CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Paper 2017 (6)

CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Paper 2017 (6). It’s always recommended to practice as mane sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.


1 Write the chemical formula of Barium Chloride. 1

2 Write down the electronic configuration of potassium (z=19). 1

3 Arrange the following groups from lower to higher level : 1

Genus, class, division, family, species

4 A tuning fork having frequency 312Hz emits a wave which has a wavelength of 1.10 m. 2

Calculate the speed of sound.

5 Give 51unit of the following : 2

(a) Density

(b) Relative density

(c) Thrust •

(d) Pressure

6 (a) Explain the terms cations and anions. 3

(b) Write the cations and anions present in the following compounds:

(i) MgCl2 (ii) Al203

7 With the help of a well labeled diagram explain Rutherford's scattering experiment. Write its 3


8 (a) State two points 9f difference between atom and molecule with an example of each. 3

(b) Mention the difference between 2N and N2. I'

9 (i) What is the significance of scientific naming of an organism? 3

(ii) Who introduced thissystem of nomenclature?

(iii) Rana tigrina is the scientific name of common frog. What do these two terms imply?

10 The disease causing microbes select different organs to enter into the body. When they enter ·3 through nose, mouth and sexual organ, where do they reach after entry and which probable disease can be caused in each case?-

11 What is meant by community health? How our personal health is related to the community 3 issues? Explain in brief.

12 (a) Define thrust and pressure. 3 (b) What is meant by 1pascal?

13 Why are ceilings of concert hall and conference halls made curved? Explain with the help of a 3 diagram.

14 Derive an expression for the Kinetic energy of a moving object. 3

15 Calculate the work required to stop the car of 1500 kg moving at a speed of 20 m/s by 3 applying brakes.

16 A milkman used to sell milk in the city and always carried lactometer with him. The 3 customers trusted him and his business flourished.

(a) What is lactometer?

(b) What is the principle of working of lactometer?

(c)Carrying a lactometer by a milkman shows his high values. List any two.

17 Two elements are denoted as follows : 5

40 40

20A ; 18 B

(a) Find the number of electrons present in A and B. (b) Find the number of neutrons present in A and B. (c) What is the relationship between A and B.

18 (a) Compare: Thallophyta ,Bryophyta and Pteridophyta. 5 (b) Differentiate between the two categories of angiosperms giving an example of each.

19 State four differences between infectious and non-infectious diseases giving two examples of 5


20 Calculate the electricity bill amount for a month of 31days, if the following devices are used 5 as specified :

(a) 3 bulbs of 40 W for 6 hours.

(b) 4 tubelights of 50 W for 8 hours.

(c) A TV of 120 W for 6 hours. • Given the rate of electricity is 2.50 per unit.

21 (a) Name the three bones in our middle ear, which help in amplifications of the vibrations 5 of sound.

(b) Give the audible range of human ear.

(c) Name that part of the human ear which helps in converting pressure variations into electric signals. How brain interprets them as sound?


(*Please ensure that. open text of the given theme is supplied with this question paper.)

· Handling Drought in our Country ·

22 Why linking rivers is the need of present scenario? How it can be achieved? 2

23 ..' (a) What is EL nino effect? 3

(b) What is it due to?

(c) The IMD has forecasted 60% chance of drought. Explain.

24 What steps should be taken by the country to fight against drought. 5

Section- C

25 When a pulse is allowed to get reflected from a wall then : 1

(a) Li = Lr (b) compression becomes rarefaction

(c) only (a) (d) both (a) and (b)

26 A glass slab of mass 'M' is placed on sand with one of its face of area'A'. the pressure exerted 1 by the glass slab on the sand is :

(a) Mg/ A2 Njm2 (b) Mg/ A Njm2 (c) Mg A Njm2 (d) Mg/ A Njm

27 Sound waves cannot travel in :. 1

(a) air (b) vacuum

(c) water (d) metal

28 The following figure shows slide of spirogyra. The correct labelling of the parts are : 1




(a) Pyrenoid, nucleus, cytoplasm, vacuole

(b) Cytoplasmic strand, vacuole, nucleus, pyrenoid

(c) Cytoplasm, nucleus, vacuole,chloroplast. (d) Nucleus, cell wall,cytoplasm, pyrenoid.

29 16.8g sodium. hydrogen carbonate is added to 12.0g of acetic acid. The mass of carbon dioxide 1 ·

produced in the reaction is:

(a) lO.Og (b) 8.8g ..

(c) 14.8g (d) 34.8g

30 Name of the scientist who discovered the law of conservation of mass is:. 1






John Dalton


CV Raman

31 Observe the venation of the given leaf and choose the correct option : 1

(a) parallel venation ina leaf of monocotyledonous plant

(b) parallel venation in a leaf of dicotyledonous plant

(c) reticulate venation in a leaf of dicotyledonous plant

(d) reticulate venation in a leaf of monocotyledonous plant

32 Science teacher asked Reema to study the external features of roots leaves and flowers of 1

monocot and dicot plants, Reema observed the plants and recorded her conclusions as follows

(A) Monocot root is fibrous and dicot root is a tap- root.

(B) A monocot leaf shows parallel venation where as dicot leaf shows reticulate venation. (C) A monocot flower is pentamerous bart dicot flower is trimerous.

(D) In seeds of monocotyledonous plant one cotyledon and in dicotyledonous plant two cotyledons are present.

Which are of her conclusions would have been marked incorrect by her teacher?

(a) (A) (b) (B) (c) (C) (d) (D)

33 Eggs of various species of mosquito are deposited on stagnant water places like : 1 (i) Ponds (ii) drains

(iii) pools (iv) hot stream

Which of the above is incorrect?

(a) (i) (b) (ii) (c) (iii) (d) (iv)

34 Look at the figure of a graduated cylinder given below and answer the question that follows: 2



00 rn

90 '









(a) What is the range of the device?

(b) Calculate the least count of the device.

35 In an experiment to establish the relation between the loss in weight of a solid immersed in 2 water and the weight of water displaced by it select the correct set up to perform the experiment. Explain giving reason. •

-::;;_ _ _



(a) (b) (c)

36 What are the functions of modified fore limbs of birds ? What are they known as? 2



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