CBSE Class 12 English Value Based Questions Set B

CBSE Class 12 English Value Based Questions Set B read and download in pdf. Value Based Questions come in exams for English in Standard 12 and are easy to learn and helpful in scoring good marks. You can refer to more chapter wise VBQs for Class 12 English and also get latest topic wise very useful study material as per latest 2021 NCERT book for Class 12 English and all other subjects for free on Studiestoday designed as per latest Grade 12 CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and examination pattern

English – Core (301)

Value Based Questions

Class XII

The Last Lesson

1. ‘Bah! I’ve got plenty of time. I’ll learn it tomorrow.’ Franz was shocked when he heard that it was the last lesson and he hardly knew French, his mother tongue. Many of us find ourselves in similar situations and regret when all is over. What qualities should we inculcate in life so that we are able to achieve our goals? (5)

Value Points

· Hardwork

· Valuing time

· Regularity

· Consistency

· Punctuality

· Determination and perseverance

Deep Water

1. ‘There is terror only in the fear of death, as Roosevelt knew when he said, ‘All we have to fear is fear itself.’ Coming face to face with a fear, instead of suppressing it helps one to do away with it completely, just like Douglas did in the story Deep Water. What qualities should one possess to live a rich and fulfilling life by overcoming fear, which is only present in your mind? (5)

Expected answer:

· Determination

· Will power

· Perseverance

· Persistence

· Courage

· Steadiness

· Tenacity

2. Cases of older children bullying younger ones have become alarmingly common, especially in a school environment. How would you connect it to William Douglas’ experience at the YMCA swimming pool? What is the mindset of the modern youth that is reflected through such incidents? Which values do you think we must imbibe in order to change? (5) 

Expected answer:

· Introspection

· Freedom from complexes

· Acceptance

· Forgiveness

· Compassion

· Courage

 · Honesty

Lost Spring

1. Mukesh & the other bangle makers are unable to break out of the vicious circle of poverty due to the collusion of government agencies, sahukars, middlemen & the police. What are the values that are lacking in these people? (5)

Expected Answer

 · empathy & sympathy

 · sensitivity towards the rights of others to lead a life of dignity

 · Sensitivity towards the right to education of poor children

 · responsibility towards society

 · desire to uplift the socially backward

 · Personal responsibility towards performing their jobs well & with honesty 

The Rattrap

1. In spite of utmost generosity and kindness shown by the crofter, he couldn’t bring in the change of heart in the peddler, unlike Edla Wilmanson. His money was still stolen by the peddler. What, according to you, was missing in his behavior although he appeared to be compassionate? (5)

Expected answer

 · Genuine and selfless compassion ( the most important value point)

 · Crofter needed company as he was lonely

 · Acts of kindness arising out of one’s needs and compulsions cannot be seen as acts of true compassion.

 · Edla Wilmanson exhibited true and unconditional kindness, hospitality and concern. And,therefore, transformed him.

2. The peddler’s instance speaks on a general level to the entire society, urging for a different outlook towards those maligned individuals who can be redeemed by compassion and understanding. The rehabilitation programmes at the prisons follow the same value. In the light of the instance mentioned above, how do you think society can help individuals, especially, juvenile delinquents, from falling prey to petty crimes and bad habits? (5)

Expected answer

 · Compassion

 · Sympathy

 · Empathy

 · Understanding of human nature

 · Love and concern for fellow beings.

3. “The whole world is a stage and we are all actors”, sounds romantic but in reality the world is nothing but the trap, we are all rats and the worldly things are nothing but baits. How important is it for a person not to get trapped and get away from the worldly baits? Discuss the essential values required by a person to overcome the temptations in life. (5)

Expected answer

 · strong will

 · social accountability

 · prudence

 · sense of judgement 


1. Gandhi’s experience in Champaran and his success in improving the lot of the peasants establish him as a true leader. What values surface from this instance of Gandhi’s fight for the peasants? (5)

Expected Answer

 · Belief in the cause

 · Perseverance

 · Patience

 · Integrity of character

 · Self-reliance

 · Courage

 · Organized

2. ‘It was an extraordinary thing ‘in those days’, Gandhi commented for a government professor to harbour a man like me.’ Many ordinary people did extraordinary things to render our freedom struggle successful. What do you think urged them to act in a way that most others did not?

 · Courage

 · Patriotism

 · Truth and honesty

 · Patriotism

3. Rajkumar Shukla, a poor, unassuming peasant became a catalyst for change by taking Gandhi to Champaran, an act which later culminated into the first successful instance of Civil Disobedience in India. What qualities do you think helped Shukla and Gandhi, respectively, to initiate one of the most powerful movements in the history of our national struggle?

 · Courage

 · Being resolute

 · Determination

 · Will power

 · Standing by truth and honesty

 · Patriotism

 · Empathy

Poets and Pancakes

1. “Even in the matter of education, especially formal education, Subbu couldn’t have had an appreciable lead over the boy. But by virtue of being born a Brahmin – a virtue indeed! – he must have had exposure to more affluent situations.”

Luck is one of the factors that could help a man to rise in life but it is not the only factor. What are the other qualities/values that help a man to rise above himself in life? Elucidate the statement with an example from your life.

Expected Answer

 · Hard work

 · Loyalty

 · Sincerity

 · Devotion

 · Being enthusiastic

 · Being helpful

 · Positive attitude

The Interview

1. The media has departed from being an ‘art form’ and have sold themselves at the altar of cheap sensationalism. According to you, mention the values required to bring about a positive change in the attitude and approach of the media.

Expected answer:

 · Integrity


 · Respect for others’ sentiments

 · Rectitude

 · Ethical approach

 · Honesty towards the profession 

 · Morally upright

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