CBSE Class 7 Social Science Geography Environment Worksheet

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Worksheet for Class 7 Social Science Our Environment Chapter 1 Environment

Class 7 Social Science students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Our Environment Chapter 1 Environment in Grade 7. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 7 Social Science will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Our Environment Chapter 1 Environment Class 7 Social Science Worksheet Pdf


Explain the following terms:-

1. Environment- The term environment, refers to all the external conditions in which organism lives. It also includes things created by nature and human beings.

2. Lithosphere- The rocky outermost layer of the earth is called lithosphere which includes the crust and upper part of the mantle. It is made up of rocks and minerals.

3. Biosphere- The narrow zone where the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere meet and interact is called the biosphere. It supports life on earth and is thus called the living world.

4. Ecosystem- The complex system of interactions between different organism and their physical environment in a particular area is called ecosystem.

5. Urbanization- It is an increase in the number of people living in towns and cities. It occurs mainly because people move from rural areas to urban area.

6. Pollution- The disturbances caused to the environment due to excessive exploitation of nature, unwise use of technology over population, industrialization etc is called pollution.


Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question. What do you understand by environment?
Answer :
Environment means the surroundings and natural forces on earth. It includes land, water, air etc.

Question. How do man affects environment?
Answer :
 Man affects the environment by using its resources according to his needs. Developments in transportation, agriculture and industry has changed the world into ‘Global Market’.

Fill in the Blanks

1. Environment has been divided in four spheres.
2. The SIAL layer of the Earth is made up of the material which is rich in Silicon and Aluminium.
3. NiFe is made up of material which is rich in Nickel and Ferrous elements.
4. The different types of species of animals is known as Animal Kingdom.
5. 71% Portion of earth has been covered by hydrosphere.


Short Answer Type Questions

Question. What is the importance of ecosystems?
Answer : The importance of an ecosystem is that it provides space to plants and animals to interact with each other as well as their physical environment. Through such interaction they are interdependent on each other for their survival.

Question. Why did the Chipko Movement take place?
Answer :
The Chipko Movement took place as a protest against the indiscriminate cutting down of trees in Alaknanda river valley of Uttrakhand.

Question. What are the reasons for environmental pollution?
Answer :
Some of the reasons for environmental pollution are:-
1. Exploitation and misuse of nature due to various human activities.
2. Unplanned and unwise use of technology.
3. Overpopulation, Urbanization and industrialisation.

Question. How can natural environment be managed properly?
Answer :
A perfect balance should be maintained between natural and human environment. For this the help of scientists, technologists and planners is required to address the various environmental problems.We also must understand and learn to live and use environment in a balanced way.


Long Answer Type Questions

Question. Explain the relationship between geography and environment.
Answer :
 The study of geography includes the study of various natural and human made components of the environment. It also studies the interrelations between human beings and their environment. Therefore the relationship between geography and environment is very close.

Question. Describe the main features of natural and human made environment.
Answer :
 Mountains, rivers, vegetations and animals are some features of natural environment. The features of natural environment include biotic and abiotic components. Agriculture, industries, settlements and means of transport which are created by human beings, are some of the features of human made environment.

Question. How have human needs undergone changes with the passage of time and technological development?
Answer :
 Early humans adjusted themselves with the surroundings in which they lived. They led a very simple life and fulfilled their need by the natural surroundings. With the passage of time quality and quantity of human needs changed. They started to live settled life, trade and commerce developed and industrial revolution started. The means of transportation and communication improved and the world became one family.

Question. What are the problems faced by the world today? How can we solve these problems?
Answer :
 The problems faced by the world today are: unplanned and unwise use of technology, over population, urbanization and industrialization. All these factors result in environmental pollution by disturbing the balance between the natural and human environment. We can solve these problems by wise use of technology and sustainable development of resources.



            Very Short Answer

Q1)      When World Environment Day is celebrated?

Q2)      Define environment?

Q3)      Define ecosystem?

Q4)      What is barter system?

Q5)      Name some natural ecosystem?


            Short Answer

Q6)      How do human beings modify the natural environment?

Q7)      What do you mean by hydrosphere?

Q8)      Distinguish between environment and ecosystem?

Q9)      Define atmosphere?

Q10)    Why environment is our basic life support system?


            Long Answer

Q11)    Difference between abiotic and biotic components?

Q12)    Write short note on human environment?

Q13)    Explain the components of the environment?

Q14)    State the difference between biosphere and lithosphere?

Q15)    Difference between atmosphere and environment?



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