CBSE Class 10 Physics Sources Of Energy Worksheet

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CBSE Class 10 Physics Worksheet - Sources Of Energy - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India. 




1. What is energy?

2. What do you mean by ‘source of energy’?

3. What should be the characteristics of a good source of energy?

4. Name a few sources of energy used in our daily life.

5. What are renewable and non-renewable sources of energy? Give examples of each.

6. Name some of the sources of energy used in ancient times.

7. Give 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages, each of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

8. What are fossil fuels? Give a few examples.

9. Name a gaseous fossil fuel.

10. Which of the following is not derived from solar energy: - geothermal, wind energy, fossil fuels, biomass.

11. What are the limitations of extracting energy from (a) the wind (b) the waves (c) the tides.

12. What are the environmental consequences of the increasing demand for energy? What steps would you suggest to reduce energy consumption?

13. Name two indirect ways of using solar energy.

14. give the transformation of energy (sequence) taking place in

     (a) Thermal power plant (b) hydro power plant (c) solar cell

15. Give advantages and disadvantages of constructing dams.

16. Name the plant and animal products that are used as fuel.

17. What is biomass?

18. How do we get charcoal?

19. What is bio-gas?

20. What are the advantages of using bio-gas as fuel?

21. Why is burning of firewood in traditional chulhas considered disadvantageous?

22. Give the constituents of bio-gas.

23. What are the advantages of bio-gas over traditional fuels?

24. Describe the process of bio-gas production in a bio-gas plant.

25. Name the type of energy possessed by wind.

26. What is a (a) windmill (b) winds energy farm?

27. How does a windmill help in generating electricity?

28. How can wind be sued for lifting or pumping up water?

29. Give the advantages and disadvantages of using wind as a source of energy.

30. What should be the minimum wind velocity for a windmill to function?

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