CBSE Class 12 English Value Based Questions Set A

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Class XII


Value –based questions

Q1. Exploitation is a universal phenomenon. The poor indigo farmers were exploited by the British landlords to which Gandhiji objected. Even after our independence we find exploitation of unorganized labour. What values do we learn from Gandhiji’s campaign to counter the present days problem of exploitation?

Ans :Indian peasants- victims of exploitation (by landlords or British)- present day – politicians exploit- Gandhiji wanted to liberate the oppressed farmers- urged leaders to visit villages to help poor if they really wanted to liberate the countrymuch to learn from Gandhiji’s campaign – selfless and devoted to the cause of the poor- compassion for poor and their suffering – today too we should inculcate compassion for downtrodden – if we want to give power to the powerless – voice to the voiceless – compassion and empathy lacking in present day politicians – sincerity lacking – Gandhiji’s campaign can be effective if we fight hunger and deprivation – such charismatic leaders can alleviate the sufferings of millions.

Q2. “None of them know that it is illegal for children like him to work in the glass furnaces with high temperatures in dingy cells without air and light”

Ans : These words from’Last Spring’ throw light on grinding poverty that forces many children in India to lead a life of exploitation. Driven by a concern for such children who lose their childhood and who go through an unjust treatment, write an article in about 100 words on ‘Child labour in India’

Child Labour- legal and social offence, banned under law. More than 10 million children employed in hazardous and dangerous trades and industries – tender age – work for 10-15 hours – sub-human working condition – exploited – underpaid, illfed, physical torture – grim and famished faces, eg. Mirzapur Carpet industry, thousands of children in weaving – eyes more adjusted to dark – risk of losing eyesight, strict measures to be adopted to execute ban on child labour – future will be doomed otherwise – birthright of every child to live his / her children

Q3. In the story “The Rat Trap’ the peddler undergoes a change of heart when he received compassion and understanding. The story gives us the message that no one os born criminal. Circumstances make them criminals. Based on the story of the Rat Trap Peddler write a paragraph on the topic ‘Fellow Feeling’ is the corner stone of humanity’

 Ans :‘Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see’ – Mark Twain’ Kindness – universal language – comprehended beyond humanities – showing kindness to others gives a feeling of joy to the recipient – doer blessed by a feeling of warmth – religions preach – mute animals wave their tails as a return gesture to kindness shown to them – plants grow, bear fruit – response to the kind behavior of the caretaker. Showing kindness to neighbours and collegues help in developing a positive social environment – kindness can reform one – who has gone astray – kindness will be always returned – hence be kind to yourself give space to trivial mistakes.

4) In the lesson ‘Lost Spring’ the author describes the miserable life of the children who are engaged in rag picking.You feel disturbed and agitated to find children living their childhood like this. This makes you think of the children living in Indian slums who live in the grinding poverty and terrible conditions. Write an article in about 100 words on ‘Children in Indian Slums’ 

· Slum – overcrowded area – dilapidated housing – poverty stricken.

· Millions of people – subhuman living conditions.

· Don’t have access to basic necessities of life.

· Degraded environment – adverse effect on physical, mental, moral health. 

· Unhygienic living – exposed to diseases.

· Depth of eyes of small children – dark pools of eternal want – girl at daybreak – does not go to school but heads towards public toilets. Children combing through rubbish piles for materials that can be sent for recycling – some sold to slum’s beggar master and live their days begging.

· Not a word of comfort – they have learnt not to ask questions and find answers but we should to try to find answers to their questions.

5) ‘Going Places’ is partly about teenage behaviour and not it affects the individual and his / her relation ships with others around. Write an article in about 100 words on ‘Being a Teenager’

Being a Teenager – considered to be the coolest times – kids think that on being teen they will have the right to do things independently. – go for parties and malls – big enough to take control of themselves. But being a teenagers is difficult.

Hero worship tendencies, adoration and admiration – prevalent among teenagers – unacceptable by the society. When a teenager develops hatred for someone – gets intensified. When lonely – miserable – when happy – gets carried away these are the best and worst years of life – one ought to live one’s teens to the fullest – parents find hard to cope up with the stubbornness and irritability – parents put compulsion – expect kids to be responsible – but its all for their benefit.

6) The story ‘The Tiger King’ has a powerful message on preservation of Mother Earth and its wildlife. The story highlights the wanton nature of those in power. They have a very callous attitude towards nature Based on your reading write a paragraph on the topic ‘Importance of preserving nature’ Mother Earth ailing – most resources vandalized – Earth in critical condition – Earth will crumble, we will vanish

– awareness about ecology is very important – earth not our inherited property – borrowed from future generation

– conservation of wild life necessary – young generation conscious of the environment – growing awareness about the necessity of conservation – more and more people joining the campaign of saving earth.

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