CBSE Class 7 Maths Worksheet - Congruence of Triangles (3)

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CBSE Class 7 Maths Worksheet - Congruence of Triangles (3)

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Chapter-7: Congruence of Triangle

CLASS- VII Date- 05.09.14

Q1. Define congruence of triangles.

Q2. Write criteria of congruence of a triangle.

Q3. A P


Which congruence criteria do you use in the above figure.

AB = PQ ; Angle B = Angle Q ; BC = QR

Q 4.Give any three real life example for congruent shape.

Q5. In A D E


AB = 5 cm ; angle B = 500 ; BC = 5.5 cm ; & DF = 5 cm angle F = 500

& FE = 5.5 cm , then write the triangles in order they are congruent & Write also criteria.

Q6. In the figure , AB = AC & AD is the bisector of angle BAC.

i) State three pairs of equal parts in triangles ADB & ADC.

ii) Is triangle ADB is congruent to triangle ADC .

Q 7. Which angle is included between DE & EF of triangle DEF?

Q 8.In a squared sheet , draw two triangles of equal areas such that

i) the triangle are congruent .

ii) the triangles are not congruent

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