CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Revision Worksheet Set I

CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Worksheet - SA2

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Q.1 Make electron dot structure as well as structure of the following compounds.

(a) Hydrogen Sulphide

(b) Ethene

(c) Ethano l

(d) Ammonia

Q.2 How will you convert the following:-

a. Ethanol into Ethene b. Ethanol into Ethyl Ethanoate

c. Ethanol into Ethanoic Acid.

Q.3 Write the formula of Butanone and Pentanal.

Q. 4 A organic compound ‘A’ has molecular formula C 2H 6O.It is good solvent used

in Industries. When it is treated with vinegar, it forms a compound ‘B’ which is a

sweet smelling liquid and has a fruity smell.

(a) Identify ‘A’ and ‘B’

(b) Write the Chemical Equation for formation of ‘B’.

(c) Define the process taking place.

Q.5 Which of the following will give addition reactions:-

C3H4, C10H22 ,C11H22

Q.6 Differentiate between Soap and Detergents.

Q.7 Element X with atomic number12 and Element Y with atomic number17 reacts

with Hydrogen to form hydrides. Which of them is expected to have high Melting


Q.8 Define Modern periodic law ?

Q.9 Name 2 elements which will be chemically similar to Aluminum. What is the

basis of your choice ?

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