CBSE Class 12 Functional English Value Based Questions

CBSE Class 12 Value based questions for Functional English. Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. Value based questions are now being given in exams to promote morals and values in students, Students should read and understand the following VBQs to get better understanding and score good marks in exams.


1. What was the beggar’s advice to the boy? What does this tell us about the qualities that are required for realizing one’s dream?

Value Points:-

- hard work
- perseverance
- patient waiting
- accepting challenge
- any other relevant answer 

2. “A dream my boy, is what you want most in life” In spite of being a stranger, the beggar could not stop himself from advising the boy. What values does the beggar display by this trait?

Value Points:-

- care and concern
- helping another individual
- sharing experience and wisdom
- responsibility
- Any other relevant answer

3. ”follow your dreams, boy, but don’t take other people’s dreams …………..Live long my friend, be wise and strong but do not take from any man his song”
What does the beggar caution the boy against in pursuiing his dream? What characteristic of the beggar do these lines reveal?

Value Points:-
- work for achieving your goal
- don’t adopt corrupt means
- don’t destroy another person’s progress-

- goodwill
- integrity
- respect for others
- Any other relevant answer


1. Mrs. Mallik seems practical, but appears to lack some important values for life.Identify these values.

Value Points:-

- concern for the old member of the family
- sensitivity
- compassion
- unselfishness
- disregard for family ties
- Any other relevant answer

2. Find reasons why the senior Mrs. Mallik and her daughter-in-law treat the elders in the family with scant respect. Suggest ways on how to make the relationship cordial?

Value Points:-

- respect other’s views
- sensitive to other’s needs
- not being judgmental
- being flexible
- Any other relevant answer

3. How does the story reveal the status of the old people in a joint family? What steps can be taken to sensitize the youth to the problems of the elderly people?

Value Points:-

- mutual tolerance, respect for age
- recognizing others contribution merit
- being empathetic
- importance of love, relationships
- Any other relevant answer


1. a) Why has man lost his capacity to enjoy the hum of insects?
b)What values does appreciation of Nature add to life?

Value Points:-

- Lost in the mundane things of life / materialistic world / business of living
- Helps to overcome the problems of life (Problems like monotony, differences)
- Natural sounds are better than man made instruments
- Revives enchantment / child like joy
- Any other relevant answer

2. a) Adult life is devoid of enchantment. Why?
b) Who is responsible for this predicament?

Value Points:-

- Life’s reality squeezes the joy of life – strikes a discordant note
- Man himself responsible – daily duties, responsibilities, anxiety, forgets to enjoy nature
- Any other relevant answer

3. What qualities of childhood do we lose as we grow up? Is it possible for us to revive the child in us? If so, how?

Value Points:-

- Innocence, spontaneity, expressing sheer joy
- Revival of love of nature / enjoy universal music / reminiscence
- Any other relevant anwer


1. a) What are the obligations of the host country towards these refugees?

Value Points:-

- Providing them with basic amenities
- Providing them with security and getting rid of their emotional fear
- Integrating them into society
- Any other relevant answer

2. Lisa felt that the real heroes were the soldiers. What characteristics of soldiers make them heroes?

Value Points:-

- Ability to face difficult situations
- Patriotism
- Courage
- Undaunted spirit
- Selflessness
- Spirit of sacrifice
- Any other relevant answer

3. How did Lisa’s experience at the war front change her attitude to life and transform her into a finer human being?

Value Points:-

- She witnessed great suffering
- had first- hand experience at the war front
- could not relate to trivialities his life
- realized the value of art even in the midst of tragedy when she saw how the soldiers reacted to the performance of the actors
- fell in love with Doronin and realized the immortality of love
- could relate better to the roles and audience
- any other relevant answer

1. Jacques Roux was conscience-stricken about his role as public executioner. Do you think that he was right in being remorseful when he was only doing his duty?

Value Points:-

If yes,

- Killing is not justified even if it is legal
- Considered himself a murderer
- Felt that capital punishment should be abolished
- Any other relevant answer

If no,

- He was only doing his duty

- He was just the instrument of the law
- Any other relevant answer

2. Robichon took his defeat in a sportive manner. What does this show about his character?

Value Points:-

- Was fair
- Accepted defeat gracefully
- Valued friendship
- Any other relevant answer

3. Compare Lisa’s and Suzanne’s attitude to love and life.

Value Points:-

- Lisa took love very seriously and was prepared to sacrifice her career for it, while Suzanne was very frivolous even in love.
- Lisa was deeply affected by tragedies in life and was introspective, Suzanne, however, did not seem to take life seriously and remained light hearted.
- Any other relevant answer


1. When does Ambition become destructive? How can the school prevent this from happening?

Value Points:-

- When it becomes competitive
- Desire to be acknowledged better / best
- No team spirit
- Fight against the very society that nurtures
- Any other relevant answer

b)School’s Role

- Creating of a fellow feeling
- Encourage cooperation
- Not think of individual triumphs / success alone always
- Any other relevant answer

2. Education contributes not only to the individual’s development but to the development of a healthy society. Discuss this with reference to Einstein’s essay ‘On

Value Points:-

- Divine Curiosity
- Sensitivity
- Progressive attitude
- Any other relevant answer

3. “Education is that which remains if one has forgotten everything he learned in school”. How does the statement convey the real meaning of education?

Value Points:-

- Education is holistic
- School must inspire one to learn the importance of training the mind and the fundamentals
- No specialization required
- A child should be equipped to adapt to change
- Any other relevant answer


1. What did Asoka do to preserve the sanctity of life.

Value Points:-

Valuing human life while we drive on the road, not yielding to peer pressure and getting into bad habits that affects the life.
Any relevant answers

2. A good leader should be a role model for the citizens to emulate. How did Asoka lead by example?

Value Points:-

- Agood leader should not be a mere theorist.
- Must practise what he preaches.
- This will instill a sense of respect for him among the citizens.
- If he has double standards he loses his respect among them
- Any other relevant answer

3. The Kalinga War was a turning point in Asoka’s life. What qualities of Asoka emerge from his transformation?

Value Points:-

- respect for life
- owning up his follies
- sensitivity / empathy
- humility
- Any other relevant point


1. In today’s materialistic world, we have no time or space for others. How does Iona’s plight reflect such an attitude?

Value Point
- The world is so materialistic that we equate everything in terms of money
- No time nor inclination
- Selfish and insensitive attitude
- Any other relevant answer

2. We muse all die”, sighed the hump-back responding to Iona’s grief. Being philosophical in this context appears discourteous. Explain.

Value Points:- 
- We must sympathize with the person who is bereaved and not say “we must all die”. A bereaved person needs someone to share his / her grief.
- Any other relevant answer

3. Iona fails in his attempt to find a sympathetic listener and finally shares his grief with
his horse. How is it likely to affect the individual and the society?

Value Points:-
- When emotions and feelings are suppressed, one tends to become rebellious. He / she may become anti-social.
- Any other relevant answer


1. And a pain still throbs in the old old scars And they pulse again with a keener sting- I know why he beats his wings.
a) What qualities should be inculcated in life to enable one to tackle similar situations? (1)

Value Points:-
- Perseverance
- Undying spirit
- Any other relevant answer

2. It is not a carol of joy or glee But a prayer that he sends from his heart’s deep core.
a) What does the bird’s prayer signify?

Value Points:-

- Unflinching faith in God
- Optimism
- Hope
- Any other relevant answer

3. What qualities of the bird does the struggle highlight?

Value Points:-
- Perseverance
- Optimism
- Faith in God
- Undying Spirit
- Any other relevant answer

4. The bird in "sympathy" sang even when bruised and caged. How should one learn to cope with adverse circumstances in life?

Value Points:-

- Not to lose hope
- Be courageous
- Any other relevant answer

5. The caged bird is the symbol of discrimination. (a) What other types of discriminations do we face in the society?

Value Points:-

- Casteism
- Class & Status distinction
- Gender bias
- Any other relevant answer

6. How does one overcome this discrimination prevalent in the society?

Value Points:-

- Empathy
- Women empowerment
- Education
- Any other relevant answer


1. The noncombatants seem insensitive to the effects of the war on the survivors. What does this show us about human nature?

Value Points:-

- Lack of concern for others
- Inability to feel for others
- Lack of understanding about the trauma of war
- Unsympathetic
- Any other relevant answer

2. The survivors think of the killings in war as ‘murder’. Do you think this is really so? Why/Why not?

Value Points:-

If yes

- Killings are always murder even if legalized.
- Soldiers are unable to justify the murder even to themselves.
- Any other relevant answer

If no

- The soldiers are only doing their duty
- The killings during war are out of a sense of patriotism
- Any other relevant answer

3. ‘They will be proud of glorious war that shattered all their pride’.
a. In spite of the suffering caused by war, nations continue to fight. Suggest two steps to resolve this.

Value Points:-

- dialogue and diplomacy.
- Getting a neutral country to arbitrate or an agency like the UN.
- Any other relevant answer


1. The poet believes in a poem existing for its own sake and not for the sake of the message it conveys. Do you agree with the poet or do you believe that there should be a moral purpose behind a poem? Justify.

Value Points:-

If yes,

- The purpose of a poem is not for moralizing but for entertainment
- A poem can follow the philosophy of art for art’s sake
- Any other relevant answer

If no,

- A poem that serves a moral purpose will survive through the ages.
- Many great epic poems have a moral purpose.
- Any other relevant answer

2. “A poem should be equal to Not true”
a. What does truth mean in this context? Why is the poet right in not being true
(value based question)
Value Points:-

Here truth refers to an exact description or a plain narration of facts. The poet need not be true because poetry is based on exaggeration and imagination.
Any other relevant answer


1. ”The rains tack and sew with broken thread the rags of the tree tasseled light.”
a) What does rain symbolize? How is the comparison of the rain to the mother apt?

Value Points:-

- putting pieces together/ symbol of life
- binds the family with her love
- gives life to the family
- any other relevant answer

2. What important message does the poet wish to convey to his reader through this poem?

Value Points:-

- not to take mothers for granted
- be sensitive
- appreciate and sympathize with her
- give the older member of the family due respect.
- any other relevant answer

3. The narrator’s mother is an epitome of an Indian mother. What are the characteristic features of the mother that the narrator is reminded of?

Value Points:-

- unconditional love, care
- ability to envelope her family members with love
- tireless working and contribution to family chores.
- any other relevant answer


1.”Where are the songs of spring? Ay where are they? Think not of them, thou hast thy music too.”
a) Why doesn’t the poet bemoan the end of spring? What quality is revealed here?

Value Points:-

- Realises – each season has its own beauty, nature is cyclic
- Reveals his ability to see beauty even in things not normally considered beautiful
- Any other relevant answer

2. To set budding more and still more, later flowers for the bees, until they think warm days will never cease.” How should one be prepared in life to handle the problem of plentitude?

Value Points:-

- Be level-headed
- Learn to preserve for adverse times
- Any other relevant answer

3. In the poem the poet looks at the optimistic side of life too. How can such an attitude help man in life?

Value Points:-

- Helps man cope with stressful times (crisis)
- Helps him make the most of life
- Enjoy whatever life offers
- Any other relevant answer


1. What qualities do you think the lovers should have, to overcome the pain that their separation causes?

Value Points:-

- Ability to bear trauma
- Mental and emotional strength, faith in life
- Any other relevant answer

2. There is a word, or two, left to be spoken – yet who would hear it?” (i) The separated lovers long to communicate to one another. In this world of instant communication many voices go unheard in the society. Can you name a few of these voices? (at least two)

Value Points:-:-

- The voice of the senior citizens
- Poor people or common man
- Voice of Nature
- Animals
- Any other relevant answer

3. The separated lover’s life is compared to a desolate sea. How should one learn to cope with separation whether it is temporary or permanent as in death?

Value Points:-:-

- One should learn to live in the present and not brood over the past.
- One’s self-esteem should not go down because of disappointments or failure.
- Any other relevant answer


1. “I leave the church in sermon – time And slink away to Sally ;
Is it appropriate to avoid the sermon deliberately?

Value Points:-

No. One cannot leave when the sermon is going on. Church is a place of worship where certain code of conduct is expected. One must follow the code always.

2. “But sure such folks could ne’er beget so sweet a girl as Sally!”
Is it right on our part to assume that the social stratum a person belongs to determines the quality of that person?

Value Points:-:-

No. We must not assume so. A poor man can be a man of integrity while a rich man can be devious. Social status need not be the yardstick to measure the character of a person.

3. “When Christmas comes about again O then I shall have money I’ll hoard it up and box and all I’ll give it to my honey”
(i) Can true love be quantified? Does giving an expensive gift indicate the depth of love?

Value Points:-:-

No, true love can never be quantified. It is immeasurable. It is a feeling so it cannot be quantified. No, giving an expensive gift is not necessary to express one’s true love.

4. “Romance is the privilege of the rich’ – goes a quote. Do you agree? Why / why not? Base your answer on the poem sally in our Alley.

Value Points:-:-

No. I disagree. The narrator is deeply in love with Sally. Even a poor man can be romantic.


1. Alexander was ambitious. In the realization of his ambition, he sacrificed certain basic values. What are those values?

Value Points:-:-

- Concern for others (soldiers)
- Placed conquests above everything else
- Any other relevant answer

2. Do you consider Alexander a good leader? Why / Why not?

Value Points:-:-
If Yes

- Qualities of a good leader
- Courage
- Undaunted spirit
- Leading by example
- Any other relevant answer

If Not

- Lack of concern / impulsive
- Risky decisions
- Foolhardy
- Any other relevant answer

3. Alexander was a great conqueror but he died with regret and remorse. What lesson do you learn from Alexander’s life?

Value Points:-:-
- Means more important than end
- Not to be overambitious
- Real courage is in being wise, discreet
- Any other answer


1. How would you explain Sergeant-Major Morris’ refusal to give the monkey’s paw to the Whites?

Value Points:-:-

- cares for his friends well being
- unselfish
- does not want anybody to go through similar bitter
- experience.
- any other relevant answer

2. ‘The monkey’s paw’ conveys the lesson that money should be earned and not got through any other means. How is this message relevant today?

Value Points:-:-

- greed may lead to disaster.
- Contentment
- Any other relevant answer

3. What values do the wishes of Whites and their consequences teach us?

Value Points:-:-

- not be greedy
- earn what you want
- be cautious, prudent and wise in your choice
- any other relevant answer

4. Mrs. White makes a desperate bid through the paw for her son’s life, but learns that one cannot challenge the laws of nature. What lesson does this give man in contemporary society?

Value Points:-:-

- respect nature
- accept and acknowledge what happens naturally
- Any other relevant answer



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