CBSE Class 7 Maths Worksheet - Congruence of Triangles (5)

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CBSE Class 7 Maths Worksheet - Congruence of Triangles (5)

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1. If Δ ABC Δ DEF, A = 1000 and B = 450 then F = ________

2. ABCD is a rhombus. AC is a diagonal A

i) Show three pairs of equal parts giving reasons,

in Δ ABC and Δ ADC.

ii) Is Δ ABC Δ ADC ? Give reason. B D

iii) Is BAC = DAC? Give reason.


3. ABC is an isosceles triangle with AB = BC and AD BC.

In Δ ABD and Δ ACD A

i) Show three pairs of equal parts

giving reasons.

ii) Is Δ ADB Δ ADC ? Give reason.

iii) Is BAD = CAD ? Give reason.


4. In the figure PQ and XY bisect each other at O.

i) Show three pairs of equal parts in P


ii) Is Δ POX Δ QOY Give reasons X Y

iii) Is X = Y ? Give reasons

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