CBSE Class 9 Science SA2 Sample Paper 2013 (1)

CBSE Science SA2 Sample Paper for Class 9 CBSE exams for CBSE Students. Based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. The students should practice these Question Papers to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination. Please refer to more CBSE Class 9 question papers in other links. The CBSE Question papers are prepared based on trend in past examinations and expected questions in CBSE exams. Its always recommended by CBSE to practice the papers released by CBSE to get better exams in CBSE exams. CBSE Last Year Question Papers for class 9 for final/ term/ SA1/ SA2 Examinations conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education for all CBSE affiliated schools in India and abroad. Please refer to more CBSE Class lX sample papers, question papers, HOTs etc in other links.


Practical should be conducted alongside the concepts taught in theory classes.


1. To verify laws of reflection of sound.

2. To determine the density of solid (denser than water) by using a spring balance and a measuring cylinder.

3. To establish the relation between the loss in weight of a solid when fully immersed in

     a. tap water

     b. strongly salty water, with the weight of water displaced by it by taking at least two different solids.

4. To observe and compare the pressure exerted by a solid iron cuboid on fine sand/ wheat flour while resting on its three different faces and to calculate the pressure exerted in the three different cases.

5. To determine the velocity of a pulse propagated through a stretched string/slinky.

6. To study the characteristic of spirogyra/Agaricus, Moss/Fern, Pinus( either with male or female cone) and an Angiospermic plant. Draw and give two identifying features of groups they belong to.

7. To observe and draw the given specimens-earthworm, cockroach, bony fish and bird. For each specimen record:

    a. one specific feature of its phylum.

    b. one adaptive feature with reference to its habitat.

8. To verify the law of conservation of mass in a chemical reaction.

9. To study the external features of root, stem, leaf and flower of monocot and dicot plants.

10. To study the life cycle of mosquito.




S.A. – II (2012-13)


Que. 1 Find the ratio by mass of the elements present in molecule of ammonia (NH3).Given that, atomic mass N=14, H=1

Que. 2 Write the electronic configuration of an element whose atomic number is 12.

Que. 3 A student picks up four books from the floor, walks across the room through some distance with the books at the same height and then keeps these books at the new place. In which of these sequence of actions work is said to be performed ?

Que. 4 A body is fully immersed in water to a depth of 2m, 4m and then 5 m, in turn. Will the loss in its weight be equal or different in three cases? If different, in which case will it be least ?


Ans. 1 N : N (Ratio by mass) 1

14 : 3 x 1 14 : 3

Ans.2 K , L , M 1

2 , 8 , 2

Ans. 3 When the student is picking up books from the floor in the beginning.

Ans.4 Equal SA I

Que. 5 Calculate the number of moles for 60g of He (finding mole from mass). Given, atomic mass of He = 4u

Que. 6 Write chemical formulae of

       (i)Hydrogen sulphide (ii) Iron s(II) chloride

Que. 7 List any two practices you would like to follow in order to maintain good health.

Que. 8 The volume of a body of mass 50 g is 20 cm3. If the density of water is taken as 1 gcm-3, will the substance float or sink in water? Why?

Que. 9 Which wave characteristics determine the

          (a) Loudness (b) pitch of sound?

Draw two different waveforms and mark these characteristics on it.

Que. 10 List any three distinguishing features between the models of an atom proposed by J.J Thomson and Ernest Rutherford.

Que. 11 Calculate the mass percentage of oxygen present in the following compounds and state the law of chemical combination associated. Given, H=1, O=16.

       (i) Water (H2O) and (ii) Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

Que. 12 List in tabular form, three distinguishing features of dicot plants with monocot plants.

Que. 13 State the meaning of immunisation. Mention the principle on which it is based. List two diseases for which vaccines are provided under public health program.

Que.14 (a) Give one example of each of the following:

       (i) Small mass but high kinetic energy (i) Large mass but low kinetic energy

       (b) Prove mathematically that the total mechanical energy of a freely falling body in air is conserved.

Que.15 Write full form of acronym SONAR. Explain how the method of echo-ranging is used to determine the depth of sea

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