MrsPackletide she is also

manipulative, as soon as she gets an

opportunity of making money by

exploiting a situation she moves on

with purpose. She is an opportunist

and self- centred. Just like

MrsPackletide, she can also go to

any extent to achieve her objectives


[A] “MrsPackletide had already arranged in her mind the lunch she would give at her

house in Curzon Street, ostensibly in LoonaBimberton’shonour, with the tiger-skin

rug occupying most of the foreground and all of the conversation.”

(a) What is the real intention of MrsPackletide in hosting the lunch on party?

(b) Why is she so jealous of Miss Bimberton?

(c) What is the meaning of the word- ‘ostensibly’?

Answers. (a) The real intention of MrsPackletide in hosting the lunch on party is to

humiliate Miss Bimberton.

(b) She is so jealous of Miss Bimberton because of her recently gained popularity on

account of her plane journey with an Algerian pilot at an altitude of eleven miles.

(c) supposedly

[B] “The prospect of earning thousand rupees had stimulated the sporting and

commercial instinct of the villagers.”

(a) Why are the villagers so excited about the tiger hunting by MrsPackletide?

(b) Give two examples of active involvement of the villagers in tiger hunting


(c) What is the meaning of the word- ‘stimulate’?


(a) The villagers are so excited about the tiger hunting because as per the deal with

MrsPackletide they are assured of thousand rupees if they help her out in hunting

the tiger successfully.

(b) (i) posting of children on the outskirts of the jungle to monitor the tiger and (ii)

supplying cheaper goats to satisfy the hunger of the tiger

(c) to make active or enthusiastic

[C] “With an accurately sighted rifle and a thumb-nail pack of patience cards the

sportswoman awaited the coming of the quarry.”

(a) Who is referred as sportswoman and what is she waiting for?

(b) What is so funny about the tiger hunting expedition?

(c) What is the meaning of the word-‘quarry’?


(a) MrsPackletide is referred as sportswoman and she is waiting for the hunt-the


(b) The fact that the expedition involves relaxation, mirth, fun and comical

events in place of danger, adventure, risk and excitement, make it funny.

(c) the hunt

[D]”MrsPackletide indulges in no more big game shooting. ‘The incidental expenses are

so heavy’, she confides to inquiring friends.”

(a) Why does MrsPackletide show no more interest in hunting?

(b) What does she mean by-‘The incidental expenses are so heavy.’?

(c) What is the meaning of the word-‘confide’?


(a) MrsPackletide is no more interested in shooting as the hunt has proved very

expensive to her.

(b) MrsPackletide means that the expenses that she has to make to silent her ‘paid

companion’, who has threatened to reveal the truth related to the tiger ‘hunting’.

(c) to share any secret/ to show confidence.


Q.1. Why does MrsPackletide wish to kill a tiger?

Ans. MrsPackletide wishes to kill a tiger to overshadow the media publicity which has

been gained by her rival LoonaBimberton on account of her feat of travelling in an

airplane at an altitude of eleven miles.

Q.2. ‘Tiger shooting was an arranged event.’ Justify the statement.

Ans. MrsPackletide comes to know about a village which has an old tiger in its

neighborhood, she manages the villagers by offering them thousand rupees if they

help her out in killing the tiger which they happily agree to. Thus we can conclude

that it was an arranged event.

Q.3. How can you conclude that Miss Mebbin was not devoted to MrsPackletide?

Ans. Miss Mebbin was not at all devoted to MrsPackletide, in fact, she was only devoted

to money and this is proved when she blackmails MrsPackletide it she fails to meet

her demand by revealing the truth about the tiger ‘hunting’.

Q.4. Why does Miss Mebbin plant so many tiger lilies in her garden?

Ans. Miss Mebbin plants so many tiger lilies in her garden to pay tribute to the tiger

because of which she has become owner of the week-end-cottage.


Q. How does the writer of the story expose human greed and vanity in the story

‘MrsPackletide’s Tiger’?

Answer. Through various incidents and characters, the writer Saki exposes the negativity

and vanity of human behavior. He exposes the human exploitation of big game

animals as a brutal act of violence. LoonaBimberton and MrsPackletide are examples

of human lust, folly and opportunism for personal sake. He also exposes the jealous

behavior on humans. To satisfy his ego man can stoop to any extent and this is

evident in MrsPackletide’s approach towards hunting the tiger. The story also

exposes the fact that by nature man is manipulative and he plays with situations for

personal gains at the cost of morality and ethics. Thus, the writer has been

successfully able to expose human behavior of greed and lust in the story.



Q.1. ‘It was Mrs. Packletide’s pleasure and intention that she should shoot a tiger’. Why

was Mrs. Packletide intent on shooting a tiger?

Q.2. What preparations were made for the shooting?

Q.3. ‘Mrs. Packletide was reasonably annoyed at the discovery’. Which discovery is

referred to and What has led her to be annoyed?

Q.4. How does MrsPackletide manipulate the tiger hunting event?

Q.5. Who was Miss Mebbin? How did she manage the week-end cottage?

Q.6. ‘The villagers show immense devotion for the event.’ How can you justify the


Q.7. Why does MrsPackletide give up hunting?


Q.1. You are Louisa Mebbin. Write a diary entry expressing how you could afford a


Q.2. “Having a weakness for publicity sometimes leads to humorous consequences”.

Explain with reference to the chapter Mrs. Packletide’sTiger.

Q.3 ‘Miss Mebbin was a paid companion.’ Do you think that friendship can be bought?

Give reasons to support your answer highlighting the qualities of a true friendship.

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