CBSE Class 12 English Core Value Based Questions Set B

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VBQ for Class 12 English All Chapters

Class 12 English students should refer to the following value based questions with answers for All Chapters in Class 12. These VBQ questions with answers for Class 12 English will come in exams and help you to score good marks

All Chapters VBQ Questions Class 12 English with Answers


1. The Last Lesson

1. M. Hamel went to talk of the French-Language saying it was the most beautiful language in the world – the clearest, the most logical; that we must guard it among us and never forget it. Do you think modern Indian youth in their craze to ape the western culture are ignoring Indian languages/culture? How can we protect our regional languages from being forgotten?

- Awareness of our rich tradition

- Take pride in our language/culture

- At the same time, refrain from linguistic chauvinism

- Participate and promote discussions and debates in regional languages

- Have flexible approach

– learn Indian languages alongside foreign languages Textual Input Adults and children at Alsace were indifferent to their mother tongue

2. ‘My last French Lesson! Why I hardly learned how to write! I should never learn anymore! I must stop there then. The problem of wastage – school dropouts and illiteracy/backwardness still plagues our country. What qualities on the part of the administration, educationists and youth do you think will help to surmount this hurdle?

 -Clarity of vision

 -Strong political will - Awareness among parents/children

 -importance of education

 -Affluent or rich

 -need to give backs to society

 -Educated youth to spearhead the process

3. It was their way of thanking their master for his 40 years of faithful service and of showing respect for the country that was their no more. Do you think we acknowledge the service of good teachers/educationists? What values should students develop towards their elders especially teachers?

- Respect/courtesy

- Politeness

- Sensitivity in terms of oral responses/body language

- Pay heed to their suggestions

- Interact to broaden vistas of knowledge

Textual Input:- At Alsace, parents were keen to send their children to work on farms

2. Lost Spring

1. ‘Lost Spring’ by Anees Jung brings out the condition of children in India. Even after sixty five years of independence we have children who do not go to school, work in inhuman conditions and live in slums. As a nation we have somewhere failed in our duty. What values do we need to inculcate among the people of this nation in order to bring back the ‘spring’ in the lives of these children.

- Strong will to ensure that all children get basic education

- A sense of commitment - Wanting to help children

- Say no to child labour

- To do something for the society Textual Input Mukesh, Savita and Saheb are victims of child labour

2. Mukesh and Saheb are victims of society’s apathy. What should be our attitude towards them.

- Complete understanding of their situation

- To create awareness in the society about the underprivileged

- To garner support from youngsters and start night school

- Not to look down upon them -

3. None of them know that it is illegal for children like him to work in the glass furnaces with high temperatures, in dingy cells without air and light.’ As citizens of this country what do you think is our duty ? What steps can youngsters like you take to reduce the scourge of poverty?

- Work with NGOs and create awareness on rights and duties

- Provide education to these children

-Educate their parents about the ills and dangers of making their children work in in human conditions

- Create co-operatives to provide soft loan for these people


1. With reference to the big boy who pushed Douglas into the pool we realize that many a times we fail to understand others fears and weaknesses and make fun of them without realising how much harm we are doing to the psyche of the person. What qualities does a person need to imbibe in order not to undermine others?

- Understanding

- Encouraging nature

- Sympathetic

- Kind. The ability to guide and talk them out of their fear and not to preach or tease

Textual Input:- Big boy would have thought Douglas would take care

2. From the experience of William Douglas, we understand that it is possible to overcome even our worst fears. How can a person make this possible?

- Grit

- Hard work

- Optimism

- Persistence

- Self confidence

Textual Input:- Douglas realizes and addresses his fears

3. William Douglas did manage to overcome his fear of water but part of the credit also goes to his teacher who played an important part in making this happen. How can learning be made more effective?

- Methodical

- Patience

- Creativity

- Practice

- Sincerity

- Diligence


1. The rattrap seller thinks of the whole world as nothing but a big trap and the riches and joys, shelter and food, heat and clothing are just baits for people .This metaphor seems right in today’s world where people are ready to resort to any means to get what they want . They are tempted to resort to bribery, corruption, addiction and thievery at the slightest provocation. As future citizens enumerate the qualities we need to prevent us from falling into this trap

 - Hard Work

- Honesty

- Pride

- Integrity, Self-Respect and Self Esteem

- A helping nature

Textual Input: Peddler absolves himself with Edla’s help

2. Edla manages to bring about a change in the rattrap seller. What qualities do you think will help reform a person?

- Care and Concern

- Trust in others

- Goodness

- Empathy

- Love and affection

Textual Input:- Edla allowing peddler to stay at her house

3. We were just saying that it was too bad we didn’t have any company for Christmas .' The spirit of Christmas needs to be nurtured in our hearts not only during the festive throughout the year. How can the spirit of Christmas be kept alive throughout the year?

- Charity

- Helpfulness

- Empathy

- Caring

- Goodwill

- Tolerance

- Nurturing Brotherhood


1. Mahatma Gandhi represented the share croppers of Champaran in their fight against the British, seeking justice for themselves and release from the 15 % arrangement. He led from the front and secured justice for the poor and oppressed. In the light of reading the lesson ‘Indigo’ by Louis Fischer, write the text of a speech on ‘The qualities of a good leader


Suggested Value points:-

- Dynamic, honest above all

- Working as a team, methodical

- Moral and social grip over the people

- Transparent, firm and confident

- Altruistic-welfare of the people under him, at all cost.

Textual inputs:- Organised as seen in Gandhiji’s way of working, investigating facts, presenting argument

2. Gandhiji said ‘Freedom from fear is more important than legal justice for the poor’. It is very clear from the lesson ‘Indigo’ by Louis Fischer that freedom from fear is a pre-requisite for justice . Discuss in an article for the school magazine the ill effects of fear- analyzing whether Indians are really free from fear after independence.

Suggested Value points:-

- Fear is a sign of weakness, fearlessness is strength.

- Giving up fear needed to fight for our rights.

- Fear is hindrance to progress, curbs freedom of expression.

- Humans-born free.

- Current scenario

- Political clout used to twist laws/justice

- Bureaucracy, red-tapism, money and muscle power rule the roost.

- horrifying cases of arrest of people who speak against political leaders, or are critical of policies.

Textual inputs:- Gandhiji believed in freedom of the spirit which was achieved when masses gathered in support of him near the court.

3. Gandhiji was not allowed to draw water from the well lest some drops from his bucket pollute the entire source. (Indigo- Louis fischer). Such discrimination would prove to be detrimental to the society. Analyse the importance of acquiring humane qualities in an article for a news paper.

Suggested Value points:-

- Absolutely wrong to discriminate

– not to be tolerated

- God is one and we are his children.

- need to understand the values of universal brotherhood, goodwill and tolerance.

- Upliftment of the poor and downtrodden, to be humane.

- Make them more self reliant Textual inputs Even Gandhiji was discriminated against because he was with Rajkumar Shukla.


1. Humour enlivens the drudgery of life. Variety is the spice of life and the varied account of events and personalities in the Gemini studios serves to make the reading interesting and also add to the humour quotient in one’s life. (poets and pan cakes by Asokamitran) Taking the cue from the lesson discuss how calmness of the mind ca · Slapping make up to make the actors look ugly so that they look presentable on screen.

2. The ‘office boy’ in the Gemini studios, ( lesson-Poets and Pan cakes) by Asoka mitran attributes his inability to rise up the ladder in work to Subbu and the strict hierarchy followed in the film company of S.S. Vasan. However strict the hierarchy, our ‘Action should speak more than words’. Hard work, honesty and sincerity of purpose should be the mantra to success. Explain this in not more than 100 words.

Suggested Value points:-

- No shortcut to success-only hardwork is the key.

- Instead of blaming others for our misfortunes, we should face challenges head on.

- Try to find a solution and not evade the problem or brood over it.

- ‘Office boy’ not ready to accept his flaws , or find out how to overcome the hurdle.

- Must have passion for one’s work - Work should be workship –not to be deterred by division of labour.

- Must have the tenacity and determination to prove oneself.

Textual inputs:-Should not become cynical like the office boy.

3. There was a great deal of National Integration in the Gemini studios with the make-up department being headed by people from all parts of India in succession. (Poets and Pan cakes by Asoka mitran ) The need of the hour in India is an idealistic situation where people are more tolerant towards each other to realize the dreams, our founding fathers had dreamt at the time of Independence. What role could the Youth of India play in this regard?

Suggested Value points:-

- Becoming secular in spirit.

- To be more spiritual than religious

- Working together in social causes

-rising above pettiness of mind

- Bringing about 100 % literacy, to become more tolerant and understanding

- Promote values of compassion and love through street plays, music and dance (fine arts)

- Schools should promote National Integration , patriotism by developing life skills.

Textual inputs:- As seen in the hierarchy of the make up.

7. The Interview

Q. 1. Umberto Eco’s brilliant use of time is something many people lack despite being gifted otherwise. What is the importance of time management in one’s life. Elucidate in around 100 words.

Suggested Value points;-

- time is money - increased work / responsibilities best handled only if time is managed properly.

- keeps idling at bay

- promotes attributes / qualities which are positive

- keeps stress and stress-related anxiety at bay.

Textutal inputs :- interstices

Q.2. Mukund Padmanabhan’s interview of Umberto Eco allows the reader to assess them as an effective interviewer and an affable interviewee. Besides this, Eco’s impressive personality is also revealed. What is the moral responsibility that rests with the interviewer as well as the interviewee, considering that interviews as a medium of communication is very popular today? Answer in around 100 words.

Suggested Value points:-

- audience forms opinions

- impressionable age / formative years governed by many factors. 

- young audience will therefore be easily influenced

- celebrities powerful enough

- celebrities powerful enough to promote right values

- role models for youth

- hero-worshipping bound to happen, so could handle rightly.

- core values easily recognized as one speaks / gives an interview

- today’s society severely deprived of good role-models.

- sensationalism could be curbed

- will help take focus away from ill-refined news / 6trends

Textutal inputs:- Mukund Padmanabhan’s questions relevant, not personal/controversial

Q.3. Umberto Eco introduced a playful and personal quality to his academic (written) work, thereby keeping himself away from the kind of disappointment his friend Roland Barthes felt when he could not write narratives. Why is it necessary to love what you get?

Suggested Value points:-

- work drudgery bound to set in or else

- will stop creativity if disinterested

- bringing in passion will increase self-motivation and drive

- life is short, may not always provide opportunities elsewhere

- every moment should be considered opportune time to grow / learn

- greater satisfaction possible

Textutal inputs:- Eco loved narratives-incorporated them into academic work · e.g doctoral thesis

8.Going Places:

1. To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act. To reach great heights dreams must manifest into actions. Mere dreams without action remain an illusion. Sophie dreamed of owning a boutique. What do you think should be the plan of action to fulfill such a dream?

- determination

- focus

- hard work

- perseverance

- skill

Textual input:-Sophie should aim at acquiring the requisite skill and qualification.

 2. Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one. Benjamin Franklin Sophie like many children today, aspires for things beyond her means and is always looking for material comforts. What values need to be instilled in children so that they learn to be better human beings and not purely materialistic?

- practical

- contentment

- satisfaction

Textual Input: -Sophie’s dreams are all connected to the world of glitz and glamour (fashion designer, actress etc)

3. Jansie is pragmatic and realistic in her aspirations and outlook in life. Jansie’s outlook in life is praiseworthy and worth emulating. Enlist the values that one could develop which could make us endearing and successful.

- sincere

- practical/pragmatic

- realistic

- frank

Textual input:- Jansie’s caution to Sophie to wean her away from being whimsical.


1.My Mother at Sixty Six

1. ‘And realised with pain that she looked as old as she was.’ Are we neglecting our elderly folk? What qualities do you think the youth have to inculcate towards the elderly?

- Yes, empathy

- Respect

- Set an example to next generation

2. ‘…..all I said was see you soon amma….. All I did was smile and smile’ In the wake of old age home mushrooming in India as well, and many of the elderly people abandoned or thrown out of their homes, how do you think youngsters can help the elderly to overcome loneliness and grief in the sunset of their lives?

- Empathy

- Respect

- Gratitude

- Courtesy

- Selflessness

- Responsibility

3. Life offers a variety of opportunities to help us overcome difficulties

- Happy people

- Nature

- Work/study


Stephen Spender And yet, for these

Children, these windows, not this map, their world

Where all their future’s painted with a fog

1. Their world and their future is painted with a fog. As a society, what do we need to do to bring about a change in the lives of children who are not so lucky? 

- Kindness and concern

- Generosity

- Empathy

- Selflessness

- Perseverance

2. How could these windows be made more meaninglful?

- True education

- Window of opportunity


Pablo Neruda

Now we will count to twelve

And we will all keep still

1. In today’s world where war, violence, crime and a disregard for others has become the trend. What is it that needs to be done to make the world a better place?

- Care and concern for others

- Awareness that everyone is not fortunate

- Introspection

- Determination to do something for the underprivileged

- Time management

– not to let measures taken drag on

- Mutual understanding and cooperation

- Need for rest and relaxation (Textual Input: Walk about with brothers , Victory with no survivors)

2. Those who prepare green wars, wars with gas, wars with fire According to you how can we prevent these wars?

- Concern

- Awareness

- Eco-friendly perspective

- Sincerity in understanding the need to take action

- To be knowledgeable

3. What would happen if the wars are not prevented?

- Death

- Destruction

- Suffering

- Pain

4 .A Thing of Beauty

1. ‘A bower quiet for us, and a sleep Full of sweet dreams….’ Nature promises man comforts against all odds. But it is for man to recognize them. Explain

- Uplifts spirits

- Gives joy

- Relieves tension

2. ‘….grandeur of the dooms …..for the mighty dead’ How can one draw inspiration from great men?

- From their lives/actions

- We live in our deeds/not years

- Role models

3. ‘…..inhuman dearth Of noble natures…..’ What is necessary to fill the world with noble people

- Thought good, words noble, actions nobles

- Promote values

- Recognize good people/work


Q.1. The ‘requisite lift of spirit’ has never been found in the ‘voice of the country’. Robert Frost’s concern for village/country folk has relevance in the Indian context as well. Explain. 

Suggested Value points:-

- village prosperity is key to country’s progress.

- Gandhiji’s vision

- long years / decades of suffering will result in rebellion / uprising as proved by history.

Q.2. In Robert Frost’s assertion that the ‘hurt to the scenery’ does not bother him, focus shifts to the futility of people generally being obsessed with appearances as well. Comment on how preoccuputaion with appearances is detrimental for society.

Suggested Value points:-

- brand consciousness as example

- misplaced sense of aesthetics

- lopsided comparisons

- not conducive to growth / harmony.

Q.3. ‘The flower of cities’ is supported from sinking and withering faint by the excess cash flow. Nobody spares a thought for the country folk who only hope for a little extra to make their life better. What can one do to help make life meaningful for everyone in such a context?

Suggested Value points:-

-essential to promote care for others

- values as sharing and compassion should over rule all other considerations

- growth, joy / peace in society possible

- taking a little away from excess will not hurt at all.

- balance in society

- bridge gap between the rich and poor.

6. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

1. In a predominantly male dominated society, women from time immemorial have faced oppression from men. What changes can be brought about in the society for uplifting the position of women, like Aunt Jennifer?

- empowerment

- education

- girl education

- equal opportunities

Textual Input:- Aunt Jennifer afraid of her husband Inability to take a stand or take a decision

2. “ … Uncle’s wedding band Sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifer’s hand…” No two individuals will be similar and will think alike. Each has to accept the other with their differences. When one is unable to do so, the relationship itself becomes a burden. And, that is what happened to Aunt Jennifer. What changes do you advocate to promote marital harmony.

- mutual give and take

- understanding

- acceptance

- tolerance

- forgiveness

Textual Input:- Aunt Jennifer and uncle’s marriage very lopsided union (not one of mutual respect)

3. Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble and attempts what is above its strength.

Aunt Jennifer felt oppressed and troubled in her married life. What positive traits were missing in Uncle that led to this unhappy state?

- complete freedom

- mutual respect

- unconditional love

- tolerance

Textual Input:-Uncle probably abusive, intolerant


1. The Third Level

1. ‘He said I was unhappy. He meant the modern world is full of insecurity, fear, war, worry and all the rest of it and that I just want to escape…’ Many of us have a similar mindset to escape from reality. Do you think escapism can resolve problems?

- No, it never does

- Need for honest self-assessment

- To know one’s strengths and weaknesses

- Set SMART goals, face reality rather than indulge in fantasy

- Develop the ability to conquer disappointments and forge a path ahead undaunted by setbacks.

2. ‘That ought to set him up in a nice little hay feed grain business; he always said that’s what he always wished he could do and he certainly can’t go back to his old business…..’ Do modern day youth have the freedom to pursue a career of their choise?

- Lack of self belief/confidence

- Not often; yes/no

- Peer pressure

- Parental pressure

- Beaten path

– safety

- Insecurity

3. ‘I turned away and got our fast. There’s nothing nice about jail even in 1894.’ Do you think imprisonment in jail or strict punishment will undo wrong and is the best sway to reform criminals or misguided youth?

- No, might harden them further

- Society will treat them with a prejudiced eye

- Community service/vocational education

– a more effective option

- Confinement in jail might bring them in contact with hardcore criminals

– adverse effects

- Jail confinement will only enhance for criminal’s loved ones as well


Answer the following questions (100 words)

1. The tiger king proved that -

‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’

Today’s political order presents a similar picture. It is time to realize that authority and power should be used for the benefit of the masses. Write a speech for the school assembly on this theme.

Suggested Value points:-

- Understand that democracy means by the people, for the people, of the people.

- Every act of ours to be directed towards upliftment of the poor.

- Learn to take criticism in the right spirit.

- Practise simple living and high thinking.

- Not to misuse power / clout

– to amass wealth.

- Understand that they are just guardians of people’s wealth.

- Be patriotic in the real sense of the word.

Textual inputs:- Was obsessed to keep his throne at the cost of the people of Pratibandapuram.

2. It is understood from the lesson ‘The tiger king’ by Kalki that the king was surrounded by people who obeyed him out of fear and there was a lack of good counseling from his ministers to run his kingdom for the good of the people. How important is it to have a good council of ministers for the good governance of the country?

Suggested Value points:-

- Elected ministers should place the country before self.

- the head should mercilessly remove the corrupt ministers.

- there should be a strong judiciary

- law and order should be in the hands of honest officers.

- bureaucracy should be strong and transparent.

Textual inputs:-  The dewan humouring the king and playing upto his idiosyncracies .

3. The fascination for everything English is brought out beautifully in the lesson ‘The tiger king’ by Kalki. The Maharaja of Pratibandapuram is given an ‘English’ upbringing. How can love for one’s country be inculcated against all odds?

Suggested Value Points:-

- aping the west should be stopped 

- willness to serve the country should be there

- understand our age old culture and build up on family values rather than seeking personal gains

Textual inputs:-  The king was more bothered about his throne than to serve the country


1. Gandhiji said that ‘Animals are becoming extinct in the jungles and more in the cities’. Man is considered to be the most dangerous animal. However students should understand that we should live in a state of partnership with nature and not have an attitude of domination. Write an article stressing the need for a changed perception among mankind.

Suggested Value points:-

- Understand that we are moving towards our own destruction / annihilation

- Disrupting the food chain ---- we will be grappling for resources

–our survival.

- Have a holistic approach to preserve environment.

- not harm, the habitat of animals

- not to hunt, harm or poach for skin, blubber, tusks etc.

- ban products made out of killing animals.

- Strict laws, stringent measures

. Textual inputs:- Example of phytoplanktons

2. God has provided resources for our need and not our greed. It is the desire for more that has brought about a ruckus in the environment and our lives. Contentment in life is the key to peaceful living.- Analyse this in an article for the school magazine.

Suggested Value points:-

- Simple living, high thinking

- be contented with what one has

- remember we have no right to deprive future generation of resources.

- desire for more is root of all evils-corruption etc.

- Not to compare. Think of those who are deprived of the basic necessities.

- Happy is the man who lives by his means.

Textual inputs:-  Mega cities and gated communities cropping up creating ------survival of the fittest.

3. Take care of the small things and the big things will fall in place – says Tishani Doshi in the ‘Journey to the end of the earth’. The relevance of this statement in all walks of life cannot be undermined. It is universal and more so for a harmonious and happy life. Write the text of a speech on this theme.

Suggested Value points:-

- Understand little drops of water make the mighty ocean.

- In thought, deed and word we need to be mindful-not to hurt others.

- Do good things, be noble, work hard

- To concentrate on developing skills; success will follow automatically.

- Kind words helps to nurture relationships

- Practice non- violence, automatically world peace will be achieved.

Textual inputs:- Example of phytoplanktons


Q.1. ‘Fortune favours the brave’ – Sadao had his doubts and anxieties while he helped the prisoner of war (POW). Despite this he follows the dictates of his heart. What is courage really all about ? Why should one cultivate it?

Suggested Value points:-

- essential quality to tide over misfortunes / adversity

- provides confidence - promotes self respect

- cultivates associated positive traits 

- courage

– mind wise more important than physical display

Textutal inputs:-  Sadao brings in POW Helps him recover

Q. 2. Despite bias Sadao rises above his prejudices to save a person’s life. Why is it important for us to become tolerant as a society?

Suggested Value points:-

- multi cultural society is norm today

- helps growth of individuals as well nation

- helps keep malaise such as terrorism at bay

- fanatic behaviour corrodes practical thinking

- makes one impulsive also

- decision making ability hampered

Textutal inputs:- Sadao admits he dislikes Americans  recalls his landlady and her kindness but is filled with conceit

Q. 3. Sadao’s servants refused to acknowledge or approve the help he rendered the POW, Hana and Sadao seem to be more willing to risk their safety to reach out to another human being in need. Explain the role that education plays in making us refined and accommodative.

Suggested Value points:-

- teaches one to respect and love others

- refines baser instincts / passions

- provides opportunities to realize, acknowledge and appreciate other’s potential / talent

- will be able to adopt the best from various cultures / people.

Textutal inputs:-  servants very superstitious 


Q.1. Jack is very influenced by his mother’s upbringing. It is universally acknowledged that ‘mother knows best’. Explain how placing trust in one’s parents will be rewarding.

Suggested Value points:-

- multiple factors taken into consideration

- parents / elders know better

- age and experience favour accurate judgment

- less likely to be swayed by peer pressure, fashion, trends etc.

- interest of child will be close to heart

- pressure / stress will be rightly handled

Textutal inputs:-  Jack feels his mother knows best and wants his daughter to believe so.

Q.2. Jack wishes to help his wife but certain prejudice comes in the way of actually doing so. Analyse how preconceived notions about other people will often come in the way of evolving ourselves into better people.

Suggested Value points:-

- help from others will not be forthcoming.

- bias / prejudice will make one intolerant

- fanatic opinions / beliefs not conducive to overall growth

- multifaceted society

- ideals of harmony and peace will be curtailed

- workplaces, neighbourhoods and society at large will suffer.

Textutal inputs:-  Jack’s negativity towards wife and daughter at times

Q. 3. Roger Skunk’s mother finds the smell of roses detestable on her son, implying that he should accept himself as he is. Adults as well as young people are often victims of misjudging issues, people and circumstances based on appearance. Is an obsession for appearance disallowing us to appreciate our own true selves? Explain.

Suggested Value points :-

- All that glitters is not gold.

- Appearances are deceptive

- comparisons bound to happen

- comparisons not always conducive to growth.

- real issues get brushed under carpet

- misplaced values.

Textutal inputs:- Roger Skunk’s desire to smell as roses


1. Derry:You think…..’Here’s a Boy’. You look at me…and then you see my face and you think ‘That’s bad , That’s a terrible thing. That’s the ugliest thing I ever saw. You think, Poor boy. But I’m not. Not poor. Underneath, you are afraid. Anybody would be. I am. When I look in the mirror and see it, I’m afraid of me. Though this is the lament of a teen who has a disfigured face due to acid that fell on his face, many teenagers go through a phase where they have a complex about their appearance and they do not like to be underestimated or pitied. How could society help such children become confident?

- Empathy

- Encouraging nature

- The ability to listen and understand

- Persistence

2. Mr Lamb says that he grows weeds and wonders why one green growing plant is called a weed and another a flower. He says it is all life. In another instance, he says that bees don’t buzz, they hum and hum means to sing. What can we learn about life from these observations of Mr Lamb?

- Positivity

- A never-say-die spirit

- Making the best use of everything- nothing is ever a waste

- The ability to admire and appreciate everything around

- all the creatures of god Textual input

– Lamb’s own story- overcoming his own handicap

3. Derry says “It’s not what you look like; it’s what you are inside.” What are the qualities this sentence encourages people to have?

- Importance to people and their character/qualities

- Avoid getting carried away by superficial things

- Need for good moral and ethical character 

- Being a human- being generous, kind and tolerant.

Textual Input Handsome is as handsome does

4. Derry: “Look at all the people who are in pain and brave and never cry and never complain and don’t feel sorry for themselves.” But Derry does not follow it. What qualities do you need to develop to be like the ‘people’ Derry mentions?

- Positive

- Brave

- Physical and mental strength

- Tenacity and resilience Textual Input Village elders ‘ display of respect for M. Hamel (Hauser and others)

7.Evans Tries an O Level

1. People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it.

 Howard Newton

The Governor paid heavily for his lapses in security. If he had weighed the probabilities of Evans’ escape he might have taken sufficient precautions. What qualities do you think will help one guard against such lapses?

- not leave anything to chance

- think from Evans’ angle

- Evans’ analytical mind Textual Input Governor over confident Conceited

2. Condemn the sin, not the sinner. The age old adage; once a criminal always a criminal should not be our perspective now. Every criminal who comes to the jail should leave the same a better/whole human being. What can be done to ensure that criminals leave the prison walls as better human beings/ reformed human beings.

- keep them occupied

- constructive occupation

- meditation, yoga

Textual input: Evans being branded ‘Evans the Break’ 

3. Men of genius excel in any profession because labour in it. ‘Evans the break’ was able to hoodwink the jail authorities including the Governor. It clearly shows that necessity is the mother of invention. What qualities are necessary to tackle difficult situations in life.

- creativity

- courage

- alertness

- observation Textual Input Evans’ creativity

8.Memories of Childhood

1. As long as men are free to ask what they must; free to say what they think; free to think what they will and free to follow their religious beliefs – only then there exists democracy. What reforms can be advocated in order to avert such cruelty like what Zitkala Sa and Bama experienced.

- liberty

- equality

- fraternity

- religious tolerance

Textual Input:- Bama’s caste Zitkala Sa’s forced inclusion into mainstream

2. For people like Bama it is necessary to break the shackles that society burdens them with and come out triumphant. What should one possess /acquire to help one live without fear?

- patience

- perseverance

- determination to succeed

- fight all odds

3. Harijan- Hari jan (children of God) is what Gandhiji called the Dalits. Great stalwarts like the Mahatma, Dr. Ambedkar and Ramanujam worked relentlessly for the upliftment of the Dalits. But, unfortunately the caste bias still rears its ugly head in many parts of the country. What values need to be instilled in individuals for the betterment and upliftment of the marginalized communities.

- education

- awareness

- freedom/ equality

- mutual respect

Textual Input:-As seen in the case of Bama

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