CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Paper 2017 (8)

CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Paper 2017 (8). It’s always recommended to practice as mane sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.



If K L and M shells of an atom are completely filled with electrons, then what would be :

(i) The total number of electrons in the atom ?

(ii) Find its valency.



Name the Substance which makes the cell wall of fungi.



In which regions is soil erosion very difficult to revert ?


What causes Japanese encephalitis ? How it can be prevented ?



State two applications of ultrasound.



What do you understand by 1 Pascal and 1 Newton ?:



(i) Write the chemical formula of magnesium hydroxide.

(ii) Calculate the number of aluminum ions present in 0.051 g of aluminium oxide [Atomic Mass of Al27 u]



Give reason for the following :

(a) Ions are more stable than atoms.

(b) Noble gases show low reactivity.

(c) An atom is electrically neutral.



Write two points of difference between an atom and an ion. Explain by giving examples two types of ions present in the compound composed of metals and non-metals.



A group of children were collecting some shells from the sea beach. Few of them could locate a creature in the shells. Anamika, being in class IX identified it as snail.

(i) Name the phylum to which snail belongs.

(ii) Tabulate the following features about its.

(a) Type of symmetry

(b) Type of circulatory system

(iii) Comment on the value shown by Anamika.



According to a newspaper report, some areas in Delhi received grey coloured water in their taps. It was reportedly due to mixing of contents at some points due to leakage in sewer and water supply pipes. Which kind of diseases are likely to spread due to such problems and why ?

3 Give two specific names of disease that can thus be spread.


Define power. State commercial unit and SI unit of electrical energy. An electric heater of 400 W works for 2 hours. Find the electrical energy units consumed in a day ?



Define thrust. A pressure of 1500 Pa. acts on a surface of area 10 square cm by a block of mass ‘m’. Calculate thrust of the block on the surface.



(a) What is a stethoscope?

(b) Which principle of sound is made use of by a stethoscope?

(c) What is the function of eardrum?



State the mathematical formula that relates thrust and pressure. List the factors on which the pressure depends and explain how it depends on them ?



If the velocity of a wave in a medium is 1400 m/sec and its wavelength is 1.5 km. Calculate its frequency. Is the it in andiblerange? State reasons.



Why greenhouses are built ? Explain their function ? Is greenhouse effect related to man-made greenhouses ? Support your answer with a suitable reason.



Define air pollution. How does burning of fossil fuels lead to air pollution ?



An atom of an element has 2 electrons in the M shell. What will be the atomic number of this element ? Name this element. Find the valency of this element. Also find the number of neutrons in the atom of this element.



‘Classification of life forms is closely related to their evolution’. Do you agree with the statement ? Comment with an example.



List the following diseases into communicable and non-communicable diseases :

5 (a) Cancer (f) Night blindness

(b) High blood pressure (g) SARS

(c) Common cold (h) Typhoid

(d) Diabetes (i) Cholera

(e) Tuberculosis (j) Dengue


(a) Name two forms of energy involved while a pendulum oscillates.

(b) Show with the help of a diagram that when does each type of energy attains its maximum value.

(c) How do these energies vary while the pendulum oscillates.

(d) Name the law involved.



State Archimedes’ principle.

How is it easier to swim in sea water than in river water ?

How can we determine the density of a solid object by using Archimedes’ principle ?



(a) What is humus ? Explain how does humus add to the fertility of soil ?

(b) Explain why step farming is common in hills ?




In an experiment to verify the laws of reflection of sound, if the angle between one tube and normal is , the perfect reflection takes place only when :

(a) the angle between the two tubes is 90

(b) the angle between the two tubes is 2

(c) the angle is anywhere between  and 90

1 (d) the angle between both the tubes is 0


S.I unit of thrust is same as that of

(a) Pressure (b) Momentum

(c) Force (d) Density



A longitudinal pulse is produced in a slinky. The frequency of the pulse is 120 Hz and it travels at a speed of 60 cm/s. The separation between consecutive compression is :

(a) 90 cm (b) 0.5 cm (c) 2 cm (d) 1.25 cm



The leaves of pinus/pine are

(a) broad and green (b) broad and red

(c) needle like and green (d) needle like and red



In a chemical reaction, one molecule of nitrogen reacts with three molecules of hydrogen to form two molecules of ammonia. If the law of conservation of mass is correct. What will be the number of atoms in the product ?

(a) N1, H3 (b) N2, H6

(c) N1, H  6 (d) N 2, H3



28g nitrogen combines with 6g hydrogen to form ammonia gas. If the law of conservation is true, is the mass of ammonia gas ?

(a) 28 g (b) 6 g (c) 22 g (d) 34 g



In legumes food is stored in :

(a) endosperm (b) seed coat (c) cotyledons (d) perisperm



When you observe the roots and leaves of Brassica plant you find that they have :

1 (a) fibrous roots and leaves with reticulate venation

(b) fibrous roots and leaves with parallel venation

(c) tap roots and leaves with reticulate venation

(d) tap roots and leaves with parallel venation


Feeding structure of adult mosquito is : (a) antenna (b) head

(c) proboscis (d) wing



A given solid is weighed in air using a spring balance. It is then weighed by immersing it fully in each of the three vessels A, B, and C containing water as shown

In which vessel the weight of the solid will be minimum. Give suitable reason for your answer.



An object weighing 10 N in air, weighs 8N in a liquid A and 9N in liquid B. In which liquid the buoyant force experienced by the liquid is more and why ?



Differentiate between bony fish and cartilagenous fish on the basis of position of mouth and operculum.


Section – C


Theme-II (Environment and Development – Lessons from the Hills) (5+5):

10 (b) ÂæçÚ(a) We have seen in UttaraKhand a great tragedy. This was due to a mix of natural and man-made reasons. Justify this statement with all the reasons behind this tragedy.

(b) Ecologists have always been raising their voice against the huge expansion of hydropower projects to meet the growing demands of the expanding state. Identifiy from the data given in the text that how many hydel power projects have been built and how much forests land has been cleared. Why do you think these hydel power projects have become a threat to the ecology of the state, without much benefit.



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