CBSE Class XII History - Kings and Chronicles

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CBSE Class XII History - Kings and Chronicles. Learning the important concepts is very important for every student to get better marks in examinations. The concepts should be clear which will help in faster learning. The attached concepts made as per NCERT and CBSE pattern will help the student to understand the chapter and score better marks in the examinations.




Key concepts in nutshell

• The Mughala and there empire – The name Mughal derives from Mongol period of Mughal empire 1526 -1707

• The production of chronicles

• From Turkish to Persian – Mughal court chronicles were written in Persian

• The making of manuscripts – all books in mughals were manuscripts i.e. they were handwritten.

• The Akbarnama and Badshanama – among the important illustrated mughal official histories the Akbarnama and Badshanama.

• A unifying force – sulh-i-kul – Abul Fazl describes the ideal sulh-i-kul (absolute peace)

• Capitals and courts - capital city – the heart of mughal empire is capital city. Where the court assemble.

• Titles and Gifts – The granting of titles to men of merit was an important aspect of mughal policy.

Very Short Question (02 Marks each)

Q1. Clarify the word meaning of Kornish?

Ans. Kornish was a form of ceremonial salutation in which the Courtier placed the palm of his right hand against his forehead and bent his head, It suggested that the subject placed his head the seat of the senses and the mind into the hand of humility; presenting it to the royal assembly.

Q2. Name the dynasty which ruled India during 1526 to 1707. Who was the founder of this dynasty?

Ans. Mughal dynasty and founder of this dynasty was Babur.

Q3. What is meant by the term Kitabkhana? 

Ans. The literal translation of the term Kitabkhana is library. It was a scriptorium that is a place where the emperors collection of manuscripts were kept and manuscripts were produced.

Q4. Manuscripts involved a number of people performing a variety of tasks. Give some such people engaged in the task.

Ans. Manuscripts involved a number of people performing a variety of tasks. Among them were paper marker, calligrapher, gliders, painters, bookbinders.

Q5. Baburs memories were return in which language?

Ans. Baburs memories Tuzuk-i-Babari were originally written in Turkish. They were translated in Persian as Babur Nama .

Short Question (05 marks each)

Q6. Assess the role played by women of the imperial household in the Mughal Empire.

Ans. The role played by the women of the imperial household in the Mughal Empire

1. In the Mughal household a distinction was maintained between wives who came from royal families (Begams) and other wives(aghas) who were not of noble birth.

2. Apart from wives numerous male and female slaves populated the Mughal household:
The tasks they performed varied from the most mundane to those requiring skill tact and intelligence.

3. After NurJahan Mughal queens and princesses began to control significant financial resources. Shahjahana’s daughter Jahanara and Roshanara enjoyed an annual income often equal to the high imperial mansabdars. Jahanara in addition received revenues from the port city of Surat, which was a lucrative centre of overseas trade.

Q7. Write a short note on Badshah Nama.

Ans. Badshah Nama Chronicle of a king based on the history of Shahjahan’s reign is an important chronicle among official histories. Abdul Hamid Lahori, a pupil of Abul Fazal is known as itsaurthor. It is modelled of 10 lunar years each. Lahori wrote the first and second daftars comprising of first two decades of Shahjahan’s reign (1627-1647) But due to infirmities of age he was unable to write the 3rd volume. Volume of the 3rd decade of the emperor’s rule was chronicle by historian waris. 

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