NEET Chemistry Gaseous State MCQs Set B

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NEET Chemistry Gaseous State MCQs Set BNEET Chemistry Gaseous State MCQs Set B-

9. Consider an ideal gas contained in a vessel. If the intermolecular interactions suddenly begins to act, which of the following will happen :
(1) The pressure decreases (2) The pressure increases
(3) The pressure remains unchanged (4) The gas collapses
10. Equal number of moles of hydrogen and oxygen gases are placed in a container and the resulting mixture has a pressure of 380 mm of Hg. If oxygen is removed from the container, the remaining hydrogen gas at the same temperature has pressure equal to
(1) 380 mm of Hg (2) 190 mm of Hg (3) 760 mm of Hg (4) 1520 mm of Hg
11. A spherical balloon of 18 cm diameter is to be filled up with gas at NTP from a gas cylinder containing the gas at 30 atm pressure at 27ºC. If the gas cylinder can hold 3 litres of water, the number of balloons that can be fully filled is
(1) 400 (2) 26 (3) 100 (4) 50
12. A small bubble rises from the bottom of a lake, where the temperature and pressure are 4ºC and 3.0 atm, to the water’s surface, where the temperature is 25ºC and pressure is 0.95 atm. Calculate the final volume of the bubble, if its initial volume was 2.1 mL
(1) 0.72 mL (2) 6.2 mL (3) 7.1 mL (4) 22.4 mL
13. The kinetic energy of N molecules of O2 is x joule at 123ºC. Another sample of O2 at 27ºC has a kinetic energy of 2x joule. The latter sample contains
(1) N molecules of O2 (2) 2N molecules of O2
(3) N/2 molecules of O2 (4) None of these
14. The gas which can be easily liquified is
(1) H2 (2) CO2 (3) He (4) N2
15. Which gas can be easily adsorbed over charcoal
(1) H2 (2) N2 (3) He (4) CH4
16. The R.M.S. velocity of an ideal gas at 27ºC is 0.3 m/sec, R.M.S. velocity, at 927ºC is
(1) 3.0 (2) 2.4 (3) 0.9 (4) 0.6
17. At S.T.P. the density of nitrogen monoxide is
(1) 3.0 gm/litre (2) 30.0 gm/litre (3) 1.34 gm/litre (4) 2.68 gm/litre
18. R.M.S. velocity of an ideal gas at constant pressure varies with density as

NEET Chemistry Gaseous State MCQs Set B-1

19. A mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in the 2 : 1 volume ratio is allowed to diffuse through a porous partition. Calculate the composition of the gas coming out initially.
(1) 8 : 1 (2) 4 : 1 (3) 2 : 1 (4) 4 : 3
20. If one litre of dry oxygen is bubbled through water and collected at the same temperature and pressure. The volume of it the would now be
(1) 1 L (2) < 1 L (3) > 1 L (4) 2 L
21. The average speed at T1K and the most probable speed at T2K of CO2 gas is 9 × 104 cm s–1Calculate the value of T1 and T2.
(1) T1 = 1684 K, T2 = 2143 K (2) T1 = 2465 K, T= 3154 K
(3) T1 = 3154 K, T2 = 2465 K (4) T1 = 2143 K, T2 = 1684 K
22. At constant volume, for a fixed number of moles of a gas, the pressure of the gas increases with rise of temperature due to
(1) Increase in average molecular speed
(2) Increased rate of collision between molecules and walls of container
(3) Increase in molecular attraction
(4) Decrease in mean free path.
23. Rate of diffusion of a gas is
(1) Directly proportional to its density
(2) Directly proportional to its molecular weight
(3) Directly proportional to the square root of its molecular weight
(4) Inversely proportional to the square root of its molecular weight
24. A real gas obeying vander Waal equation will resemble ideal gas if the
(1) Constants a and b are small (2) a is large and b is small
(3) a is small and b is large (4) Constants a and b are large
25. According to kinetic theory of gases, for a diatomic molecule
(1) The pressure exerted by the gas is proportional to the mean velocity of the molecule
(2) The pressure exerted by the gas is proportionalto the root mean square velocity of the molecule
(3) The root mean square velocity of the molecule is inversely proportional to the temperature
(4) The mean translational kinetic energy of the molecule is proportional to the absolute temperature.

1. (3)
2. (3)
3. (1)
4. (2)
5. (1)
6. (3)
7. (4)
8. (3)
9. (1)
10. (1)
11. (2)
12. (3)
13. (1)
14. (2)
15. (4)
16. (4)
17. (3)
18. (4)
19. (1)
20. (2)
21. (1)
22. (2)
23. (4)
24. (1)
25. (4)



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