CBSE Class 10 Biology Control And Coordination Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 10 Biology - Control And Coordination (2)

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Very Short Answer Type ( 1 mark )

Q. What happens if a young green plant receives sunlight from one direction only?

Q. Which plant hormone’s function is opposite to auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins?

Q. What are endocrine glands?

Q. Which plant hormone helps in ripening of fruits and flowering in plants?

Q. What is reflex action?

Q. What are the components of the CNS (Central Nervous System)?

Q. What are spinal and cranial nerves?

Q. Name the hormone secreted by:

1. Ovary

2. Pancreas

3. Pituitary Gland

Q. Name the gaseous phytohormone.

Q. Write an example of nastic movement in plants.

Q. Activities like coughing, sneezing and swallowing are regulated by which part of the brain?

Q. Which gland secretes adrenaline?

Q. What is function of olfactory lobes?

Q. Give example of chemotropism and hydrotropism.

Short Answer Type I (2 marks)

Q. How do endocrine glands help in maintaining feedback control?

Q. How does a touch-me-not plant respond on touching? What is this movement called?

Q. Name the components of Human Nervous System?

Q. Where is Cerebro Spinal Fluid (CSF) present? What is its function?

Q. Represent schematically the path of a reflex arc.

Q. Why endocrine glands are called ductless glands? How do they send hormones to the target organs?

Q. Name the plant hormones responsible for the following:

1. Elongation of cells

2. Promotion of cell division

3. Ripening of fruits

4. Growth of the tip stem

Answer the following:

I. Dwarfism results due to deficiency of which hormone?

II. Blood sugar level rises due to deficiency of which hormone?

III. Which gland secretes digestive enzymes as well as hormones?

IV. Which endocrine gland is present in males but not in females?

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