CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Paper 2014 (7)

CBSE Science Sample Paper for Class lX CBSE exams for CBSE Students. Based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. The students should practice these Question Papers to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination. Please refer to more CBSE Class lX question papers in other links. The CBSE Question papers are prepared based on trend in past examinations and expected questions in CBSE exams. Its always recommended by CBSE to practice the papers released by CBSE to get better exams in CBSE exams. CBSE Last Year Question Papers for class lX for final/ term/ SA1/ SA2 Examinations conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education for all CBSE affiliated schools in India and abroad. Please refer to more CBSE Class lX sample papers, question papers, HOTs etc in other links.

General Instructions : Same as in CBSE Sample Question Paper


1. Is it possible that the train in which you are sitting appears to move while it is at rest?

2. At what temperature does solid ice and liquid water co-exist together? 

3. Which cell organelle controls most of the activities of the cell? 

4. A naughty boy standing at the top of a steep hillock drops a stone. The stone reaches the ground after 5 s. What is the height of the hill? With what velocity will it strike the ground? (Take g = 9.8 ms–2) 

5. A sample of water boils at 101°C at normal temperature and pressure. Is the given sample of water pure? Will this water freeze at 0°C? 

6. Why do plant cells possess large sized vacuole? 

7. Write one function each of the following :

    (a) Tendon

    (b) Ligament 

8. (i) How does the rate of diffusion of the following change?

    (a) Diffusion of a solid in a liquid on heating.

    (b) Diffusion of a gas in a liquid on heating.

    (ii) Gases diffuse faster than liquids and solids. Explain.

    (iii) Name the process due to which water kept in an earthen pot oozes out of its pores. 

9. How is meristematic tissue classified on the basis of its location? Draw a well labelled diagram to show the location of meristematic tissue in a plant body. 

10. What are the advantages of inter-cropping and crop rotation? 

11. Name the type of colloids in each in which dispersed phase and the dispersing medium are respectively : 

     (a) liquid and gas.

     (b) liquid and liquid.

     (c) liquid and solid.

Give one example of each.

12. The velocity-time graph shows the motion of a cyclist. Find (i) its acceleration (ii) its velocity and (iii) the distance covered by the cyclist in 15 seconds.

13. Draw diagrams to show the difference between the structures of the three types of muscles fibres. 

14. What is plant breeding? Write about one technique of plant breeding. 

15. A bullet of mass 20 g is horizontally fired from a pistol of mass 2 kg with a horizontal velocity of 150 m/s. Calculate the recoil velocity of the pistol. 

16. A motor-car of mass 1200 kg is moving along a straight line with uniform velocity of 90 kmh–1. Its velocity is slowed down to 18 kmh–1 in 4 s, by an unbalanced external force. Calculate the acceleration and change in momentum. Also calculate the magnitude of force required. 

17. Why is the cell called the structural and functional unit of life? 

18. A stone is allowed to fall from the top of a tower 100 m high and at the same time another stone is projected vertically upward from the ground with a velocity of 25 ms–1. Calculate, when and where the two stones will meet. [Take g = 10 ms–2].

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