CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Worksheet (8)

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CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Worksheet (8)

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1. The population of a town increases 8% annually. If its present population is 142560, what was it a year


2. Find-(a)7.5% of 80 kg (b)8% of 5 litres (c)0.25% of 16

3. Calculate what % of-(a)40m is 16m (b)1 kg is 25 gram

4. Rohit bought a stereo for Rs 5863.Due to some defects in it, he had to pay Rs.137 to the mechanic for its

repair. Then, he sold it for Rs 5700.Find his loss percent.

5. By selling a chair for Rs 720, a trader gains 20%. Find the cost price of the chair.

6. An electrician sells a room heater for Rs 322, getting 1/6th of its C.P. Find his gain percent.

7. Find the simple interest on Rs 2500 for 2 years 6 months at 6% per annum. Also, find the amount.

8. What sum will amount to Rs 4590 at 12% per annum simple interest in 3 years?

9. At what rate % per annum will Rs 1650 amount to Rs 2046 in 3 years?

10. What is 100% of 80?

11. The simplest form of 3 ½:10 ½ = _______.

12. What is 7:10 equal to in percent?

13. In each case of profit, which is more S.P or C.P?

14. Gain or loss percent is calculated on C.P or S.P?

15. What is 1% of 100?

16. What is 0.35 equivalent to in percent?

17. What is the equivalent fraction for 20%?

18. What is the number whose 8% is 20?

19. Find the interest on Rs.5250 at 8% p.a for a period of 3 yrs. & 4 months.


1. Arrange the following rational no. in descending order-

(a) -








2. Compare the given rational no. using <,>,= signs-





3. Enlist any 5 rational no. between-



(b) -

and -

4. Represent each using a no.line-(a)-





5. Evaluate each-(a)


(b) -

+ (-

) (c)

+ (-




) – (-

) (e)










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