CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Paper Set E

CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Paper Set E. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the examinations. The latest sample papers have been designed as per the latest blue prints, syllabus and examination trends. Sample papers should be practiced in examination condition at home or school and also show it to your teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.


1. Define 1 W power. 

2. a) State the postulate of Dalton’s atomic theory which supports the law of constant composition?

b) Name the scientist who discovered the protons. 

3. Define an isotope and give one example.

4. Name the following parts of the ear:

a) The three bones that amplify the signals.

b) The part which converts the vibrations into electrical signals.

5. a) Write the chemical formulae of the following compounds:

    i) Zinc Nitrate  ii) Magnesium Hydroxide

b) Name the following compounds:

    i) KOH  ii) Al2(SO4)3 

6. a) Write any two differences between acute and chronic diseases.

b) Why we are advised to take bland and nourishing food when we are sick?

7. Give reasons for the following: 

a) A truck has much wider tyres as compared to a car.

b) There is a decrease in weight of a solid when it is dipped inside a fluid.

c) An empty bottle bounces back to the surface when released under the surface of water.

8. Differentiate between positive and negative work. When you lift an object up, two forces act on it. Identify these forces. Which of these  orces does

a) positive work? b) negative work? 

9. A body of mass 5 kg is vertically thrown upwards with a speed of 10m/s. What is its kinetic energy? Find its potential energy at the      highest point and also find the maximum height reached. 

10. Give reason for the following:

a) Sound wave is a mechanical wave.

b) Roofs and walls of the halls are covered with wood.

c) Some animals get disturbed before an earthquake.

11. a) What is the full form of SONAR?

b) A ship sends out ultrasound that returns from the seabed and is detected after 3.42s. If the speed of ultra sound through sea water is            1531m/s, what is the distance of the sea bed from the ship? 

12. a) Give any two conclusions of alpha ray scattering experiment.

b) What was the drawback of Rutherford’s atomic model?

c) Draw a labelled diagram of Bohr’s atom with three shells.

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