CBSE Class 8 Social Science Man Made Disaster Notes

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CBSE Class 8 Social Science Man Made Disaster Notes Learning the important concepts is very important for every student to get better marks in examinations. The concepts should be clear which will help in faster learning. The attached concepts made as per NCERT and CBSE pattern will help the student to understand the chapter and score better marks in the examinations.



• Fire : Fire is an event of something burning and is often destructive taking up the toll of life and property.
• Accident : Accident is an event in which vehicles strike each other and cause damage to people and themselves.
• Terrorist Attack : The deliberate vicious acts of mass murder against people by carrying out suicide attacks, shooting massacres bombings etc., are called terrorist attacks.
• Epidemic : An epidemic is defined as  the occurrence of an illness or other health related event that is unusually large and unexpected.
• Terrorism : Deliberate vicious acts of mass murder of the innocent people by carrying out suicide attacks, shooting massacres and bombings are termed as terrorism.
• Outbreak of an Epidemic : Occurrence of cases of a particular disease in excess of the expected is termed as outbreak of an epidemic.


• Man-Made Disasters
*Besides natural disasters there are several other disasters which are made/create. Ex. rail, road or air accidents are man-made disasters.
*The threat of serious disasters looms large from the possible use of distructive weapons like nuclear bombs and atom bomb.
— These weapons are commonly called Weapons of mass Destruction (WMD).
— They lead to the breakdown and collapse of social, political and economic systems sustaining communities.
— Agriculture and food production are major casualties of these disasters.
* Man-made disasters cost the most in terms of human suffering, loss of life and long term damage to a country's economy and productiveness of the people. Now we discuss various man-made disaster:
WMD (Weapons of Mass distruction)
* Weapons of Mass Destruction are broadly classified into three categories. They are nuclear, biological and chemical.


• Definition
Fire is an event of something burning and is often distraction taking up a toll of life and property.

• Observation about the Extent of Fires :
* There are several natural and man-made disasters :
Natural : Earthquakes, landslides, floods and cyclones.
Man-made : Fires, chemical, biological, industrial and nuclear disasters.
* Their toll is very much.
* More people die in fires than in cyclones, earthquakes, floods and all other natural disasters combined.

• Causes of Fires :
There are numerous causes of fires as enumerated below :
1. Heating sources often cause fire. Ex. Space heaters, electric heaters and fireplaces.
2. Cooking accidents cause home fires and cause us a lot of concern. Ex. (a) unattended cooking (b) mechanical failure of the stove (c) any other cooking equipment.
3. (a) Over loaded electrical wiring cause fire. (b) Overheating of electrical appliances, poor wiring connections, use of unauthorized appliances and multi
point adaptors are common which cause fire.
4. Accumulated rubbish and Waste materials easily contribute to the spread of fire.
5. Combustible Materials like packing materials, glues, solvents, flammable liquids or gases stored in work place are extremely dangerous.
6. Hazardous materials like paints, solvents, adhesive, chemicals and gas cylinders generally prove a source of ignition.
7. Arson and Deliberate Fire Setting is also a cause.
8. Smoking is also a major cause of fuel.
9. Striking of electrical wires with each other also cause fuel.
10. Inapt handling of inflammables causes havoc.

• Safety Measures for Fire Prevention in Home :
1. Remember basic fuel safety rules and keep your evacuation route in mind.
2. Don't keep highly flammable liquids in the house.
3. Install fire extinguisher in your house and learn to use it.
4. Teach everyone in the house to use fire extinguisher.
5. Make sure to shut off all electrical and gas appliances when going out of the house.
6. Don't plug several devices into one socket.
7. Keep away matches from children and do not allow anyone to smoke inside the house.
8. Keep the routes clear from cupboards or any furniture.
9. Try to know the cause of the fire and take necessary actions.
10. In the event of a fire make telephonic call to the fuel department, provide them with your address and the nature and location of the fuel.

• Other Measures :
1. In the corridors filled with smoke, crawl on all fours (two feet and two arms) or on your bally as there is less effect of smoke on or near the floor.
2. Do not use water to extinguish fire if it has been caused by electrical defect use fire extinguishers and sand buckets.


• Road Accidents :
8 Road network has increased manifold during the recent days.
8 With increase in road network road accidents have seen a sharp rise.
8 The main causes of road accidents are :
(1) Violation of traffic regulations,
(2) Speeding,
(3) drunk driving and
(4) poor maintenance of the vehicle and the roads. A of these reasons add to rise in accidents and road fatalities.

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