CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Acids Bases And Salts Worksheet Set B

CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Worksheet - Acids, Bases And Salts - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.




1. What are the symptoms of the problem of acidity? What possible remedy can be used at home?

2. Name three chemical indicators.

3. How does turmeric change its colour in an alkaline medium?

4. Write equations for the reaction of an acid with;

  (a) a metal (b) a metal carbonate (c) a metal hydrogencarbonate (d) a base (e) a metallic oxide.

5. On keeping curd in a brass vessel for sometime, it becomes bitter. Why?

6. What happens when an acid is dissolved in water?

7. Why is HCl gas unable to change the colour of a dry blue litmus paper? What happens if the litmus paper is moistened?

8. A solution of HCl in water conducts electricity but that of glucose in water does not. Why?

9. What is a hydronium ion? How is it formed?

10. Which ions are generated by bases in water?

11. For diluting an acid, the acid should be poured carefully in water and not the reverse. Why?

12. When an acid is mixed with water, what happens to:-

  (a) The conc. of hydronium ions per unit volume. (b) The conc. of hydroxide ions per unit volume.

13. Two solutions A & B have pH 2 and 6 respectively. Which is more acidic?

14. Name the hardest chemical substance present in our body.

15. How does acid rain water affect the survival of aquatic life?

16. Why does bee-sting cause pain and irritation? What relief can be given in such a case immediately?

17. From the following, pick the acidic, basic or neutral salts:- (a) Sodium chloride (b) Sodium acetate (c) Ammonium chloride (d) Calcium carbonate (e) sodium carbonate

18. What is chlor-alkali process?

19. How is baking soda & washing soda manufactured?

20. Explain the role of baking soda in baking powder.

21. What is meant by water of crystallization?

22. How can you show with an activity the presence of water in blue copper Sulphate crystals?

23. How is gypsum different from plaster of paris chemically?

24. Why should POP be stored in air tight containers?

25. Write 2 uses of: Washing soda, baking soda. bleaching powder.

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