CBSE Class 9 OTBA Physics Sample Question Paper

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Kendriyavidyalayasangathan ZIET, BHUBANESWAR

Chapter8 ----MOTION

Answer the following by choosing the correct option

1 Rate of change of displacement is called

  a. Speed c. acceleration

  b. Velocity d. deceleration

2 Acceleration is a vector quantity, which indicates that its value

  a. Can be positive, negative or zero c. Is always positive

  b. Is always negative d. Is zero

3 A man travels a distance of 20 km from his home to office, and 10 km towards hishouse back. Then the displacement covered by the man in the whole trip is

  a. 30 km c. 10 km

  b. zero km d. 50 km

4 A farmer moves along the boundary of a square field of side 10 m in 40 sec.Themagnitude of displacement of the farmer at the end of 2 minutes 20 seconds from hisinitial position is

  a. 10m c. 40m

  b. 30m d. 10√2m

5 An object travels 20m in 5 sec and then another 40m in 5 sec. What is the averagespeed of the object?

  a. 12m/s c. 2m/s

  b. 6m/s d. 0 m/s

6 Formula to find the average velocity of a body is given by

 a. V= u+ at c. S= ut + ½ a t2

 b. Sn ={u + a/2(2n-1)} d. Vav=(u + v)/2

7 SI Unit of measurement of acceleration is

  a. m/s c. m/s2

  b. m/hr d. M

8 An example of a body moving with constant speed but still accelerating is

  a. A body moving with constantspeed in a circular path

  c. A body moving with constant speed on a straight road

  b. A body moving in a helical path with constant speed

  d. A body moving with constantspeed on a straight railway track

9 The acceleration of a body from a velocity –time graph is

  a. Equal to the slope of the graph c. Area under the graph

  b. Is denoted by a line parallel to the time axis at any point on the distance axis

d. Is denoted by a line parallel to the distance axis at any point on the time axis


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